Public Storage Commercial: Unicorns

Guess what just arrived? Wow, another
unicorn. That’s so…us. I know. Yay. Where’s this one going to go? Uh, maybe a little of the right? Keep going…
a lot more to the right. Perfect. Keep all the stuff
you love at Public Storage. Every unit is
clean, well-lit and accessible 365 days a year. And it’s just a buck for your first
month. Click, call or come by. Public
Storage: Trusted Nationwide Since 1972.®

12 thoughts on “Public Storage Commercial: Unicorns

  1. Brilliant. One of three and the only one where the female is butt of the joke.

    See the other two to fully appreciate this campaign.

  2. It's a fact of life. Ppl will do crazy things 2 stay in a relationship. I personally won't put up with anything I dislike in a relationship, we'll have a discussion about it but if it didn't change or became worse, I'm out. Ppl do inexplicable things 4 companionship. I find it humorous that they torture themselves 4 a piece of ass or whatever. I personally know this duffus in that exact situation with his girl, I just had 2 send this video 2 him. Makes me crack up every time. Lol

  3. Hah that guy looks like an awesome guy to hang with, she is prob great in bed

  4. So he keeps her in there with it? She wants do divorce him but she can't…. she just sits there, waiting for a unicorn to burst through.

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