“Permit Patty” Calls the Cops on an Eight-Year-Old Girl | The Daily Show

This weekend was
the first weekend of summer, and you know what that means. Same thing as every weekend– white women were calling 911
on black people. WOMAN: This morning a California
woman is facing outrage online after a now viral video shows
her allegedly calling police on an eight-year-old black girl
selling bottles of water with her mother on a sidewalk. WOMAN: She calling police on
an eight-year-old little girl. You can hide all you want. Yeah, and, um, illegally selling
water without a permit? MAN: The woman,
identified as Alison Ettel, now being dubbed on
social media as “Permit Patty.” This comes after several
widely reported instances of white people calling
the police on African-Americans who are living
their everyday lives. For more on this story,
please welcome our very own Dulcé Sloan, everybody. (cheers and applause) Dulcé, another story
of a white person calling 911 on a black person doing nothing. What are your thoughts? (sighs) Trevor,
I’m so sick of this bullshit. (laughter) White people
call the cops so often, they don’t even have
to dial 911 anymore. They just hit 9,
and the operator’s like, -“We’re on our way.”
-(laughter) You know what Apple needs? To make a phone exclusively
for white people. Every time you call the cops, it
just connects you to yourself. Hello.
There’s white people here. What? There’s
white people here, too! Aah! (laughter) Uh, Dulcé, you know,
a lot of people felt that this example was
particularly egregious, because this woman was calling
the cops on a child. Yeah, but what
really made me mad is the way she did it. Play that video again. -(laughter)
-Okay… okay, now, freeze. Why is she trying
to crouch behind a wall like a white privilege ninja? (laughter) The hell are you doing?
We just saw you! (laughter) You don’t disappear
just because you duck down. (laughter) Black people aren’t the
dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. (laughter) -(cheering, applause)
-I mean… I mean, look at her.
Come on. She looks like she’s popping
a squat in a back alley at Mardi Gras. Oh, oh, oh, oh.
And wait until you hear how Permit Patty
makes her money. Well, social media users are calling the woman
“Permit Patty.” Her real name is Alison Ettel,
a San Francisco entrepreneur. NEWSMAN:
The woman is also the CEO of a company that specializes
in cannabis edibles for animals. (laughter) Trevor, the woman
sells weed to dogs. (laughter) (applause) (whooping, cheering) Dogs. How are you
gonna sell drugs to dogs? Like, “Hey, hey.
(whistles) Hey, hey. “Come on. I got that kibble,
I got that bacon. “We out here.
(whistles) Kibble, bacon,
come on, come on.” If you ask me,
that’s the real reason that white lady
called the cops– this little girl was
on her corner. (laughter) -(whooping, applause)
-Okay? This was a turf war.
It’s a turf war! Now, now, actually, Dulcé,
Permit Patty was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle, and she said that she
didn’t actually call the cops. -Hmm. -Yeah. She said she was
just pretending to call them. Oh. Trevor, that makes it worse. Because that means she didn’t
actually care about the permit. She wanted to scare
an eight-year-old black girl into thinking that
the cops were coming. She knows black people
are afraid of the cops, and she used it
as a weapon against them. That’s (bleep) up. Imagine how white people
would feel if black people ran around
threatening them with gluten. Eat this biscuit, Karen! (whooping, applause) Karen! Get into the biscuit, girl! Look, I understand
why you’re upset, Dulcé, -Mm-hmm. -but I think
you’ll be glad to know that this story has
a happy ending, right? This girl was selling water
because she was trying to raise money
for a trip to Disneyland. Well, guess what? After
Black Twitter broke the story, somebody bought that girl
four tickets to Disneyland. -Yeah.
-(cheering, applause) See? Oh. Look at God. Look at God. Oh. But whatever she does, she better not try
to sell water there. Disney don’t (bleep) around.
Mickey protects his corner. Dulcé Sloan, everybody.

100 thoughts on ““Permit Patty” Calls the Cops on an Eight-Year-Old Girl | The Daily Show

  1. Its clear that these types of women never get laid. All they need is dick is their lives!

  2. But you still can't sell water at Disney land. LMFAO. That girl is funny.

  3. "Turf War!" Waters is out selling pet weed… Maybe she needs to sell weed to a different specie… Dame this is cold… I vote her in as a ride on in the player hater's competition…

  4. Does she feel better she called the cops on a child? What is the world coming to? Really.

  5. it's not funny !!! at all
    it is horrible what black people go through on a daily bases …..
    i can't believe this happening in this time ….and hell it's actually in the great [email protected]#ing usa the land of freedom the bill of rights …oh my god

  6. i loved her opening statement to trevor…'trevor im so sick of this bull**'

  7. On behalf of the white people who aren’t complete retards…. I apologize, I am so sorry…

  8. People who call the police randomly should be fined. Something like that needs to be implemented. It's the only way to stop these people.

  9. And if people got poisoned fromtm the water!?!?!?! Here's a secret: black people are not in jail because they are black….but because they comitted crimes.

  10. I'd call the police too if that rude mother got in my face and started filming and harassing me for asking them to keep it down while selling water. The little girl had nothing to do with it, but now she is being used to smear this poor woman by jackass prejudiced Liberals.

  11. The agenda is to go after the positive blacks and leave only the fucked up ones around if u guys ever wanted to know why they specifically target the harmless ones. its always been on purpose. how can we destroy their future if we only go after the gangsters and murderers? leave them alone and target the ones that have a chance. this is facts spread it around the internet like a virus.

  12. Permit Patty. You should seriously consider killing yourself. No one likes you.

  13. Staged? Theoretically, this is nuisance pan handeling. Mom using child. Real privilage is a free vacation for using your kid & being a mooch.

  14. I'm a black woman and that girls mother went extra with the whole "She called a police on a person of color – black kids are getting killed"

    Girl stop. First, being black doesnt mean people cant call the cops on you. Black privilege?

    Second, stop acting like the cops were gonna roll up and start blazing AK's on your daughter.
    That's shit is dramatic as fuck.

    Third, these BLM bitches need to stop making everything about race. This bitch on this video is talking nothing but race and its stupid. Permit Patty probably would have done the same thing on anyone. All this "oooh is cuz she was black" is speculation and just BLM using it to promote their own bullshit.

    The only issue here is that she called on a CHILD. I don't care if its a black child, white child, or green child, that's the only ABSOLUTE PROVABLE FACT that took place and that's what ppl should be responding to.

    But these grown adult black people need to stop with the black privilege bullshit. Everytime you get the cops called on you ain't because you're black — 99% of the time its because your ass is breaking the law.

  15. #whitepeopleracist
    I am indian and i say it loud that black, brown, asian people are not racist, only white and specially white females are racist.
    I dont give a dam if white people start speaking shit in my comments. I just told the truth.

  16. I'm glad they make edibles for dogs, especially the older ones with arthritis that need therapy and the ones that were abused into hurting themselves (they'll bite themselves). But why the hell would any dispensary/vet clinic hire a racist bitch that hides behind a wall because a little girl is selling water? 😂 Coward

  17. There's something that is off about these touted incidents, the circumstances are always perfectly documented and amazingly well marketed like the names of the cuprits. Almost like someone worked at a news paper knows how to frame a headline.

  18. As an African woman who has always admired American culture, I don't think that I can live in America. Scary.

  19. Every time you call a cop on a black person for stupid reason . when they get there and shoot them you are responsible. You have their blood in their hands.

  20. So ignorant. Nothings changed. White woman still lying to get attention and get someone killed for sport.

  21. Getting sick of this black and white arguing crap but since on the subject, if black people learned to respect and follow the laws of the community and respect other races and themselves maybe they would not be getting in trouble with the law as often as they do. The problem with the black folks is that THEY ARE ALWAYS ON THE DEFENSE and INVITING CHALLENGE BETWEEN RACES! Blacks need to gain more confidence and STOP BEING RACISTS THEMSELVES before others stop judging them! NO NEED TO BE OFFENSIVE, ALWAYS DOUBTING THEMSELVES THINKING THE WHITE IS ALWAYS OUT TO GET THEM! You, the black are your worst enemy by always judging yourselves and playing the second class citizen by bringing up how the white judge you. If you STOP bringing up this S..t all the time and leave the white out of your own shortcomings and get rid of that chip on your shoulders then the world would be a better place for all to live in harmony.

  22. I did not know that America is sooo fucked up White people are connected to the police on black people for doing nothing
    Wow So much for The country that called it self the greatest country in the world the country of freedom and democracy
    Maan this American media is hypocrite and full of shit

  23. I love Dulce! She SLAYS! 🙌🏼 Dulce is my girl man! Whenever she's on with Trevor, I know I'm about to laugh my ass off. She's so funny! Loved when said, "I'm so sick of this shit." I felt that. ✌️🏼🙌🏼
    And I just about died when she said, "why is she squattin' like a white privileged ninja!" Ba ha ha ha ha! Love her! 🙌🏼😀😁😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Little girl was on her corner – 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  26. Then when she apologized on tv. She should’ve payed for the ticket. Not some random person.

  27. Dulce Sloan was trying too hard. I didn't find her funny. She was mostly just annoying, and with some cringe thrown in there for good measure.

  28. This so sucks for the normal white ppl. These white ladies are crazy and need some help

  29. It was set up. Little girl goes with this white lady to Disneyland. They coined it together. Knew that some one will buy this tickets for them! xd

  30. I loved when she said "black people ain't like the dinosaur's in Jurassic Park" haha

  31. This lady sells weed to dogs.
    If you ask me, that's the real reason why this lady called the cops on the little girl. She was selling on her corner.

  32. I don't think these people fully realize just how traumatizing it can be for little children to have the cops be called on them, especially when they're not doing anything wrong. I was a super timid kid who would cry if I so much got trouble in school, let alone the law

  33. They call the police on us they kill us they fear us but want to live off our culture

  34. I don't even have the money to buy weed for myself and these white women are selling/buying weed for their dogs 😭😭

  35. Im white(an accident of birth of you want to look at it that way). I spent 21 years of my life defending this country and this kind of behavior makes me feel that it was a great waste. I could have been a politician instead.

  36. "You don't disappear just because you ducked down!"

    But but that's what happens in Skyrim! XD

  37. White lady calling cops on an 8yr old african american girl

    That is stupid to the point that it’s so pitiful #permitpatty sucks

  38. I still don't know what went into her head to make her to do that. I Mena it's just water not drugs or something. Even if it was drugs u should be concerned why such a small kid is selling drugs u don't call cops u call child protective services. It's a kid man, and a black kid on top of that they r already scared of police. Why do this shit and scare them into being timid. Let them grow and dream.

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