Penny Stock Trading & Mid-Day Dip Buying

– Now you have big
bidders at .019 and .091, it’s gonna try to attack the weekly high of .0197. Someone was just waiting for that. Literally, they’ve been watching it, it’s been basing near its highs, and someone just stepped
up to the plate with, I mean, a 1.4 million buy. (cheerful electronic music) Not a huge fan, that it’s kind of heading into midday, but again, this stock has spiked
big on a Friday before. This stock has spiked big
for several days before, too. So, I think it’s worth a shot, getting some of that .017. .0177, am I getting it? .0175, is my average. (typing) TTCM, .0175, how many shares did I get? 500,000 shares. So I had to use E-Trade, because the commissions are five bucks. Let’s see, (typing)
Rebuying this one, that’s… Two-day highs, right now. “Rebuying this recent runner “that held its gains well, “and is now spiking… “Goal is to sell in the low twos, “as that was “resistance earlier this week.” Yeah, .0175. Again, this is lower priced
than I normally like, but this did run last Friday. Recent runners can run again, you know? I underestimated it the second day, too. I like that, when I sell a stock, for 50% gain last Friday,
but I also underestimated it. And that leads me to believe
that I’m on the right track, and, maybe I should be a
little more aggressive. “The resistance from,” I guess this is, today is what, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, the high was .0197. So here, we’re coming up on it. I don’t think that it’s
gonna break out here, because we’re midday. Really bad time to buy a trade, but I also just didn’t want to mess it, and this goes back to me, thinking that I
underestimated it last time, so I want to be a little more aggressive. Again, I have a small position, I can get in and out, this
is pretty liquid stock. But I see the opportunity,
I’ve been watching it, and now, it’s a question,
can it break out? I would love for this to break the previous highs here, at .0197. Because a lot of people just
buy technical breakouts. So, this will pop up on
other people’s radar, if it breaks .0197. And then, you kinda have this magnet, at key levels, like .02. So, I would love to see it break .0197. We’ll see how many, if it can do it, first of all, and we’ll see if it can surge through .02. Might need to hold this a little while, might need a press release. I don’t know, I’m gonna
try to give this some time. ‘Cause I like the hype, I like the chart, I like how it can spike pretty big. I’m not in this, I’m up
1/10 of a penny right now, I don’t really care whether
I’m up 1/10 of a penny or down 1/10 of a penny. The whole question is, can it break big? OTLK is also breaking out, but, only 20 cents a share. (typing) INSG still doing nothing. CNAB also still holding near its highs. I like to look at other plays, too, just trying to judge, and I’m
trying to find the anomaly, and TTCM was a little stronger than most, with its big volume,
and potential retesting of the previous highs. Still got a long way to go. I like that, when it… When it fails to break out, but then holds near its highs, ideally. I don’t like it when I buy a stock, and it immediately is just spiking, into the close, or whatever. So the one good thing
about buying at midday is that I can give it time. I can kinda see what it can do. And then it’s just a waiting game. But it’s already traded 30
million shares, roughly, in the first hour of trading, which is, not a lot of dollar volume,
but pretty good start. So now the question is,
can the volume keep up? I already see that
everyone’s tweeting about it. The Investors Hub message
board is full of hype. It’s… Right at it’s multiday highs. So everything is kinda trending
in the right direction. The bad thing would be, is
if it could not break out, and if you’d get a hard
crack off those highs. If it goes to .0197, can’t break out, and then it comes down to like, .016, and it loses 10 or 15%, I’d be out, then. But as long as it’s holding
around near its highs, at some point today, or possibly tomorrow, I think that it’s gonna break those highs. And when it breaks those highs, that’s gonna be a good time to sell into. And then it might keep going again, I might underestimate it again, but I don’t mind underestimating it. But this is why I don’t like buying stocks right at their highs,
like a lot of people do. Because what if it fails at .0197? I don’t know if it’s gonna break out. It very well could fail. It doesn’t even look like it’s gonna get to .0197 right now. So I like buying when
it broke the day high, but not the five-day high. Gives me a little bit of a cushion. It’s failing at .019-ish, now, so this very well could be a top. I might have been a little
too over-aggressive. We’ll see. (typing) “OTLK, hard crack “off that nice price action, “I wouldn’t be alone.” So I’m still watching, even though I’m not in OTLK. I’m still watching. You know, I wasn’t a
big fan of the catalyst that spiked OTLK, which
is an analyst report. And this is what I mean by a hard crack. The morning high, right here, was basically 275-ish. It got up to the 280s, so technically, you have a breakout,
but then look at this. The breakout was only 10 cents, and then you have a 30 cent dip. So, I look for the speed
at which it breaks out, or the speed at which it fails. But this is what I’m saying, where trading can get boring. I’m in the position, I’m watching it. I have an expectation of what it can do, but there’s nothing to be done, right now, I’m up, like I said, 1/10
of a penny. (chuckles) But I’m not in this to
make 1/10 of a penny. So, plus or minus 1/10 of
a penny, I’m fine with it. The whole question is,
can it break to .0197? And then if it breaks that, how convincing can it break it? But right now, it’s holding, not necessarily right at its highs, but close enough near its highs. You want to be in a stock, even if it is gonna be slow-moving, you want it to kind of be
within shooting distance. Because I guarantee you, there are some other people watching this that don’t have a position, and they’re probably just like, “Oh, Sykes is pumping it!” And so they’re watching it,
but they don’t really believe that it can do it on its own. And then if it does start to show signs that it can do it on its own, then they’re like, “Oh fuck, he’s right.” And then they buy, and then it breaks out, and then that’s the time to sell. So I, you know, I don’t know
if it’s gonna break out, I can’t predict the future. But I’ve seen enough of these plays where, it’s just kind of a waiting game. And the thing that got me in, I mean, I was already watching it, but the thing that got me to actually buy, and now, I have to watch it, that got me, not just my money
at risk, but also my time, was the fact that it
broke the morning high. And the fact that, also,
tomorrow is a Friday. So, you have to remember
that it ran big last Friday. So, the thinking is, maybe
it runs big this Friday, maybe they’ll have a press release like they did last Friday. If I have to, I’ll hold
it overnight tonight. But it needs to show me that it can hold near its highs, or break its highs. And then again, if it breaks
its highs fast enough, I’ll just sell, and take profits, ’cause this is also midday,
no matter how high it goes. So I’m being a little more aggressive, buying late morning, not my ideal time. But I have a small dollar amount at risk. Trades millions of
shares every few minutes, so I can get out if need be. And so far, it’s holding near its highs better than OTLK did. Even though OTLK is the
bigger percent winner, with a catalyst. This does not have a
specific news catalyst today, it just has price action. Does that make sense? – [Woman Offscreen] Yeah. – But that’s how I’m thinking about this. And a lot of people are thinking, “Oh, is it a good company,
is it a bad company?” For me, purely, I mean, it’s, probably a bad company, (chuckles) but it’s purely about, you know, can it break the day highs, can it break the weekly highs? And when that happens, are
there enough people watching it, where I can then sell
into those late comers, who are buying the breakout, not realizing that there were other people prepared for the breakout ahead of time. Now there’s a million
share seller at .019, I’m also watching the level
two, it’s not just the chart. So that million share seller is creating some sellers here at .0188. So now, .0197 was the resistance
from earlier this week, but it’s putting up a little
bit of a fight at .019. That’s not exactly a great sign. But, it could be a great sign, if it starts to take out that
million share seller at .019. So there’s good and bad, of everything. But right now, solid blockade of sellers. You know, so I’m trying to give it as much time as possible. But there’s resistance, now, at .019. Now, resistance at .0185. I’m in at .0175, so again, I’m still up, depending on the bidder,
they ask half a penny, or, (chuckles) half 1/10 of a penny. Again, this is why I don’t
like low price stocks, ’cause it’s ridiculous that we’re… Kind of splitting a penny,
into a penny, into a penny. But, again, it’s still
within shooting distance of its highs, and that is
all that matters to me. It’s up 20% on the day. I kinda bought on a red to green move. So, the fact that it’s
still holding up 20%, midday, in a down market,
that tells me it’s good. But, there’s a lot of
resistance just above. So, you can make it a good case, you can make it a bad case. That’s what this setup is, right now. I’d be feeling a lot more comfortable if it could break these sellers at .0185. Oh, there’s a 500,000
share bidder at .0182. So, it’s holding within 1/10
of a penny within its highs. Yo! What up, man? – [Man Offscreen] I made it. – How’s it going? Good to see you!
– Good to see you too, Tim. – How you been? – [Man Offscreen] Pretty good. Yeah, we got in late last night. – We got in, like, at
2:00 a.m., I’m hurting. They have good coffee here, though. – [Man Offscreen] Yeah,
I didn’t get into bed until like, four, so. And then I just completely
overslept, but– – It happens. So now, we’re watching TTCM, it actually looks like it’s breaking out. So now, look at it, .0184, and it’s taking out the .0185s, like I just said a few seconds ago, I’d feel comfortable, more comfortable, if it can break .0185, and it’s testing. It’s testing those highs. But you still have the
million share seller at .019, which is a problem. But I like that it tested, you see how it kinda coiled? Now you have big bidders at .0185. And now, it looks like it’s gonna test that million share seller at .019. Again, midday, so it’s gonna be tough to do much right now. But this stock, I’ve
underestimated it in the past, and, you know, I want to be more aggressive on stocks that I
underestimate in the past. So that’s how I’m judging this. Did you trade TTCM at all? – [Man Offscreen] I did not. I have zero positions right now. – Hey! That’s rare. (laughs)
– Yeah, yeah. I’m a little less, uh. – Active? – [Man Offscreen] Desperate. – Good! – Desperation’s–
– Fantastic! How you doing? Oh, look at this, now we have a million share bidder at .0185. Very nice. (typing) So you see, now, it’s consolidated well. Now we’re gonna have a battle
of the million share bids. So there’s a million shares
trying to buy it at .0188, and a million shares to sell it at .019. We’ve watched as .019 has
kinda been a wall of sellers. So the question is, can
we take out that wall? If you think of these battles
like Lord of the Rings, what was that battle, the Helm’s Deep? – [Woman Offscreen] Yeah, Helm’s Deep. – Helm’s Deep, where they sent in that guy to explode the wall, the big orc, and he commits suicide, but he blows up, that’s what this is, this is the battle. So the orcs are knocking on the wall, and we’re the fuckin’ orcs. I like it. But it’s a battle right now. And we need that .019 to get taken out, then, if .019 gets taken out, then the day high is .0193. It doesn’t look like
it’s take out the wall. Again, it’s midday, so it’s not a total surprise. Million share bidder backed off. Lots of volume though. Right on the ask, someone
is selling big at .0188. (chattering offscreen) Can it take it out? I don’t know. (typing) I just said to the chatroom, I said, “Don’t expect miracles midday.” But I underestimated it last time, so, you know, again, when you
look at your recent trades, or even if you missed a trade, when you underestimated
what a stock was capable of a few hours ago or a few days ago, that’s your sign that you should be more aggressive the next day. Or the next opportunity,
that’s how I look at it. But now, it looks like
it’s failing at .019 again. ‘Cause there was a million share bidder, but then he backed off. – [Woman Offscreen] What do
you think is mean, “Back off?” – Back off, like he–
– You mean, he, altered the bid? He cannot take that out. – He just canceled his order. Like, he put in to buy a million shares, and then he was like, “No, let me cancel,” so he backed away. – [Woman Offscreen] So you can see from level two, he canceled the order? – Yeah, or he was faking
it in the first place. I don’t know if he actually even meant to actually want to buy a million shares, he might have just said, “Oh,
I’m gonna buy a million shares “just to scare the sellers.” That’s called spoofing. Technically it’s illegal, but, you know, people do it with penny stocks, and they show big orders on the ask, they show big orders on the bid, just to try to scare people either way. – [Woman Offscreen] But
I guess my question is, level two, I saw a bid, and the ask, but I don’t see it’s actually executed on. – No, it’s not executed,
but that’s why I’m looking. – [Woman Offscreen] How do
you know it’s not executed? – ‘Cause I’m watching every single tick, that’s why I’m watching, specifically. I saw the million share bidder, and then he backed away, he disappeared. He could still be there, there’s also brokers where
you can hide your size. So maybe he wants to buy a million shares, but he doesn’t want to pay too much, so he doesn’t want to show his full size. There’s so many games
played with level two. You know, you can show
size, you can fake size. But for me, I wanted to see it, you know. Now there’s 300,000 shares on the bid. So, is it the same guy now, is he gonna try to attack .019? Maybe he just wanted
to accumulate more size before he’s probably gonna buy it to break through .019, I don’t know. Now there’s 1.4 million shares, trying to be sold at .019. The good news, even though
this is a low price play, and I really don’t like
it, the good news is, it’s very liquid, so you
can see these big orders, kind of going back and forth, and these games being played. I like this, that it’s a game
being played near its highs, ’cause if it breaks .019, or .0193, that opens the door to
the weekly high of .0197, and then into the twos, into the promised land where I sell. – [Woman Offscreen] Yeah,
I’m watching the level two as well, I saw you talk about 300,000. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. But I cannot see, is it
actually being executed, or backing off?
– No, it’s not executed. That’s what I’m saying, he backed off. So if it doesn’t get executed, and it’s just not there anymore, they either canceled the order,
they were faking the order, they could be hiding the order. (chuckles) There are so many different options. But, you know, you
shouldn’t get too wrapped up in any one order, ’cause again, you don’t know if it’s a real
order, if it’s faked, or what. But you’re looking for a trend, okay? And this is why I’m watching every single tick with this play, because, it tested .019 last time, then it failed, came down to the .017s, now it’s testing .019 again, and it’s kind of not winning yet. But also, it’s midday, so I
don’t have expectations like, if this was the end of the day, let’s say it was 3:50 p.m. Eastern, and I had to decide, should
I hold this overnight or not, I’d probably be selling, because it’s not breaking
to the highs like I want. But it’s 11:15 a.m. Eastern, so you have to have the
proper expectations. Big breakouts don’t usually
happen at 11:15 a.m. But they sometimes do, so, for me, I wanted to be in this play in
case the breakout did happen, and that goes back to
me underestimating it on my weekend trade, and now, being a little more aggressive this time. – [Woman Offscreen] I see. (typing) “At .019, .02s
now likely on deck.” So this is the beautiful thing. So we’ve been waiting for it, and I’m sure somebody
else was watching this. And the fact that they just bought this, now look at the bid. Now you have big bidders, now you have big bidders at .019 and .091, it’s gonna try to attack
the weekly high of .0197. But someone was just waiting for that. Literally, they’ve been watching it, it’s been basing near its highs, and someone just stepped
up to the plate with, I mean, a 1.4 million
buy sounds like a lot, but it’s trading at fuckin’ two cents. And we’re still not breaking out, so now it’s, you know… It just made a new day
high, at .0194, but, still a lot to do. This is classic midday trading. But I’m happy with it. It’s testing new highs,
it’s making new highs. There’s big buy orders. I can still get out at
any time that I want, if I really wanted to, if I need to. – [Man Offscreen] Are you planning on taking profits when it hits 20, or are you gonna wait
until after it breaks out, to see if it pushes–
– So this is what we were talking about before you came. I would love to see, first of all, it’s not even getting to .0195, so it looks like that this
is a failed breakout attempt. But I would love to see it touch .0197, and then see how it acts, right there. But it doesn’t even look
like it’s getting there. It looks like somebody wanted to do that. See, now it just failed at .019. So we had the breakout,
we had the potential, but now, it comes back down. So maybe that guy who bought
the 1.4 million shares was trying to trigger a breakout. But, again, this is classic midday. This is why I don’t really
like trading midday, because it’s choppy. But now, it’s back, hanging
right near its highs. The longer it holds near its highs, the more shots it has
at really breaking out. I would love to sell in the low twos, that’s been my thesis
ever since I bought it. I mean, on the .017s, if
I make 1/3 of a penny, that’s like, 1,500, $2,000 profit. That would be fantastic. – [Man Offscreen] How many,
I guess I could just– – I have 500,000 shares. – [Man Offscreen] I was about to– – So, a little less than $10,000. And if I can make 15, 20%, on a speculated midday
trade, I’ll take it. – [Woman Offscreen] Yeah, you’re already more than the 750, 750 profit. – Yeah, I mean, again, but I’m not, I never go into a trade to like, “Ooh, I’m gonna make 1/10 of a penny.” (chuckles) It’s, can it
be something meaningful? And I think this has the potential setup. But, midday is just fuckin’ annoying. – [Woman Offscreen] But
actually, I found recently, midday peak perk is pretty common. – Yeah, I mean, it’s becoming
more and more common. – [Woman Offscreen] Everywhere,
you saw midday perk. – But the overall market
dipping doesn’t help. I’m reducing some here,
at .0192, just in case. Doesn’t hurt to take some off the table. I don’t need to be in this trade. Now, have we got the sellers? – [Man Offscreen] Did they have news on this initial run-up a few days ago? – Yeah, last Friday, well they announced their
augmented reality platform. So it was the commercial release. And now, if you look at, there’s 100,000 posts on Investors Hub, they’re just going crazy about this, saying it’s the next Facebook, and Twitter’s going crazy. But there’s also 2.6
billion shares outstanding. They said, oh, they also reduced their outstanding shares, they claimed to. But, you know, you never know if companies are telling the truth or not. – [Woman Offscreen] Is
a, kinda silly question. Is a reduce to the share, outstanding share, is good news? – Yeah, because there’s less supply. So, theoretically, if there’s demand, then–
– Oh, I see. That makes sense.
– Each share should be worth. But, you know, I’ve seen pumps always say they reduced their debt, they reduced their shares outstanding, and they’re just hiding them
in some offshore account. Like, I don’t believe that. But the fact that they’re
putting out that press release tells me at least they are
trying to get their stock up. But now, the overall market is dipping. I don’t know what happened. (groans) Midday, and the market’s dipping. I do like that this is
holding near its highs, I don’t like that it just broke .019 and then came back down. There was a slight glimmer of hope, kinda like at the end
of “The Perfect Storm,” and then the storm clouds come in. Did you see “The Perfect Storm,”
George Clooney, remember? They’re fighting, and they
see sunshine for a second, and then it disappears and they die. But, it’s not a hard crack. OTLK did the hard crack off the
high, that’s the difference. This one did not break out, but it also was not a hard
crack off of its highs. And in fact, it’s holding
near its highs, so. – [Woman Offscreen] Actually,
OTLK still hold to the base. – Yeah, but it’s, I mean– – [Woman Offscreen] More than previous– – OTLK, but it dipped, literally, the breakout was 290-ish, and it dipped to 250-ish. That’s a hard crack. TTCM is holding right near its highs, and it looks like it’s gonna break out. (claps) Come on, let’s do this! – [Woman Offscreen] So the TTM, I just want to, for my own education, because I’ve found that OTLK, hold to the base, here, it’s on the base, 2.5. So this one did not break? – It’s holding that base, but it’s 40 cents a share off its highs. I want stocks to be within
shooting distance of their highs. 40 cents, on a $2.50 stock, is not close. This one, TTCM, is knocking on
the freakin’ highs right now. Beautiful action. I mean, this is fantastic. (typing) “Beautiful action, new day highs. “Come on, .02s.” Look at this, all the
trades are on the ask. So I’ve been waiting for this, it feels like I’ve been in
this trade for an eternity, even though it’s been like, 45 minutes. (chuckles) Or 35 minutes, I don’t know. But I gave it time, it tested .019, came back down to the .0197s, then consolidated the .018s, and now it’s literally hanging right at the intraday high, and the weekly high. And the whole question is, can
it break that high, or not? – Previous high, .0197.
– The previous high. .0197. And then, as you get closer to
these big numbers, like .02, they tend to be magnets. And it’s like, then, how
will that act at .02? But first, it has to get there. Here’s the daily chart,
just a little reminder. It’s coming right up. You also have to keep
everything in perspective. So it’s kinda failing here, in the .019s. There’s no news, it’s midday, and the overall market is dipping, so we have some headwinds against us. Now it looks like it’s failing to break out more. It’s also up 25% on the day, which is a big move for
a stock with no news. – [Woman Offscreen] You
guys speak so many slang. What do you mean,
(laughing) headwind mean, in here?
– Headwinds. – [Woman Offscreen]
(chuckles) Sorry about that. – It’s like, is that even the
right sailing term, headwinds? I don’t know. Where it’s like, there’s
resistance, you know? When I bought last Friday, every indicator was fantastic. They had news, it was
already a percent gainer, it was spiking into the close. – Big volume?
– It was our first green day, big volume, every indicator was perfect, except that it was low priced. Now, okay, it’s testing multiday highs, it’s broken intraday highs, but it does not have news, and the overall market is
not there, and we’re midday. So, there are some positives, but there’s also some negatives. – I see.
– And that makes me a little more conservative. I’m trying to give it time, just because it’s holding near its highs. – [Woman Offscreen] It’s
testing .194 multiple times. – It did. – [Woman Offscreen] It tested multiple, but you still did not
explain the headwinds, the slang of the headwind. The headwind, meaning.
– So, you know. The headwinds, I mean, again, I could be wrong, ’cause I’m not a sailor, but, if you have calm seas, it’s easier to be, to go
faster with your sailboat. Let’s say you have some wind, and then the winds are in your favor. This one, the winds are not in our favor. The overall market continues to downtrend. We’re still midday on this. Even if it does break .0194, it still has that resistance at .0197, and then another resistance at .02. I can’t even imagine how many sellers there are gonna be at .02. So I gotta watch and see how
it acts at that key level. – [Woman Offscreen] Oh, I get it. So, headwind, meaning the obstacle. – Correct, resistance.
– Obstacle for, for you to achieve, all you want.
– To go forward. Yeah, so if you’re on a sailboat, and the winds are blowing against you, it’s gonna be tough to go faster. – [Woman Offscreen] I got it, thank you. You are such a good teacher. – Thank you. I try to make analogies. But that’s basically where we are. This is our sailboat,
I want it to go fast, I want it to go far. – [Woman Offscreen] Makes sense. – But, there’s a mutiny aboard. And the fuckers are trying
to hold us back. (chuckles) – [Woman Offscreen]
Hopefully you guys don’t mind someone speak English
as second language, I– – No, it’s good! It’s good! Trust me, your English
as as second language is akin to a lot of people watching this when we record this video. English is their first language, but, their intelligence is a second language, so, it’s very similar. – [Woman Offscreen] Thank you! (chuckles) – But it’s holding right at its highs. This is the beautiful thing. So, some people say I’m
very impatient, sometimes, and I am, but I’m willing
to be patient on this, just because it’s holding near its highs. – [Woman Offscreen] We are
testing multiple times, the .0194.
– It’s testing, but again, its testing doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily gonna break out. OTLK was doing well, but
then it had a hard crack. I don’t want to be here for this if it does have a hard crack. I’m up, you know, 15… (laughs) I don’t even know what to say, 15/10 of a penny. Like, it’s a fuckin’– – [Woman Offscreen] But
you almost get $1,000. – Trust me, it’s still a profit,
you know, but it’s just– – [Woman Offscreen] I want the $1,000. – When you slice up pennies, and you go slicer, and
smaller, and smaller, it’s just annoying. So I’m trying to give it time. But this is part of the reason why I don’t like trading midday, ’cause it’s just slow, and
choppy, and frustrating. I was really excited when it
broke above .019, but now… I just don’t know. It’s fading a little bit. I’m gonna try to get out here at .019. Gave it a chance. See my order status. Man, it’s a nice uptrend. (groans) The market as a whole keeps dipping, there’s no press release, and there’s no clear breakout. That’s three negatives, even though it’s holding
near its highs so far. It’s not enough for me, though. (typing) I think that was it. Yep, I’m out, at .019. So I made 15/10 of a penny. I gave it nearly an hour, that’s as much time as I can give it. The market is fading. – So you almost make 750.
– One sec. Yeah, I’ll look at the profit in a sec. “Had a little push, but
classic midday fake out. (typing) “Overall market fading, too. “This can’t break.” So I was excited about
it, but it’s just not, it’s kinda losing steam as
the overall market fades, and the failure to break out. It didn’t even touch .0197. It got up to .0194. There looked like a lot of upside, with that million four buyer, but, after the million four
buyer came and went, it just did nothing. And I don’t want to be
around for OTLK-type… Action. Like, here’s OTLK, look at this chart. So OTLK had a breakout, it actually broke the morning highs, but it just wasn’t a
very convincing breakout. And when you don’t get
the convincing breakout, eventually, that leads to shorts coming, and I don’t think shorts
are gonna come in on TTCM, since it’s only trading at a penny. But I don’t want to be there for any potential hard
crack off the highs, when it’s a speculative trade like that. Like, here is the chart on TTCM. It did break the highs, but just not in a convincing way. I gave it time, I came out with a profit. And now, it’s fading as
more people start to say, “Wait a minute, this isn’t
breaking to new highs. “Screw this.” – [Man Offscreen] TEDU’s
testing high today. – Are you buying these days? – [Man Offscreen] I’ve been going along, probably about 50%–
– What? Look at you, a changed man! – [Man Offscreen] Well,
there’s a lot of potential. – Yes! You see the risk/reward
has flipped, right? – [Man Offscreen] And, my biggest losses have been on the short side. (Tim clicks tongue) But, I’m proud to say that I have… – How much are you up or down these days? – Right now, I’m, I think I’m up, 24, 25,000? But I took a huge loss
last year, shorting. And then I’ve been building it back. So, I’ve been growing it. And I haven’t taken a substantial loss since that, that big one was painful. So, I haven’t–
– Then you learned. You don’t want that anymore. – If you look at my profit
lead chart, you’ll see… Now, it’s more of a gradual,
slow, steady growth. I reduced my position sizes a whole lot, and it’s been very slow and gradual, as opposed to before, whenever I started–
– Choppy. – Yeah, when I started to make some money, it got real choppy.
(laughing) I got to where I was making, you know, some days, I’d make 2,000, 3,000 in a day, or 1,000 in a day, but then
I’d turn around and lose, you know, that–
– It’s frustrating. – Yeah, yeah. So I just–
– Look at this graphic chart! – Beautiful!
– Yeah, see, now it starts kinda, see its kinda growth.
– I want a cup and handle! Gimme the breakout, man! – Yeah, yeah. The breakout’s coming, it’s coming. I’m just–
– But it’s more gradual. Look at the difference. – [Woman Offscreen] Very beautiful. – But no, but look at the difference between the profit and loss. I mean, this is a choppy stock. I wouldn’t trade it when it’s here. (chuckling) But now, you’ve got a
nice, gradual uptrend. And no, but, seriously, this is it. You’re tightening your belly, your creating process. You’re tightening, you’re refining. ‘Cause you don’t want that big loss, how big was your loss? – [Man Offscreen] Oh, gosh. It was well over $10,000. It was huge, it was… (groans) – 11,562? – [Man Offscreen] There it is, yeah. It was a massive influence. Yeah, it was painful. – But that’s the risk with shorting, and you learned from it. – Yeah, I did learn from it. Rule number one, you gotta respect a risk. That’s what, you know. I mean, you say it all the time, “Cut your losses quickly.” You use “Cut your losses quickly,” I kind of adopted the mindset of, just, respect your risk. You have to respect it. You have to go into a trade with a risk. – That’s fine. For me, if I use that, most
people would not do it. ‘Cause they don’t– – [Man Offscreen] Oh, respect the risk. – Well, they don’t
understand how to plan risk. So, if you just cut your losses quickly, you’re basically respecting your risk, just in a safer way.
– Exactly. – I would rather people
learn to lose a lot, small. And then, if it takes a big loss like that to really reinforce it. I mean, I posted this on Instagram the other day, my $500,000 loss snapped me into respecting
stuff so much more, you know? There’s nothing like a big
loss that will educate you. (cheerful acoustic music) Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader. Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I have learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there, and also, click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become
my next millionaire student.

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