PUBG on Xbox One – “Stay Sharp” Commercial

[XBOX SOUND] [COW MOOS] Shhhh… I’m sneaking here. [ENGINE SOUNDS] [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “PUBG on Xbox One – “Stay Sharp” Commercial

  1. Guys it was an advertisement before it got released, this explains the view count and lack of comment, likes and dislikes

  2. Good job downgrading your graphics to under Xbox 360 level in the latest patch cause it’s the only way it can run decent in such an unoptimizable state. Real good game team.

  3. 6million views 400 likes and 143 comments?? Umm that's not correct . Xbox paid for views that's so sad smh

  4. Oh oh omg 6 million wtf wtf oh oh omg sssssixx million vvvviews it just came out 2.4 seconds ago oh oh

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  6. 15 Kill Solo Match – chopped down to 5 minutes for maximum action!

  7. I don't play Battle Grounds. But I like to see that many gamers are happy about this commercial.

  8. like i'll kill someone for xbox but i have one so i dont need to and Please DESTROY PS 1,2,3,4 🙂

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