Price Action Trading Strategies in Hindi

Hey friends, I Amit welcome once again you
all on this Youtube channel of Like every day, we are going to talk about an interesting
topic.Today in this video, we will see how much trade we have to do to make the profit
in trading. If you are a day trader, then how much trade should you take in one day,10
or more than that. Well, if you are a short term swing trader then how much trades do
we have to take in one week or so a month? It is important to know to earn
a continuous back to back profit. Well this is the first thing in this video that we will
discuss this topic. And after that like every day we will also analyze some of our actual trades.
Okay? First of all we have a question today. Who has sent us by REDDY Ji and he
asks “Hi amit, i am new to share market, i have SEEN almost EVERY video of yours on
Youtube” and thank you for making SUCH simple videos. it HAS HELPED me to UNDERSTAND the market easily.
i HAVE selected a technique FOR me and DOING PAPER trading WITH it but what i HAVE OBSERVED
is that i am GETTING MANY MANY SIGNALS each day. HOW can WE ELIMINATE BAD trades? hey reddy
ji thanks for that wonderful question Today we will focus on 3 points. First is trading plan Whether
you are into day trading or swing trading, we have to have a technique to do a trading.
The technique is what gives us a trading plan, what I mean is whenever we take a trade,
then its entry level its exact entry price, exit price such as stop loss, target, to maximize target
trailing stop loss price. it means that we do not have to do any trade randomly. There should
be a reason behind taking whatever action we take until selecting stock from exit to trade. It sometimes
happens that we do have the technique of trading but we still get lots of signals, only then
what we have to do is add some filters to our technique. You can add an extra indicator
to your technique. Meaning if you are just using moving average then you can add stochastics or either
a momentum indicator like RSI. If you are using candlestick pattern, then focus only on some selected patterns
on which you are confident enough, you can also decide in such a way ahead of here …
I will not select the stock whose price is less than 100 rupees. Our goal should be that
I want less signals but they should also be good. If you are doing paper trading then you
can do the modification of whatever kind you want. i know you might be thinking now … but
if I do not make any changes in my technique then? right? Look, I would like to suggest
you here two more points. First of all is, “set profit and loss limit” see, It is a
very simple concept. Suppose you are doing paper trading over a very long time, and you are also
prominent in your trade journal. So now you have to observe the trades of your last one month,
meaning you have to see how much the average profit is in it and what is the number
of average losses. Let’s take an example so that this point becomes clearer, suppose … this is your
last one month?s total profit and loss figures of about say 20 days, your highest profit is
here of 2000 rs and the lowest profit is 500, then you can add these two and divide
it by 2. In this case here it will come to 1250 It means this is the average
profit, now you have to observe such losses and find out the number of average losses. If you
have these two numbers, then they will be useful for your next trading. Means If today you are
making profit of 1250 Rs. So you have to understand that you have to stop today’s trading. Well,
if your loss of today is equal to your average loss, you still have to stop trading. The
most beautiful part is that how much trading you have to do to have this much of profit
the market will decide, we will not. In the same way, if you are into swing trading, then
this calculation is to be done on monthly basis or on weekly basis. Means you have to figure
out figures of monthly or weekly average profit and average loss. The most important thing here is that
we have to decide these numbers on the basis of our previous trades, here we do not have
to use the number based on of our fears and hope. Means that If I want to earn
5000 profit then I will keep 5000 as my profit limit. Do not do that. If you start
working this way genuinely then believe me, not only you will survive in the market, but you will
also have an excellent system, because of which you will be able to create your second income source.Let’s
just analyze some of our trades. Today we are going to see a total of 2 trades, one
of which is the intraday and one of the futures. But, if you are new on this channel,
then I want you to pause this video, and watch both video with intraday strategy and 5 indicator
so that you can get a better idea of this video too. . You can find links to
both of these videos in the description box below.The chart you are looking at is the chart of
Bharatfinanace and this is a 30 minute chart of that. See If you pay a little attention to
the left side of the chart, you can see clearly how the price is choppy or in the
sideways movement. Here, the red line you are looking at is 100’s simple moving average line. Here the
price has crossed it upwards, here you can see stochastics in its oversold zone at the level of
20. If we join some lows of this, we can draw a line which we will say if
the price has been twisted around from the first two times here then here for the third time
when the price touches this trendline, then we have a sharp chances of getting upside bounce also, look
exactly here. Let’s look at the chart of 5 minutes on the second day. One day earlier, we
know that in this stock we have to take a long side trade in the stock. Look, the
market has opened at 9.15 in the morning right here, we waited half an hour in the morning,
we took down the range high and range low. Price has broken up the range here at the
top where my entry order was executed, then with the slight up and downs, the price hit my
three target.Here we are not talking about the occasional profit we are talking about back-to-back, continuous profit. And
it can only be possible when you have a powerful system. Whenever you want to use any system
for your trading, then see that it has 2 things, at first it should be very simple. And
secondly, it should be a complete system. The whole system does not only mean that they should only
be able to give the best entry, target and stop loss but they should also be able to
avoid you from taking the wrong trades (either also alert you about the health of TREND)If you have
seen all my remaining videos then you will see my system in every one of my trade. It
is so simple that it can be used easily by any person.just We have to pay attention to
some simple set-ups, when price breaks these set ups and moves outwards, then we just have to take
the entry with discipline, obviously to create these patterns there are some simple tricks. We just have to
join some special high and lows. There is nothing to calculate. Just look at it and join. The
patterns are automatically created. All such tricks and ideas, I have included in my courses. If you want
to understand trading with every single angle means if you want to understand this whole system, then I
have made some simple courses for you. I know now you might be thinking that these courses will
cost from 3000 to 50000, right? No, no … not at all. I want you to keep such
a large amount of money in your possession and invest it. I have made the Courses so that
they come to work for every one who wants to learn trading. Believe me, these prices are much
less than your worst losses. Trust me, If we have to jump in the field of war, then
you have the most powerful Weapon in the share market. I bet, others will continue to do further
losses here and you will make money from every one of your trade. And for support you do
not worry, you will also get my email support forever. If you are totally new, then maybe this
will be the most important thing for you.This was all about the course, now we move on to
our next stock.The chart you are looking at is the chart of TATASTEEL. see same thing, price has
a lot of time over its 100 simple moving average, so now you can tell that the stock
is in uptrend. As a smart trader, we have to identify these setups at the right time. These
are the setups which are repeatedly repeated in the market, we have to execute them with just discipline.
If you have seen my other videos then you will see these setups in every one of my
videos. See, how the price has come closer to 700 and an expected pullback drift has shown a
slight decline. Stochastics is also close to 20 in its oversold region at exactly the same time. If
we join some of these last few lows then we can also draw a trendline. Price has also
given the top bounce even here, then price increases the chances of giving bounce. Look exactly what happened.
Then the price is also supported with its 50 moving moving average, which is the line of blue
color, its price is going up with its support. So, this is what our “high probability setup” is.
We have taken some 20 rupees of the risk here and instead we have a profit of 60
rupees per share and that too in just few daysSee how much the price has given the bounce
after taking the entry. Friends, you can do this too and this is equally simple. We just have
to take an entry on the right time, at the correct stock, and also with the discipline to
exit. As we learn this, you start reading the chart like an newspaper. I have just added study
material as well as video tutorials in my courses. Look, I have done my job, you will get
my email support and will be available forever. If you’re totally new to the market then maybe it’s
very helpful for you. Now you have to move one step ahead, and just have to drop an
email, you will find my email id in the description box below this video. So why not to
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