Primarymon: Democratic Candidate Trading Cards

47 thoughts on “Primarymon: Democratic Candidate Trading Cards

  1. Is de blasio running on the trump model? Rude overbearing boorish millionaire? How embarrassing for him.

  2. Just like real Pokemon, all the unpopular ones are getting cut out by November

  3. as some who who went to elementary school in the 90s, this is both absolutely hilarious… and a bit insulting…

  4. Those poor kids….I thought there were laws to protect child actors from this? 😛

  5. Primarymon AND "Klobuchar Sounds Like A Real Pokemon Character"

  6. Primarycon AND "I Have Met John Hickenlooper – Stood Up To His Hypocritical Immigrstuon Policies To His Face. If You Are Looking For A President That Will Solve The Immigration Crisis & The Broken Legalization Process System. Then Hickenlooper Is Not Your Guy"

  7. Hahahaha, the only Pokemon game I ever played was Snap, but Qudos for cashing in the Pokehype(btw the new one is based on the UK along with the new Fire Emblem).

  8. There are never too many Democratic candidates, given the current US president is obviously multiple people (schizophrenic) : (read: walking with any trend and calling everyone (even evil people) : "great people" and lying all the time))

    I wish that even anyone COULD stand up to Trump from his side of the balance, before he fires them, to replace him. =)

  9. And all I see is Hamilton! (Which is also what I didn't get to see 😭)

  10. What's this? Hickenlooper is evolving!

    Hickenlooper has evolved into… Nobody important!

  11. “He smells like biscuits” I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself!!

  12. The only way this could be better if it were animated

  13. Of Course, they don't have Bernie, it is the most powerfull and expensive, these pubs can't have the future President, noobs!


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