Penny Stock Strategies (2018) | Pros and Cons of Day Trading in the Stock Market

69 thoughts on “Penny Stock Strategies (2018) | Pros and Cons of Day Trading in the Stock Market

  1. is the content of "Pennystocking Silver" membership structured into a somewhat linear curriculum or is it a a melting pot where you have to sort it out ?

  2. hi, thanks for the video ! it cheered me up 🙂 i already see some of my close people not liking what i'm doing….anyways just one thing is it recommended to trade on margin with penny stocks? knowing the good and the bad of it

  3. Thanks, Tim. I love it so much. You, Americans, really happy, because even garbage man can trade penny stocks on US market. But for me, it is a real challenge. I will get into penny stock market or die.

  4. I’ve applied. I’ve had the interview. I need just 5 minutes of your time PLEASE.

  5. stock is going up guys -> potential supernova! potential supernova! BOOM SUPER NOVA BABY -> stock cracks and I SHORT SHORT SHORT. Not going to lie, super-nova is damn beautiful. Just watch out for the SNORE!!!! It's really not that hard, but it is only easy if you studied for a year of technical analysis, then you watch Tim's dvd's and study. But, you say there aren't algorithms, I'm a java programmer, and I can code automated systems, but, listen here, as an algorithmic trader, I actually like the fact that the billionaires aren't putting their money into algorithms for penny stocks.


  7. What books would you recommend that we read as we are getting started? I know you have mentioned books before that you think are “must reads” for traders and I would love to know what they are so I can go grab them! 😁

  8. Hello Timothy!
    I have been following you in networks for a long time, I would like to become your pupil, but my English is still bad. Therefore, I do not know how, I can give advice. I myself am from Kazakhstan, the city of Uralsk, trading for about 3 years.

  9. i dont want to be that cynical. if i have kids, they will hate me. i dont know, i have to figure out a way. once i do ill share it. help me God, Satan, my future children, flowers, trees, people, stars, constellations and everyone and everything else.

  10. I don't need more than 5 million dollars in cash and assets combined to live a full and rewarding life.

  11. You’re right Tim, I met this girl, daughter of a hedge fund manager, she was learning the business from him, and the second I told her I trade penny stocks, she ran like she saw the devil. No love for penny stocks traders 😂

  12. Hey Tim thank you for all the information you share with us and all the work you put in.

  13. Great video! 90% of traders lose money and 100% of traders will make losing trades. Easy to get discouraged but just gotta keep studying and pushing further! Thanks for the upload!

  14. Love watching your informative videos Tim … I’m about to invest $5000 after blowing a $1500 account more than a year ago. Feeling confident!

  15. Thank you for the time stamps in the description, that was very considerate of you. <3

  16. sorry tim, i have a question, which plataform do you use? and I need to be a US citizen to be able to trade in the same stocks that you trade?, and thank you very much for the information, im learning fast how this works and still goin, im young i have 22 so i think i have the right age to start doing a profit!! good night 🙂

  17. Hello Tim! Thank you for this video! I truly believe Penny stocks is definitely for me. Question I have is what's been bugging me. I currently reside in Guam, USA which is located in the Pacific and have a 8-5 job. Because of the time difference, the NYSE opens @11pm my time and closes at 7am. How would someone like myself trade in the wee hours of the morning and what advice can you give for someone in my position?

  18. ADAC stock is definitely about to blow up even more. Defense military contract and announcement tomorrow of a new contract. Just something for someone to look into.

  19. Hey Tim. I have been studying your trader checklist videos on I am wondering if any of that information has become obsolete at all due to changing markets. Specifically wondering if low float low market cap plays are still doing well for you.

  20. I discovered you yesterday, and I can stop learning. I have not started trading penny stocks yet. I want to learn all I can. This video make me a believer. Knowing what to expect takes the "fairy tail" part of making money out, and inserts reality. I did apply to be one of you students. I am not chosen, I will still follow and learn all I can from you. Thanks you for sharing.

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  22. PDT Rule, When buying a stock into the closing and holding over night. That doesn't count as a "day trade" Correct?


    When selling your over night hold into a morning spike, does that count as a "day trade"?

    I understand that we only have 3 "day trades" in a 5 day rolling period until your becomes 25K or more, but it would be interesting to see ways around the system.

    Thank you Master Mentor Tim!!
    You are a awesome teacher and you got a lot better!

  23. Tim I applied for your millionaire challenge!!! I have a question. I am a total beginner to trading and I don’t know where to really start at all. What account to open with who etc. do you have any videos for someone like me that you made or recommend on getting started from the very begging? Thanks! Mikel F.

  24. If you ever get into penny stocks, you'll soon know.. The pros are making money, the cons… are making money

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  26. Where could I find these news and newsletters for the penny stock companies ?

  27. i Agree with you on this Timothy i'm 5 months into Training with Gareth i have learned quite a lot from the chap Rules for Penny Stock Investing
    Never put all of your money on 1 stock
    Every successful investing plan requires diversification. Even the best stock pickers in the world make mistakes, and nobody can predict the future. Aim for a portfolio of around 20 stocks.
    Never buy a stock with negative earnings
    A company that is losing money is a huge red flag. Trust me, I’ve done countless hours of research on stock market bankruptcies and what makes them happen. Negative earnings is the most shared attribute. You’ll know a stock has negative earnings if the P/E shows a – sign.
    Try to get a stock that pays a dividend
    The best way for management to show that they are on your team is by paying a dividend. It shows that they care to attract sensible investors who want to make money. Besides, this is the best way you will create wealth. A good long term investment with dividends will show you the power of the 8th wonder of the world, compounding interest.
    Use trailing stops
    This single rule will solve the problem of never knowing when to sell. The principle behind a trailing stop is that it lets your winners ride while cutting your losses short. By trailing your gains, you can participate in most of a stock’s gains while protecting your downside. I use a 25% trailing stop. you can reach him @[email protected]

  28. I wonder if his mom still cleans his bathroom and makes his bed.

  29. Is Stocks To Trade both software and broker in one? Im not sure how the two work together. Thanks

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