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  1. I’m the one who challenge anybody while they are trying to sell me something. Ask them questions that put them against what they are saying. The guy who challenged this bold guy. It was fun. Now the guy made his money. And how many of these guys started making 20k for a logo?

  2. So how is it riskier to go with someone who has more experience and charges less than someone with less experience and charges more?

  3. This video showed up eventho I don't do design, and i watched the whole video because i enjoyed it. Thanks for uploading and sharing the knowledge to the internet.

  4. There are many people in Vietnam just want to pay 500.000 VND ($20 ) for a logo.

  5. it was not because of logo at the beginning
    it is about the quality then logo present that
    then people start to be obsessed with it

  6. So, should the price of an iPhone change depending on who is buying one? Charging based on the client is so incredibly unethical it's shocking.

    You should charge based on your ability to produce successful results. Nike want's someone who is a an expert in branding, not just in creating a logo, but in understanding the full scope of branding and getting that right the first time.

    Your price should increase based on your track record of consistent success, the same as an actor, a musician, an interior designer, etc etc, the price increases based on consistently creating great work.

    Changing your price depending on who comes knocking is painfully dishonest.

  7. Can I ask him to make me a logo for a banging sandwich? I'm just a mom and pop business lol

  8. Wow this guy is so confident he's almost cocky! Not often you encounter such confidence!

    I bet he's a psychological hussle to work with!

  9. But when I started to confidently ask for 10K per commission I lost all my clients.


  10. Thought i would learn about how logos are made but ended up learning how to price them. sweet.

  11. I guess my question after all this is… Do we then just ignore the moms and pops because they can only pay you with that sandwich? I feel like the overall idea of the lesson here ended up being… get yourself corporate clients and forget the mom and pops. So what happens to them? If I'm a new business without the millions and I reach out to you, will you really give me the help I need?

  12. this video really helped. It gives me a new perspective on how to approach projects. Really amazing

  13. I underestimated this channel and would hit do not recommend all the time. Im glad i watched it today. Man you are good.

  14. OMFG WHAT go on fiver u will get a thousand logos for that kind of money and i bet they will be the same quality as theirs

  15. This is the first video of yours I’ve come across and I am so eternally grateful! So many nuggets of knowledge in here. Thank you Chris!

  16. I understand the pricing concept – where higher budget companies will overlook you if you price yourself too low. I also understand that they are paying to reduce risk. My question is, what skillset as the designer who charges the higer price have that actually reduce risk?

  17. aaand i just did a 3 logo and put them in 16 deferent t-shirt whit the thing where you find info like 100%cotton

    and all of that was for free damn i'm dumb i know

  18. hah i made my logo for 100 eurs and i like it :D. Actually yes i would pay more to a experienced designer if i had more money to invest. But as starting company/startup/idea over 500 is really biting price.

  19. Better Question:
    How much should your Urologist Charge you for your Prostate Examination ((Sticking his Middle finger up your a$$)) so that it may save your life so you can start making Logos Again…!!

  20. I charge 30,000 dollars for a logo. I offer a 50 percent discount for birthdays and holidays.

  21. It's kind of weird but this is what made me start liking you and watching more of your videos 10:29

  22. Maybe 20 years ago, the content of your class would have made sense.. but in Today's World, except for the few, nobody would ever spend 18 000 for a logo.. in 28 years as a software engineer and web designer, i've never seen anybody paying that hight for a stupid logo.. I fully disagree with what you teach.. you are Wrong and outdated.

  23. talking about price always make me uncomfortable, i'm clearly not made for business.
    because idk, its like you're either ripping the other person off or you are ripping yourself off.

    That's why its always hard to imagine myself as an independent designer.

  24. Came here to procastinate, when I should have done a Social Media Strategy for a potential customer…
    Left with some good inspiration.
    Totally worth it 😀

    Wish me luck with the pitch.

  25. Can you Change the The Futur logo to Chris Do's face because I know he is the The Future. Also any chance you can talk to the Movie industry to apply to this same logic.

  26. A logo informs the customer of who you are and reasures them of various thing. Such as 20 hr working days no breaks no health care no toilet breaks no pensions etx etc. Customers are morons no wonder BUSINESS behaves like this

  27. Dude is so passive aggressive while simultaneously trying to call others out for "too much testosterone". lol. He's also clearly such a contrarian that if he met himself it would be like dividing by zero since he has to play this "always a step ahead of you" card with everyone.

  28. Amazing video. Only thing is this: Profits aren't calculated from the selling price down, but from the cost up. So if it cost me $25 to make and I sell it for $50, I'm making 100% Gross profit.

  29. HAHA! Good to see the new generation of graphic designers is still really bad at math. '75c to a dollar is a 25% return.'(33%) Wish I could of seen the facial reactions when you wrote the thousand dollar figures on the board. Fun to watch people realize they are worth something and have been undervaluing their work.

  30. As business owner I always tell those "designers" and "branders" when they tell me 5k for just a logo, "do you know FIVERR?!". Then they usually shut up.

  31. Some of the attendants really slowed down the talk with their weird engagements and questions, otherwise this was an awesome talk for someone learning the basics of Design and how to make money creating.

  32. So I go to a meeting with this guy for a simple logo and he upsells and guarantees me 5% increase in my business for 3 million. Cool. Sign me up.

  33. Design was my first career attempt. I could't do it because I was not able to sell myself. My second career attempt was becoming a pro e-sports player. I came close to making it, but my people skills was lacking and I was not able to network. My third career attempt was becoming a police officer. I couldnt do it because I asked too many questions about authority and ethics. I tried classes in criminology, one year of psychology and one year in the army. I started university at age 32 to study sociology. That way I could finally figure out society in order to find my place in it, I thought. Now I just want a family and my chances are slim. I am a 35 y old male and it seems I have no real career prospects. Isnt everything about confidence? how can knowing this fact change anything about it?

  34. Ok this is nice and all… but what if Im not working for a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR COMPANY? You know, like the 99% percent of us 🙄

  35. Did I just spend 36 minutes to watch this video even though I'm not a designer? Worth it.

  36. Surely if your cost is 25 cents and you're selling for a dollar or even 90 cents, your profit margin is well over 100%. He's using the wrong baseline?

  37. I spend millions of dollars on ad agency work, including logo design, and would throw this arrogant ass out on his ear.


  39. At first I thought 1500 for a logo is pretty much. Even if it is all thought through and fits perfectly to the brand it isnt so much work for the creator.

    I make websites and I charge about 1500 but I think it is a lot more work for me then to create a logo.

    But when I saw the price of 20k or more I started knowing why it is not about the time.

    Pretty good video. Im gonna charge more

  40. well then if it's the `value` then Coca-Cola should sell a can of coke to you for $2 while $2000 to Bill Gates.

  41. This video is just brainwashing young and new designers to charge much more so the `old` and `lazy` ones can keep charging even more.
    Some `new` designers can do a logo better and faster than the ones in the business for a long time. It's a trap. Don't overcharge that company and lose it to the `old` ones.

  42. Corporate: How much is a logo

    Asian designer guy: How much money do you have in your wallet ?
    I wouldn't hire a `logo designer` if he started asking such questions like a gold digger.
    He is obviously trying to rob me.
    BTW He wouldn't be teaching these here on a video if he could ever practically use those `tactics` .

  43. Hello The Futur Team. I want to know what are risks for the business or me if I design a logo and it goes wrong. And can you please make a video on the risks and losses for business and also for the Designers if a design goes wrong or don’t work well ? Thanks In advance

  44. This all makes sense! I am no designer, but I have been working as a consultant on the side for the past few months. This is some great strategy to get the client talking and put a good price tag. Cheers!, took a bunch of notes on the fly haha, I hope I'll remember them.

  45. Este jovem é bom, boas dicas… E eu parado no tempo… Muito obrigado.

  46. I kinda short of words, all I say, you change my life with your precious lesson. Thank you very much…

  47. Well, I believe it's not the logo that made Nike famous, it's Nike's product quality that made the logo famous.
    The logo is there just to verify that the product underneath it has a certain level of quality (and that's not necessary, mind you, as it may be a counterfeit).
    The logo can't work without a product whereas a good product can prosper without intricate logo.

    The whole picture is actually more complex in my mind.
    On one side we have corporations that operate millions of dollars for which 20k is a really small expense. It's plausible for them to pay such a bill. Also because of the way our economy system is set up at the moment such corporations often use their size and power to distort the economic rules in their favour (the way bigger mass in astrophysics distorts electromagnetic radiation). They prosper and become stronger at a far faster rate than, say, a new startup. So you can say it's a karmic law in action when a big company is made to pay a great amount of money for something that – in the eyes of ordinary people like you and me – shouldn't cost so much.

    On the other side you have a designer who has to sustain himself, pay monthly bills for which creating logos simply does not provide enough work. So he is forced to do additional design work, run teaching classes, etc. It would be crucial skill to present himself well and to resort to Jedi mind tricks to sell himself better. (I'm totally ok with that, I understand – you have to survive… let's just not call these mind tricks "science" or "symmetric logic" 'cause it's kind of insulting to the average sane intelligent person.)

    On the third side it's the nature of the system itself. We have such vast amount of professions, living standards, industries that it seems difficult for all of it to be balanced and just. Consider this:
    You make hamburgers. Is it ok to charge a student $5 and a rich lawyer $50 for one?

    You are wardrobe maker. In order for you to sell 100 you have to produce 100. You make music. In order for you to sell a song 100 times you have to produce it just once…
    So the wardrobe maker sweats in his workshop, meanwhile the music producer is on tour, seeing the world… Fairness in payment seems but like an illusion.

  48. john, it's almost monday, john. i want a lasagna logo, john. how confident are you about how much is your time worth , john? do you like nike, john? do you care, john?

  49. the jordan logo saved the nike logo otherwise the nike logo would have been dead. thankfully for the nike logo the adidas logo didn't like the jordan logo because they thought that the jordan logo wasn't tall enough for that era…

  50. Not even a designer, hell I can't even draw (stick man is my limit). Love the thoughts behind the thinking

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