GET OUT OF HERE! (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. You’ve got mail. Got a package
in the mail from Mike Martin. Thanks a lot Mike. It smells good, got
some stickers and check that out. Blam! Alissa’s going to love that. Smell it through the bag baby. From Mariposa, the
49er and another one. Tribal lands. Smells super good, can’t
wait to make some of this coffee. Thanks a lot Mike. [Alissa] Thank you. [Reezy] That thing’s two
times as old as you are. Luna, got a surprise for you.
You ready? Are you ready? [Luna] What! Thank you Mike. [Reezy] What’s up guys, we’re in my
garage and I’m about to go through the books that we got from the $5
bag sale. We got 19 bags of books, check them out. Here’s the books and DVDs down here
under my table in my messy garage. There’s 19 bags including
all the books and the DVDs. I’m going to go through this stuff.
I’m going to find the good ones. I’m going to show them to you. If I find
any mistakes, I’ll show those to you. And I’m also interested in giving
you guys insight about the DVDs because if you remember, I just grabbed
all the DVDs without scanning them or anything so that
should be interesting. (music) [Luna] Oh we went to
the Halloween store. [Reezy] Yeah. [Luna] I wanted and we got
Harley Quinn and Poisonous Ivy. [Reezy] You got two new costumes?
Wow, Harley Quinn and Poisonous Ivy. Check out that sunset.
Hold that, work break. So I did the math in one
$5 bag, we got 29 books and that means that our average
cost per book is about 17 cents. (music) Out of that first bag, there was three
books that stood out as champions and we’re going to go
through real quick. This is book number one
‘Merleau-Ponty and Psychology: studies in existential
psychology and psychiatry’ and here’s what the FBA
scan results are for it. So you can see the rank 2.57 mill
with a 2.7 million average rank that is not awesome. However, you
can see that the prices are there with the $65 used lowest price, quickly
going up into the hundreds and $162. Let’s go ahead and make sure that
actually isn’t any FBA offers and there isn’t. There is no data
on that item but for 17 cents, I’m going to risk it all day, all day. The Chester Mystery Cycle and
here’s the results you can see. Again, high rank, 1.79
million/1.74 average million rank but look at the prices.
The prices are up there. There’s no FBA offers so this is
something that I would be interested in. And you know, it’s not a
cat calendar from 2004. It looks like someone something
might be interested in reading. Let’s go and see if there’s any camels.
So you can see that since April to now it sold 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or
approximately 5 times. With the rank this high, I would say
this definitely represents 5 sales since April. So I’m definitely,
definitely, definitely, more than good to go on that book for
17 cents with a potential profit of $46 or higher. I could probably
price this for $99 over here and walk away with a solid $80. The next book is very
unassuming in nature. Appears to be may be
missing a dust jacket. It is called, Komparu, The Noh Theater. Let me know if I’m not saying
that right, pun intended. Okay, so it doesn’t seem
to be anything special. Let’s open it up, apparently
it was trying to be sold for $5 at a used bookstore. When
you see this, that means that it was being sold previously
and that was how they priced it. Let’s go get to our
buddy here, the ISBN. ‘Ooh yeah!’ that’s
what you love to hear. This book again, remember cost 17
cents and it came up in database mode with a rank of 1.44 mill. But
everything looks in line, especially with the book that is
only going to cost 17 cents to buy. Well let’s go ahead and click
the magnifying glass to get the actual live update so
we can get the average rank and get a better picture of this. Okay so the average rank is
1.35 million and you can see the current rank changed it
got worse to 2.02 million. And you can see actually that Amazon
is selling this for $32 brand-new. So what that means to me is that
I’m going to have to sell this for around $25 probably. But still 17
cents to $25. And actually depending… I might just wait see how
many copies Amazon has and wait and try and
sell it here for $99.95. Just in those 15 books which
is half of that one bag, we not only made our money
back but we made $25 profit and we essentially got a 500% ROI on
our money, just out of this stack. Made our money back here, the rest
is profit. That’s the gravy train. Over here is the dice rolls. Just went through another bag and
we have 14 books with good ranks and solid merchant fulfilled value.
Nothing too serious but another $30-$40
of profit right here. So check it out right here guys,
this is a whole entire bag, entire bag of all manga. All
manga, entire bag $5 a bag. I’m going to go through count
them all and let you guys know how much it costs per each one
and I’ll even scan some to see if there’s any particular
winners in here for you guys and I’ll also discuss why
I buy these by the bag. (music) Holy crap! That’s 52 mangas for $5. That’s 9.6 cents per manga.
Ridiculously cheap. That’s pretty cheap as far as books go. The reason I like to buy these
in bulk besides the fact that they are actually worth money. A
lot of booksellers don’t know that some of them are worth
good money when you scan. I don’t mean like $50, $25 but I mean
like good ranks and solid $5 bills that people are just
leaving on the shelf. Aside from that, I’ve had really
good luck sending them in to Amazon. High ranked FBA ones that had no FBA
offers. I have good luck selling those and also have great luck putting
them together for sets on eBay, selling manga on eBay. Have great luck
selling manga singly and also in groups. So if I can swoop them up for 10
cents each, why wouldn’t I buy them? It’s the cheapest they’re
ever going to get. I found a perfect example
of why I buy manga. This book Rave Master
number 25 by Hiro Mashima. You’re not going to believe
what this one’s going for. Volume number 25, 1.26 million
current rank, 950,000 average rank. So the rank is not great but look at the
prices, it’s going to go I promise you. Quick recap, these are some of the
books from that bag of manga books that we got for $5 and you can
see I grouped them together by the set they are. This is a
Chibi Vampire. This is Culdcept. This is Kamichama Karin
and this is Crossroad. And although none of these really scan
for any money to be sold on Amazon, if you group them together into lots
and sell them on eBay oftentimes they are worth some good money. So let’s
go ahead and look some of these up and see what we got. For Chibi Vampire right there,
you can see I have 9 books and I looked some up on eBay. I
looked up ‘Chibi Vampire lot manga’ and always make sure you sort
it to show all sold items only and I sorted it by highest first. So you can see up here, this is
1 through 14 missing number 13 so this is 13 books and
that went for $81. Obviously, that’s going
to go for a little more because it’s more towards
the complete side of it. Here is another lot of
14 that went for $50. There’s a lot for 14 that went for $40.
Here is 4 books that went for $14 so about $3 each. Let’s see 4 for $10.
Anyway, it’s not a lot of demand but you can see that the demand
is there by someone paying that much for those right.
So that’s $6.23 each, I wouldn’t expect to get that every
time but maybe somewhere between $3 and $6 so $3 to $4 bucks a copy.
Not bad for some comic books I just picked up for 10 cents each. So let’s move on to the next one.
Okay, here we go. Give us some more options and let’s
go… what we’re going to do is we’re going to press ‘show sold
items’ then we’re going to come and we’re going to sort.
We’re going to press sort and we’re going to show from
highest price plus shipping and then we’re going to look at it.
And look, lo and behold, they are selling for some
money 7 issues sold for $30. Another 7 sold for $10. Nice condition,
so you can see those are not new. 7 books selling for a $30, that’s
you know $4, $4-$5 a book, $4.50 or something. I actually have that
exact set that I pulled. So I paid 70 cents for those 7
books which is numbers 1 through 7 of this series and you can see I got
them right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 boom. That’s $30 right there and
I paid 70 cents for that. Didn’t find anything on
these Culdcept books. I seen they sold in a lot of 10 other
books for about $1 to $2 each, nothing too serious
but the good thing is I have a sequential numbering 1, 2, 3,
4, 5. I’m confident I could list these for $15 for the set getting
around $3 each for them. And even if they don’t
sell, the great thing is, I’ll just put them all into
a giant mixed manga lot and I’ll get around an average of
$1-$3 each still for them that way. Next up is these Crossroad
books by Shioko Mizuki. I have a sequential numbering
again numbers 1 to 7. I did not really find much
on these but what I did find there’s actually not a lot
of uncompleted sales either. But I did find this one
right here, just one issue. Number one, sold for $9 with free
shipping though so that’s really like a $5 sale, either way
that puts some value to it. I would say maybe this set is going
to go for $15-$20, maybe more. Maybe I’m going to undersell
it because it’s rare. Sometimes I feel like when I don’t
find a lot of information on it, that they’re worth a little bit more, so I’ll probably start
this set off at $20. It’s pretty cool that with these 28
books that I paid roughly $2.80 for, that I’m able to generate nearly
a $100 in revenue from eBay. Now I’m going to go through a
bag of DVDs and show you guys how many DVDs we fit in
a bag that costs us $5 so you’re going to get to see how
much our per cost is on the DVDs. (music) That’s going to be a 112 DVDs.
112 DVDs for $10, that’s going to be $10 divided by
a 112 DVDs equals 8.9 cents each so almost 9 cents per DVD. First off, I want to go
through some of the DVDs that I decided to keep for my personal
collection. I always stock up. So those two stacks of those
two bags of DVDs costed me $10 and I just went through those
and I scanned them all. And I’m going to show you guys the
ones that had solid value on them that I’m not buying just for
FBA value and I decide… As always when I buy these DVDs
in bulk is when I get to stock up on my personal DVD collection and
get to add a bunch of movies. The first movie that I had in my
personal collection here was, Caddyshack 2. Boom. GET OUT OF HERE! Daaamn, a raccoon was like eight feet
away from me right now, hold on. Yeah well, that was kind of scary. Here’s a movie I’ve never
seen, Attacked the Block: inner city versus outer space’.
This is actually worth a few bucks but I think I’m going to watch
this first. The thing that got me is it’s from the producers of Shaun of
the Dead so that’s a pretty funny movie so I’ll check that one out. Another one is ‘South
Park: winter wonderland’ Luna’s not quite old enough for
this to be inappropriate for her and Alissa is late 16 or early 16
whatever. Alissa is 16 so mid 16 so this is going to be fine for her
and great for our Christmas videos. And one more movie that I
grabbed for a personal. I actually ended up scoring two
copies is this movie Brazil. Now straight up off the cover,
it looks crazy with the dude got his head blown out and you
just don’t know what’s going on. But it looks oldish and so I flipped
it over to the back and it says here ‘Brazil is a surrealistic nightmare
vision of a perfect future where technology reigns supreme. Everyone
is monitored by a secret government agency that forbids love to
interfere with efficiency’. This movie sounds lit. I
need to watch this movie and if you check out
on the back okay look… look what they’re doing the
old girls face right there. You know you want to watch this movie.
Let me know if you know anything about this movie. I want to
hear about it in the comments this sounds tripped-out.
Definitely checking that out. I ended up grabbing a few more
movies for my personal collection. I think I might have some of
these already, not 100% sure. ‘Chris Farley Saturday Night
Live’ why wouldn’t you? Triple feature ‘Beverly Hills
Cop’ boom, got to have that. ’Slumdog Millionaire’ a really
good movie like that one. This is that copy this movie
that I’m keep for myself. ‘League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen’ this is a badass movie, if you haven’t seen this, you should.
Love this movie. ‘Machete kills’ I actually
haven’t seen this one yet so I’m looking forward to that. ‘Talladega nights’ didn’t
have a copy of that. Need one, Jackass 2. Sure, I’ve
seen this forgot what it was about, maybe I’ll let my kid watch it someday. ‘What dreams may come’ this is a good
Robin Williams RIP Mr. Williams movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. This is super badass. The scene where they’re
painting with the flowers. ‘Money Train’ come on now, Wesley
Snipes, Woody Harrelson, J.LO got to get this one, you
know you loved that. ‘Anchorman’ because why not? I
didn’t have it in the collection. ‘Hellboy’ another steampunk ish…
great movie to have in the collection. ‘X-men last stand’ love
x-men, I’m a huge x-men fan. ‘Laser hawk’ I love the name they
had me at Laser hawk basically but also starring Mark Hamill
and it’s a sci-fi deal so I’m at the least going to look into
this one and see what that’s all about. ‘Men in black’ I think I have
this one, not 100% sure. Why not you all know
where the MIBs is at. (singing) Oh here come the men
in black part 2, you feel me. ‘42 Jackie Robinson’ sick, love
this movie. This is a good story. Love it, love it, love it, love it. ‘Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat
live theater production’ I like watching live theater
productions usually in person, great for the kids to watch. This documentary I’m looking
forward to… excuse me, I’m looking forward to watching this
documentary. I have not seen it and if you don’t know this is
about the truth about milk and how milk is not good for you. Me and
my family actually don’t drink milk. We haven’t drank milk for over 10 years.
Not to say that we don’t consume milk but we just don’t like drink glasses
of milk. We’ll have cereal with milk. ‘Waking life’ this is a great great
movie. This is the first movie that popularised rotoscoping
technique used in a movie where they draw cartoons on top
of the frames from the movie. This was later popularised with Scanner
Darkly a movie featuring Keanu Reeves. ‘Wayne’s World’ party on, excellent.
This is one of those movies I think I have a copy of but I’m not a
100% sure, so I’ll take it anyways. ‘X2: x-men united’,
‘South Park the movie’. This is a goodie, goodie, goodie right
here ‘Romeo and Juliet’ I like this but more importantly the wifey
and daughter love this. That’s a good movie though. There’s 24 movies that I’m keeping for
myself and that only cost me $2.40. How crazy is that? Now we’re going to go
through the rest of this. Remember that these DVDs
only cost me 9 cents apiece. So this first one that I
already scanned, Kung Pow. This one is going to
put $6.38 in the bank. That one is going to have
$4 merchant fulfilled value and the lowest FBA is $34 which
would put $24.82 in the bank, not so certain itself for that much. But you can see that one merchant
fulfilled column is in the middle. Here’s that Brazil DVD. So you guys can see the money is there,
especially when I only pay 10 cents for each one of these
right, not even 10 cents. So this item is restricted but
I’ll just sell it on eBay. I’ll take my $5 to eBay. Same thing with that one. Hey,
same thing with that one. And same thing with that one. This
one’s pretty cool, check it out. So you guys see with this small stack
right here there’s over $25 of profit right here well over 25 and
they came from those two bags that only cost $10 so
that puts us up, way up. This is an old… an old
black-and-white movie I think. That was somewhat revolutionary in 3D.
If you check it out on the back. ‘The bubble is the eerie and enjoyable
science-fiction spine-tingler that shocked audience and revolutionised
the cinematic world of 3D. I’m sure by now, you guys
understand the value of DVDs. They’re tiny, tiny and you can fit
a ton of them in a bag for $5. So when you’re buying DVDs
and they’re $5 a bag, you might as well just grab them all
because guaranteed you’ll make your money back in the ones that
you can sell on Amazon. And if not, you’ll make money
grouping the rest on eBay, selling them on lots, singly on eBay,
liquidating them to your local record DVD store, whatever,
yard sale, whatever. It’s just too good to pass up on it
even if you’re just going to stock up for yourself. For 10 cents a
DVD, you might as well stock up. All of these DVDs right here cost me
$1 each. As you’re about to see, DVDs can be quite profitable, especially if
you get to them on the preview sale. Thanks for watching my video guys.
I hope you enjoyed this discussion about library sales or $5 bag sales
and just to let you guys know or understand a little bit how cheap
items are and how you can make profit on those items even if it’s not
in the most traditional ways. The point is, this stuff is just
ridiculously cheap so it’s time to stock up and you definitely should
check out some bag sales because it’s probably one of the best times
to load up on your inventory. One other thing that I
neglected to mention is that, I do have a disk refurbishing machine,
resurfacing machine. It’s an Eco Pro 2. So any of the DVDs that I did
get that are scratched up, I will be able to resurface them
and make them like new again. That’s just something that I’m able
to do because I have that machine. If you don’t have that machine
then you want to look into that. I have a video about that just
search Eco Pro 2 or CD refurbishing or whatever on my channel and you
guys will be able to find it. Thank you so much for watching.
If you guys like this video, please give the video a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed
to my channel yet, what are you waiting for man? Just
go ahead and press that red button. I think it’s down they’re
somewhere anyways. I would definitely appreciate it if you
pressed it. It means the world to me. My channel is about to
break 5,000 subscribers and may have already broken 5,000
at the time this video is released so if it did thanks guys. If it
didn’t yet, it’s coming soon so really appreciate it, couldn’t have
done any of that stuff without you guys. Until the next hustle guys, peace. Tell everyone what you’re doing because
they’d like to see you in my videos. [Luna] We’re making skeletons
for the Day of the Dead. We need to put googlies them. [Reezy] What are these?
[Luna] Googly eyes. [Reezy] Oh okay, you got a
nice big bag of googlies. [Luna] See, see, these are
eyes and they wiggle. And that’s what noise it makes so
that’s why it’s called googly eyes. (music)


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