Power Rangers Super Samurai – Trading Places – Power Rangers vs Switchbeast

(action music)
(grunting) (swords clashing)
(grunting) (blow zapping)
(Rangers yelling) Too easy! (stinger whistling) (swords clanging)
Hyah! Surprise! (swords clashing) (grunting) I think it’s time for a change! (blows booming) (stinger whistling) (attack zapping) Jayden!
Switch Blast! (attack exploding) (stinger whistling) Time to make a switch! (magic resonating) (Red Ranger yelling) (ominous music) Jayden! Is he okay? Jayden, wake up! (laughing) Switchbeast,
you’ve done it again! Time to finish him off. Just one blow and the
Red Ranger is history. Huh? Hyah! (swords clashing) History’s not my best subject! Well, then let me school you! In 14 hundred and 92, I took out the Rangers Pink and Blue! (Rangers exclaiming)
(swords clashing) Switch Blast! (attack zapping)
(Rangers yelling) (boxes thudding) Time for another switcharoo! (magic resonating) Oh no you don’t! (Yellow Ranger exclaiming)
(Switchbeast grunting) Dried out already? (swords clashing)
(Yellow Ranger yelling) (Switchbeast laughing) (Green Ranger yelling) Okay Greenie, what should
we switch you with? Something nice and easy to smash. (stinger whistling)
Not so fast! Huh? (Yellow Ranger exclaiming)
(attack zapping) Huh? Yeah! Nice! What? What did you guys do to me? My plan worked! High-five! Yeah! Okay Mr. Nighlok, now that you’ve had a taste of your own medicine, how about you tell us the quick and easy way to switch everybody back? You sneaky snakes! Ugh, I feel all gross and hero-y. Tell us the secret
or you’re gonna get it! Oh yeah? As loathsome as this body is, I’ll bet you don’t want
anything to happen to it. Back off, or Greenie gets it! Oh, you don’t like my body? Well, then we’ll put you somewhere else! (stinger whistling)
Augh! Here Nighlok, have a ball! (magic resonating) What!? Oh no! Penalty kick! (ball thudding)
(Switchbeast yelling) I think something’s wrong with this ball, it feels a little mushy. Oh, my head! (groaning) Okay Em, I think we’ve made our point. Ugh, that was just cruel! I think you broke a rib! Serves you right, you monster! Now tell us how to
switch everybody back, or we’ll make your life really miserable. Why you, I oughta… Quick stalling, Nighlok! (Switchbeast growling) We’re waiting! Well? Ugh, fine. I’ll do it. Yes! All right, hold completely still… (Switchbeast yelling) (Green Ranger yelling)
(blow booming) (magic zapping) Switch Blast! (Rangers exclaiming)
(attack thudding) Okay Mike, let him have it! Oh yeah! (Black Box clicking) Super Samurai Mode! (Black Box resonating) (triumphant music) (Green Ranger exclaiming) Hyah! Wow! (wind whistling) Hey Nighlok, how are you? I’m feeling Super! Super Spin Sword! Let’s finish this! Hyah! With pleasure! (swords clashing)
(attack booming) (Switchbeast yelling)
(Green Ranger exclaiming) (attack exploding)
(Switchbeast yelling) Bear Disc! Hyah! Time for my super-charged powers
to switch you off, Nighlok! You can’t defeat me! Super Forest Vortex! (attack exploding and zapping)
(Switchbeast yelling) (Switchbeast exploding)

53 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Samurai – Trading Places – Power Rangers vs Switchbeast

  1. I feel like Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai were good ideas but just got poorly executed.

  2. @01:07–01:11

    Wait! This guy's been around since 1492?! Well, I'd like to know more about Switchbeast's first encounter with those two pre-existing Pink and Blue Samurai rangers!!!!

  3. 0:53
    Switchbeast:Time to finish him off,just 1 blow and the Red Ranger is history!
    Mike:History is not my best subject.
    Switchbeast:Well then,let me school you.In 1492,I took out the rangers,Pink and Blue! Best lines.

  4. Red ranger I like your shogun move very much

  5. Majestic Dragon now tunes with Super Megaforce 4 train & Samurai Green Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai to Super Samurai in order to Synchro summon Majestic Super Megaforce 4 train!

  6. Mike green ranger awesome🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. The one of the good thing about samurai power rangers is I like everyone equally

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  9. This is why it's awesome when Mike fights. He always comes up with a creative way to take his opponent down.
    Against Rofer: He tricks Rofer into chasing him to the point that his arms get tangled into knots, leaving him helpless.
    Against Despairano: He catapults himself into the air with his spear.
    Against Switchbeast: Switches himself with Switchbeast, thereby forcing Switchbeast to undo all his switching if he wants to ever get back to his own body.

  10. 1:27 WTF are those people doing on the right 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Switchbeast: you guys had super forms?
    Mike: yeah?
    Switchbeast: why didn’t you just use that earlier and destroy me then?
    Mike: uh, yeah your right we should’ve use this earlier.

  12. 1:50 3:20 this is probably the closest we're gonna get to having the rangers and the monsters working together, for this generation atleast.

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