Pubcast Ep. 15 (WE FINALLY MEET!!!!)

100 thoughts on “Pubcast Ep. 15 (WE FINALLY MEET!!!!)

  1. I have a question, do you guys genuinely hate pyro? if not all 3 of you, is it just squizxy who hates pyro?

  2. Wow, even though Hyojin has an awful personality and is as dumb as a rock she is pretty.

  3. Only at about 2 and a half minutes in, did i realize aiden was holding an anime body pillow

  4. sorry this podcast is only for fucking beautiful people get hyojin the FUCK OFF

  5. Fuck this video. I thought i accidently left skullgirls running and had a panic attack that my computer was being overrun by fighting games. I hate ale

  6. The best part
    Bung: Hehe. Somebody's in their period
    Ale: Elementary my dear Watson

  7. Bung – E X T R A T H I C C
    Alewar – T H I C C but no as thicc as B U N G
    Hyojin – tiny Asian

  8. 31:56 Is that SuperProWaffles? There was an attempt to blur them out, but it failed in the next camera angle.

  9. Ok so Bung looks like a sweet potato , Ale looks like addict who clearly doesn't know what a come is and Hyojin looks like Mulan's hipster sister

  10. Ok I'll unsub now, seeing how you act in real life makes me feel like a piece of shit by association.. I understand it may be part of your character to act like a drunk asshole, but you went too far with hyojin.

  11. The sad thing is, I know the name of the character on his body pillow, and the anime she appears in.

  12. Bung is literally the thiccer real life version of his own character (Connor/Conner)

  13. Bung looks like an actor from an action film no one watched or heard about and had a small budget.

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