President Donald Trump Delays New China Tariffs Ahead Of Trade Talks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Delays New China Tariffs Ahead Of Trade Talks | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. I'd be curious to see stock investments GOPs surrounding Trump are making. Are they "benefiting" in the stock markets as Trump manipulates it via Twitter? Seems he's able to make it go up and down at will. Might be his greatest con yet.

  2. First yield curve inverts then it rises dramatically before the stock market crash.
    Someone has it down to a science as how to get the maximum profit from Fed's printed money
    (much like the Saving & Loans that went 'bankrupt' leaving taxpayers on the hook).

  3. trump caved to Kim, he caves daily to Putin, he now is caving to Iran, but China has no respect for trump so even caving wont help, Other countries clamor to sell agriculture products to China at lower rates

  4. Trump doesn't want to make a deal with China cuz he likes the feud between us and Them

  5. jeopardize Christmas???? Have all Americans forgotten what Christmas is actually about? WOW, what is wrong with our country. So sad to hear this taken seriously.

  6. Walse or Polka danse ??? Worse than that I’m afraid. The guy is totally lost.

  7. trump says he is winning the war because he is, he himself and others are profiting from the trade war, as he has money tied into the shipping in the other countries China is buying from, he does not care about the public, and why should he, your all so stupid and deserve this guy another 4 years, do some research america

  8. Trump will cave into anything China wants and we will be right back to where he started. But he will claim it as a victory.

  9. Bad example of things that a country needs when the first thing is shrimp… No one really needs shrimp… Bad example lol

  10. Trump is America's Guzman: Guzman Crime is from Drugs :Trump Crimes taking Tax payers money..corruption..

  11. While President Trump stops China from taking hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. in unfair trade agreements, all the dems can do is call him names.

  12. Sure, you'll see trump backtrack on tariffs making voters think he's the good guy. It's called buttering up to get your vote. Just remember a bee can still sting you even it's deeeeeaaaaaaaaaad! truth folks. Just sit on a dead bee!

  13. Meanwhile Dems block aid for our farmers designed to assist them while the trade war does what it is supposed to do.

  14. China🇨🇳 is trying to soften just to get by, but remember they have been cheating and stealing for a long time.

  15. Trump will be begging China to offer him a deal he can claim as a victory just like he is on record begging the Mexican president to stop publicly saying Mexico will not pay for his wall.

  16. O.K…quick history lesson…the only reason that the US was a major country with a lot of power and money after WW2 was that most other country's that were doing well before the war were bombed flat and poor by the consequences of the "superpowers" at the time wrangling over everything in an effort to stop Germany, japan ,Italy, vichi France from turning the world into a NAZI paradise. time has passed and through good will and diplomacy, the other country's have now caught up to the US. this means we are now on equal footing…if it wernt for the hawks in the US want to to keep America "the biggest bully". we have entered a time now, where, soon we will have to deal with every other country as equal to the US and the "old guard" is trying to stop this. we are being denied progress because of this. the "old guard"…out modded ideas of citizenship, borders, basic human rights. these are the issues. and this is the time to force a move forward to world peace, and a shedding of the "old guard". my2¢


  18. Trump's trade war with China will cause a GFC leaving no extra cash for middle class America to buy goods from China (or anywhere else for that matter) so problem solved. Plunge the economy in to a major crisis and EVERYONE will stop buying STUFF…..great economics president Fool.

  19. The Chinese are working hard utilizing their army of government bloggers to push opinion in their favor through social media. All those blogs favoring that only China be allowed to practice protectionism? Yeah fake …

  20. I see plenty of socialists here backing China ripping America off , instead of America standing up to China ripping America off

  21. Thought the market was going to crash three years ago should not of listen to these guys.

  22. "small hands square pants" will lose to china.
    Just like he's been losing at his properties that he has to steal American tax payer money to keep them going.

  23. Mexico will pay for the wall China will pay for the tariffs but since they don't wanna hear about that sorry folks we the American people gonna be struck wit that bills which we already paying trough higher prices of every thing in the stores and everywhere else

  24. What products the Chinese make concessions on? Concessions to Germany, and on things they needs. Have patience.

  25. Even if the US pays tarriffs from Chinese goods . The Americans are now paying lower for Chinese goods . Example Before Tarriffs the cost of a chinese bicycle is 100.00 . Now there are 25% % Tarriff and the bicycle costs 75.00 because of the lower devalued Yuan . In the end the consumer pays 25+75=100.00 same cost for bicycle . So no point of you all showing what taffiffs were paid when in facts the Chinese goods were discounted by same . You NEVER advertise the discounts , and you trick the people . President Trump now has 95% popularity in the Republican party . But people who know better see through your tricks .

  26. MSNBC so sick of your lies to the public . I heard a Democrat say that President Trump has done more for this country than the past 15 presidents . Do you get that China gets a trade surplus of some 600 billion with the USA every year . Thats like 2 billion a day . WE fight about a measley 5 billion for a wall to protect ourselves and give away 2 billion a day to China to promote Communism and human atrocities like organ harvesting . President Trump is not the enemy here .

  27. Trump tariff war is going no where. Nobody is happy with the Tariff war. Nobody is earning money from there crops. Nobody is buying. The only peoples making money is Trump.

  28. If you’re a democrat and you come home one night to find your wife naked and the window open and you look through the window to see the galloping silhouette of a MAGA hat wearing champion…

    Then you know…

    For certain…

    You’re the BETO.

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  29. Trump thinks he’s a master dealer.

    America pays the price, not China. He’s thinking cutting or suspending a tariff will move China. He is reckless, ignorant, and impulsive. The Chinese have nerves of steel…

    Things will go back as they were, and Trump will call it a huge win!

  30. Trump first created a problem, then he will work on the problem he created, then he will declare a win. The cycle goes on and on.

  31. Rumours around the White House suggest that Trump is looking to get Baghdad Ali, as his new head of Media disinformation

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  34. Chinese netizens are unanimously backing the trade war because it they know it is a matter of national survival. American leftists should be ashamed.

  35. Trump is a fraud. He's no better at negotiating than he is at leading or hiring or diplomacy or speaking or spelling or predicting or unifying or marrying or parenting…

  36. What I don't understand is how the US can be that butt-hurt by the Chinese.. Since China entered WTO, they have to a large extent adhered to international standards and in terms of non-tariff protections against external competition, there's no country in the G7 that has more non-tariff protections than the US. Wouldn't it be more honest to just accept that the US economy is fragile due to low investments in education, loss of production jobs to increased industrialization and a general lack of efficiency that requires the US to protect itself from markets in Europe and Asia.

    The only outcome of a tradewar is that the US economy will become even less competitive, and sure it'll slow down the speed with which the US loses some (keyword: some) production jobs, but the trend won't stop just because of the tradewar, tariff and non-tariff protections. The jobs will be lost anyway, so rather trying to force water to run uphill, the US should focus on reeducating the workers to more profitable and competitive sectors of the industri.

  37. Donald trump your tarif,could,nt work ,we have our own vege,on the table you cannot go without beef,meat!goat meat pig meat,?

  38. ‘Putin is a big voice in the world’: Khan hopes Russia will get closer to Pakistan

  39. I know Donald Trump can't read that's why he watches TV but let's take a step back every electronic made is made overseas either in China Taiwan South Korea Japan Etc this is going to hurt the average consumer

  40. Trump does not understand tariffs or trade. The U.S. is a huge market for China and China knows this. China will continue exporting to the U.S. and the U.S. will continue importing their products because the U.S. can't get those items cheaper anywhere else even with huge tariffs. China isn't going to lose the U.S. market nor will it lose any money on its exports but the people in the U.S. will pay a lot more for those products.

  41. At this point we are sure of one thing, all meetings will be held in rooms big enough to house an helicopter engine incase the president needs to sound more convincing. ( page 999, The Art Of A Thrill i mean a deal, or a Con whatever the name is.)

  42. So the yapping mutts realised best not take on the big bad panda. Lol far far from his best idea

  43. What will happened if the 13-year-old is the president of America and going too Xi Jinping, how is arounded by bodygards. Watch what happend than.

  44. There is no way I would vote Democratic when they are as insulting to black people in telling them they are doing a a study on reparations. Is there a study when four billion is sent to Israel? Was their a study with the Marshall plan? The party is in a catch twenty two jam of their own making.

  45. thank you so much for not screwing us now and slamming up after Christmas .  what a smart president LOL

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  47. The constant changing of tariff deadlines. Does anyone have a clue what Trump is doing? I don't think Trump does either. The guy is loony tunes out of reality. Ask our farmers. They may never recover and many of them are speeding up their bankruptcy fillings at record paces. Right now over 2 million jobs are being affected. It's only going to get worse under this presidents (lack) of leadership. Trump inherited a booming economy and it's just a matter of time before he destroys it.

  48. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing in terms of trade advantage, by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result, the US is in a stronger position than ever. The west should stop importing crap from China and bring the jobs home. The way things are currently heading, the west is fueling its own demise and historical irrelevance.

  49. What I heard : BACK CHECKS are being given to WHITE DEMS WOMEN to buy them VOTING FOR TRUMP IN 2020!

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  51. Xi Jinping want an agreement with US in trade tarks.
    But Communist Partys internal stuggleintensified …Chinese opinions can't be reached.

    Xi Jinping has been a sting of word that say the recent struggle.

    If China can't agree with US ➡He is trying to cleanse his enemies inside.
    A second cultural revolution might take place …Chinese said.

    The person said China wanted it to be .He wants Chinese people to realize that the Communist Party is not good.

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