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(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader here with one of my top students, Mark Croock. Thank you for joining me. – Thanks for having me. – This is the hot seat. This is going to be intense. No, seriously, congratulations
on all of your success. Closing in on one million
dollars in profits, how does it feel? – It’s pretty amazing. It took a long time. It’s a hell of a journey, but it’s all that much more
sweet as you get closer, and this is it, 2018. – What have you learned
during this journey? – It’s… – About yourself
or about the stock market? Top lessons for these guys. – Way too many lessons, but – Top – Top lesson is it’s
just to really dial in on the best setups, forget
about all the noise, and as Tim teaches, just wait
for the right setups, and – How do you know the right
setups from the wrong setups? – A lot of studying. Just
looking at the chart patterns. PennyStocking Framework
pretty much goes over those main setups that you want to focus on. I always say that’s my favorite. That’s one of my favorite DVDs actually. – I’m working on PennyStocking
Framework part two. I put out the intro three hours, but now it’s like the patterns. The patterns are still the same. How crazy is this? How old was that guy? Like six, seven years? – Seven, eight, yeah. – It’s the exact same patterns! Does it not feel – History repeats. – Does it not feel weird? Didn’t you think the patterns
would change a little bit? – Yeah, possibly, I think they
did evolve a little bit, but – CANN was exact, like exact. We were just pulling
that up. GRXXF was exact. – More or less. OTCs do repeat
themselves very nicely so. – So shout out to promoters out there, whoever they are these days. We don’t know. They’ve
all gone underground, and they’re mixing
email lists or whatever, but whoever is doing it,
they’re a stickler for history. They’re like, “Hmm, this
stock is dipping on day three. We should try to bounce it.” And their promoters bounce it! And then the pattern plays
out, like it’s crazy. – We need more. We need more. – I can’t even say that seriously. What do you think the
number one problem that students are having because
you helped me mentor other training challenge students, and you give weekly webinars. How many video lessons have you done now? – I’ve done roughly 400. – 400 video lessons exclusively
for challenge students, but what problems do you see them having? – I think students
generally aren’t focusing on the right plays. They’re overtrading. They’re not dialing in on the
pure bread and butter setups that you teach and it’s
not rocket science. These plays are pretty darn
easy to follow if you’ve followed these patterns and
they, as you said, repeat themselves and I think,
challenge students especially, with all the extra attention
and all the extra teaching, I really challenge you to
focus on these exact setups that mirror the past and if
you’ve seen enough of them from the videos, from the
webinars, and of course, even the market mastery sessions,
we’ve talked a lot about these plays, that is what will
make money in the long run. The rest of the stuff
is a lot of (mumbles) and mistakes, unfortunately,
can repeat if you’re not looking at anything that (mumbles) you. – So you think most people
trading too many setups, and they’re not getting
enough confidence, and they’re not getting enough
profits from the right setups? – Right– – They’re getting
dragged down by the other stuff. – Yeah. We had a couple
students that were overtrading, and hell, I even overtraded yesterday, but it happens to the best of us, but – But at least you were overtrading on an ideal setup, at least. Some of these students, they’re
just trading random stuff with random setups and they’re
getting random results, and they’re wondering why. So stick with the patterns
that we teach in our DVDs and video lessons and webinars. You know, I’ve been doing
this two decades now. You’ve been doing this, how many years? – Seven years. – You’re coming up on a
million in seven years. That’s pretty freaking awesome. If you stick with the patterns
that we’ve kind of tested, you know, we’ve refined this. I’m only bringing patterns
to you that I know work more times than not. No pattern works 100% of the time, but we’ve done the hard work, so some students are like,
“Oh, Tim, I like your patterns, but what do you do about
think about this one?” And I’m like, “I’m not showing
you these patterns because it’s fun. I’m showing you these
patterns because they work.” It’s nice that you want to try to think outside the patterns. It’s cool that you want
to be your own person, but these are the best patterns. I’m not teaching just random patterns. I’m teaching the ones that
in 20 years of trading, have sort of made the best
and made me the most money. I want more millionaire students. – Yeah, we talked about high odd setups, and at the end of the day,
this risk-reward scenarios in every single trade and I think the only way we’re going to
be successful in the long run is absolutely dialing in on
these high risk-reward setups. You know, otherwise you’re
gambling, and gambling you know, students going in
long and short the same day. Sometimes they don’t even
know what direction they’re looking for, so you’ve
got to dial in on these high risk-reward setups that… They don’t come along all the time, but when a sector heats up. We had a student that, I
think, hit 40 or 45 thousand from the market master
and he pretty much nailed all the pot plays when the
marijuana plays were heating up, so that’s what’s going to build accounts. – What was your toughest lesson
during your journey so far? – Toughest lesson was, I think, shorting too aggressively, too early, you know. I am a more short-biased
trader and I took some big losses on some low floaters, and it’s just really tough to come back from these big losses, and your confidence is often
thrown off tremendously, so I can’t think of one
off the top of my head, and this year as well as
last year, I’ve actually been very disciplined, so I’m
avoiding these bigger losses that you might have seen
three or four years ago, and that’s made a huge difference,
not only in the profits, but from a confidence standpoint. – So I’ve also clamped down on
my losses the past few years. Do you think it helps when
you have people watching you, and you don’t want to act like an idiot? – Yeah, I mean, I think – That’s what it is for me. I have people watching me and I’m like, “I know that everyone is like, ‘Okay, what can I learn from this trade?’, and I’m like, “Oh I better
follow my rules,” because I post every trade publicly, as do you, and you know, we have these
students who are looking for guidance, they’re
looking for role models. I don’t want to do dumb shit. Every now and then I still make mistakes, but on the whole, my losses
have been reduced greatly since I began teaching a few years ago. – Yeah, I think it’s always
adds another element of difficulty when you’re
trading live, or webinar, or even in front of 20 students, and that makes you really
all that much more picky, selective, and that really
does make a big difference. – What do you think about my trade today? I made nearly roughly
two grand. Nailed it. – Yeah, good trade. There
was a good catalyst. – Plot the morning spike
on a big new investor, who has spiked stocks before, John Mcafee. He’s spiked MGTI from $0.50 to $5. Now he’s spiking, what was it, KCPC? KCPC or KCFC? – KCPC. – KCPC, and it’s
spiked from 50 cents to 370. – I didn’t trade it;
it’s not really for me, but I’ve already grown my account a lot, but for newer students, it’s
a great account builder, and you only need to take 500
shares to 1000 shares, and maybe $0.50 to a dollar shares.
That’s what you have to do. – We have a student from
Long Island who’s been having problems and he made
600 and he locked it in. That was good. You multiply that, that
kind of trade, $600. Do it over and over and over again. Sometimes you lose 100 or
200, but if you make 600, 600 600, and you lose 200 and
you make 600, 600, 600, then your account is bigger, so you
can take bigger positions, so now you’re not making 600,
you’re making 1000, 1000, 1000. Do you think that’s a good framework? – Yeah, I think especially when you’re trading a small account, you have to aim for reasonable,
small profits along the way, and occasionally, as you
do get more experience and you’re more veteran, you can certainly get a
little bit more aggressive on a play, as you really
get – But that’s later on. – Okay, so – Later on – For the new students –
Later on you can get more aggressive and you can
take bigger positions, and aim for more. In the beginning, I think
it’s more important. Forget just the $600,
learning to take singles. He didn’t even want to sell. He was like, “What do I…?” I was like, “Lock it in.” It’s good to learn the
process, like here’s how I make five or six hundred dollars in a day, and you got to keep the perspective. $500 in a day is very good. You lose perspective sometimes. You made some trades and
then some of my other millionaire students make like
10 grand, and you’re like, “I only made two grand, you know.” And I see your body
language and I see the way you’re putting yourself down. Making two grand in a
day is fucking amazing. – Yeah, and that’s just it. You’ve got to keep it in perspective. Don’t worry about all the
noise and all of the other big profits that other bigger
traders might be making, and I think your time
will come as you develop, and that’s what this is is
we do give you the training wheels and we give you the knowledge and I think the process is not an easy one, but it’s certainly that much
easier when you can kind of see what we’re doing, what
makes some of our top traders, and the challenge especially,
what makes us successful. – And the process of
becoming a millionaire is not a fun process. It’s not like, “Oh yeah!
Let’s become millionaires! This is going to be so much fun!” The past six or seven years
for you hasn’t been fun, but it’s been made better by understanding when you
do become a millionaire, when you do have that kind of
money, six figures every year, you don’t have to work for somebody else. When you came to me, you
were working in a cubicle. How big was your cubicle? Was it like this? Or was it a big cubicle? – It was about half this room, not even. Probably a quarter of this room. – So you’re like a little
caged cubicle worker. – Yeah, I – Did you like that cubicle? – I was fed up pretty quickly. – Did it feel like… I
never worked in a cubicle. I feel like I’d be one of
those electric collars, like once you go out of it
you’re like (choking noise), and you’re like shocked. – You know I used to say
I was dying a slow death behind a desk and that’s
what it felt like, but you know, I’m now
in front of my computer behind a desk, but I take
breaks, and I do everything on my own terms and that’s
– And you travel a lot. You have a beautiful family too. How’s the family? – Everyone’s good, very very excited. We have a beautiful
baby girl. 13 months so. – Fantastic. Congrats. – Thanks a lot. – So what are
you going to do to celebrate when you hit one million dollars? – So we’re going to go
and party in Israel, and we’re going to make sure that you finally get to see the Promise Land. – I have not been to Israel. I have been to a lot of countries. I’ve been waiting for this.
I’ve been waiting for you. – I’ve been trying to get you there. – I’ve been waiting for
you to get to a million, so once you get there, don’t
force it though either. My first millionaire student just told me that he was a millionaire, Michael Goode. My second millionaire student,
I was all excited about him getting to a million and I
brought like this whole camera crew with me, and we were
like, “We’re going to get this trade live!” And he
lost like 50 grand because there was all this
pressure and I was like, “Oh shit. That was the ultimate backfire.” Then he did it. We went back
the second time and he did it, and Tim Grittani. He’s closing in on six million in profits, which is insane. Remember when he was just
like a little account? – Grittani is… – Not like a little boy, but like a little account. A guy with a little account Now he’s made nearly six million. Crazy. Don’t force getting to
a million now, okay? Do you promise me that? You take it one trade at a time. It doesn’t matter if you’re at What are you at? 967,000? – That’s right. – It doesn’t matter if you’re
at 967 or a million or 1.1. It’s the process. One million dollars is a nice
like mental, psychological barrier, but don’t force it. – Yeah it’s just a number.
– Do you promise me? – I promise. – You promise to
take it one trade at a time. – Absolutely. – Whether you
make 500 or a thousand or 5000. – Believe me Tim, I tell myself every day it’s just a number, and that’s
what everybody has to think in terms of you know,
you’re only as good as you’re next trade and hitting
big numbers is wonderful, milestones are fantastic, and
you just have to take it one trade at a time, and then
everything takes care of itself. – And that’s why I like bringing this up. I like showing you my
millionaire students, like these are great guys. They’re dedicated. You guys are studying. It’s not like luck, but don’t
try to be exactly like them. I share your story and
Tim Grittani’s story to inspire other traders. Be like, “Oh shit. Tim Grittani
started with 1500 of his own money and now he’s
closing in on six million.” You don’t hear that very often. You don’t hear that anywhere else, so it’s good to take inspiration, but be your own trader. Your patterns are very
different from Michael Goode or Tim Grittani or Steven Dux, right? – Yeah – Not very different,
but slightly different. – We trade very similar
stocks, if not the same stocks, but we might trade different
points in the pattern, and I’m certainly much more conservative. I don’t like the morning
spike. Trying to shorten into these big morning spikes
is pretty dangerous especially in this crazy market. – So Steven Dux is in the other room. He just made roughly 20
thousand dollars this morning. I was happy with my two thousand dollars, then he like 10 times-ed me. What do you think of that
20 thousand dollar trade? – You know, that’s has
been his bread and butter, these parabolic moves on day
one and it works for him. He’s done a lot of research
and – I wouldn’t have shorted that SMRT. – That’s not for me. –
That’s not for me either. – But – So don’t feel like
you have to take the trade for somebody else, like we all
have different personalities. For me, for Mark, shorting
morning spikes supernovas, I’ve tried it. It always keeps going
on the ones that are short. And he always shorts
the ones that just die. I’m like, “I can’t do
it.” So for me it’s like buying breakouts with
catalysts or dip buying, you find what works for you. What’s your number one
pattern right now in 2018? – I think it was buying the
breakout in the hot sectors, and the weak plays I think
were the plays to trade in the first couple months. I’ve kind of backed off a
little bit the last months. – That’s good because the
market has slowed down too. You have to learn to modulate. Some weeks you’re trading
so much, and then some days, sometimes the best trade is no trade. You find that’s tough with
a lot of students to handle because they want like, you
know, we’re taught to make money every day, nine to
five, you get paid weekly or bi-monthly, shit like that. Do you find it tough to take a day off? Or do you find students find it tough? – Yeah, I think they’re
always searching and waiting for the next big play
and they’re trying to, they’re asking for this
ticker and that ticker and there’s nothing there, and actually in one of
my webinars, I recently talked about CVCs, Chart Volume Counters. – I know. You came out
with your own little name. – It’s just something
– My name is PREPARE. It’s a little more detailed, but you have CVV, – CVC – which is huge. – CVC. My bad. Three indicators. – But it’s actually –
I got seven indicators! – I think at the end of
the day you have to have a good process of – eight indicators – Of determining what’s good, what’s not, and I try to break it down. I try to break it down into
as simple terms as possible, but the CVC, again it’s based
on everything you’ve taught, so I think students will
have that challenge to really figure out what’s ideal, what’s not, but over time I think
they’re going to get it. – Cool. Well congratulations
on all your success. I’m looking forward to going to Israel once you cross a million dollars. Let’s do this! – The Promise Land it is. See you there. – Shalom everybody! Hey! Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos! I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there, and also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become my next millionaire student.

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