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I’m a raccoon, and this time in your attic has been the best week of my raccoon life. I’m digging, I’m nesting in this fluffy stuff. I’ve already had like four babies. I’m the smartest raccoon I know. And if you got your home insurance where you got your cut-rate car insurance, you could be paying for this yourself. So get Allstate. You could save money and be better protected from Mayhem… like me. Mayhem is everywhere, so get an Allstate agent. Are you in good hands?

68 thoughts on “Raccoon Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

  1. "i'm nesting in this fluffy stuff…i've already had like 4 babies" LOL love love love these series

  2. Its sad… I've watched so many of these that I must've accidentally subscribed to Allstate… greatest accident ever!

  3. This is definitely the best one, hands down. The comedic timing and editing is perfect. Cracks me up every time. The only raccoon I wouldn't ever run away from, dean winters

  4. A character who is simultaneously creepy and hilarious. I know there's a fandom reference in here somewhere but I can't think of it!

  5. I had squirrels in the attic a few years ago. the scum chewed up the wiring to the point where it was ~2000$ to replace it.I wish i had Allstate back then hah.

    Normally i dont kill animals but once an animal decides to cross that threshold and invade my property then ITS ON

    I tried peanut butter+rat poison but the squirrels just ate it and shrugged it off ]. Then i switched to antifreeze bowls as well as peanut butter and plaster….worked like a charm! If you mix powdered plaster with peanut butter they will eat it and their own saliva will cause the plaster to solidify in their guts, basically cementing their insides. NO MERCY TO SQUIRRELS

    There is really one animal i cant stand and thats squirrels. I even bought a .22 to keep the population under control

  6. I just want to see the 12 people who don't find the humor in this smh, this is classic

  7. I laugh so much at this. I know all too well what those little bandits do when they get their butts stuck in the insulation.

  8. β€œThis has been the best week of my Raccoon life.”

    I come back at least once a year to watch this. This and the Robert Goulet Emerald Nut commercial.

  9. There is actually a racoon family in my ceiling and they wake me up every night clawing

  10. It's been years, and this is maintained as my favorite Allstate commercial.

  11. My brother was the ring bearer when he was 4 and did almost this, but luckily he did not swallow the rings. Only put them in his mouth and kind of refused to give them up for a while, but first he did the β€œno” thing and refused to go down the aisle. I was the flower girl. The incident happened about 61 years ago.

  12. I had 2 raccoons that had a lot of babies in my attic last winter but I trapped them with my live trap was fun not hearing that any more after 5 months xD

  13. Wow muy lindos comerciales!!!! Lo malo es que esta aseguranza cuando la nesesitas enverdad no te cubre nada!!!! Si asi es, cuando los contratas el inspector asegura que todo esta bien puedes empesar a pagar a pero cuando haces algun reclamo te disen que lo sienten mucho que al revisar detalladamente tu reclamo no califica y no te cubre nada la polisa que has pagado por tanto tiempo. ESO ES UN ROBO. ESTOY TAN DESEPCCIONADA DE ALLSTATE. CUANDO UNO LOS NESESITA NO ESTAN. PORLOMENOS CON ELLOS NO, NO ESTAS EN BUENAS MANOS!!!!!!!

  14. It’s rare that a commercial makes me laugh but this is one of the few that really made me laugh my ass off 🦝

  15. It's the subtle things that add to the gold of these commercials. I love that leap he does at 0:06

  16. What ever this persons name is He is my hero cause he’s living the life I wish I could live.

  17. Paging Lt. Olivia Benson…paging Lt. Benson…come get your boy, Brian Cassidy. He's turned into a female raccoon and has settled in someone's attic.

  18. Yeah right! We had raccoons tear a hole in our roof and make mayhem just like the commercial. The Allstate claims adjusters refused to cover the damage for spurious and specious reasons they cited in the policy. When we refuted that rationale they claimed that coverage was excluded because the water damage from the roof and the fecal mess in the attic took place over time and thus was not a single incident. WILDLIFE CONTROL caught three raccoons. Allstate agreed to roof repair after $1000 deductible and the bill for ridding our house of raccoons. We are fighting for them to cover water damage and contamination to insulation.

  19. Mayhem is everywhere. So, get an AllState agent. Are you in good hands?

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