Rattled: Trump Under Pressure On Immigration, Economy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Rattled: Trump Under Pressure On Immigration, Economy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Are they finally coming out of the trance has placed on them.. Wake up republicans..

  2. That black lady does not know what shes talking about… The dems need to be left and stay left for the common people…

  3. dumb Donald probably actually hopes the economy will stall or decline because he really doesn't want to keep doing this job, not that he actually did the job at all, if he loses the election, he can blame the "liberal media", the democrats for tanking the economy…..etc etc…….he inherited an economy that was in constant growth and lower and lower unemployment, then he actually takes credit for it and accepts zero blame for the typical republican policies that always fail…trickle down, tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for himself, cut environmental protections, tank the good economy then hand it over to the grownups (democrats) to fix…..same cycle we keep repeating….

  4. dumb Donald is correct in one thing, he could walk out onto the street and shoot someone, and republicans would look at it say, the person that was shot should have moved out of the way…his minions are just like any other cult followers….if dumb Donald told them to drink the koolaid, they would happily do it…this is how dictators always rule, you only need about 1/3 of the population supporting him and no political will of his party to stop him, his illegal activities to go unchecked and he gets more an more drunk on his own power..he is a disgrace as a president and a human being

  5. If China follows through on their promise to kick US business and manufacturing out of China,Trump is done.China has no reason not to follow through.They have every reason to bring the US economy to its knees.
    Trump is so incredibly stupid.No one in their right mind picks a fight with someone who owns a huge portion of their debt.Total lack of strategic thinking on that one.

  6. Do not fooll yourselves the farmers might have been losing big time but in 2020 they will still vote for him😮😮😮🤮🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂😂😂✡️✡️✡️✡️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  7. Many folks even his former supporters are seeing quite clearly that the president is to self absorbed to care even a little about Americans. It is all about him and that does not make for rational leadership.

  8. A desperate president is a dangerous man! War is a real possibility. How horrible is it that America could be at war simply to protect the ego and position of an out of control president. Scary.

  9. You do not need a candidate from the Democrats that can fix the economy but what you do need is a President that is willing to use wisely the people that are available to him or of course her. No one can do everything and thus the most important ability of a leader is to delegate wisely, there are many good people available in all fields and a President has access to all of them but only if that President is smart enough to use them, TRUMP is not, plus he is very corrupt.

  10. Come on y'all STOP IT ..DO TRUMPETS CARE IF THE CHICKEN'S LOL COME HOME TO roost ..never mind him …ITS TIME NOW FOR US the ppl of AMERICA to start Caring ..it's the only way & the time is now ASAP .. yesterday ..u don't have to believe me….THIS IS not a GAME..ITS not gonna ..SLOW dowN ..stop ARE go away …and ppl Think ok ..the Bible and mostly all the books that speak on PROPHECY speak of and ABOUT .. forgiveness ..SAYS stuff like pray FOR your Niehbor and your ENAMIES ..the definition to be a fool..is basically SOMEONE being fooled..it's been all of US at 1 point in LIFE ON mother Earth..we all shall need and ask for forgiveness at some point in LIFE ..choose positive .. truth TRUST & respect.. integrity..do on to OTHERS AS one would do to or for self ..LOVE ..& PROTECTION IS A PART OF MOTHER NATURE ..NO MONEY could afford HER ..SHE nurturers & THATS NATURAL ..I say like this..we have oxygen ..the sun ..rain.. provided by you guessed it..OMNI PRESENT ..and we are made created in the likeness ..learn to rise & set with mother nature..get in balance as soon as possible..it's the only way to connect ..UNIVER-SOUL & this has NOTHING ..to do with why it on the back of money in little letters with a pyramid..all seeing eye on TOP..as above So Below ..in GOD WE TRUST..what goes on in DARKNESS SURELY must & will come to Light..humble yourself..CHOOSE POSITIVE THOUGHTS VIBRATIONS COME IN & GO OUT into the world ..let them be the best you can produce ..& become BETTER ..it's more than karma ..it's cause & effect the laws of physics on this physical Earth..you reap what you sow..as a individual & as a whole ..we have planetary alignments that are here protecting MOTHER EARTH CLEANSING..WE SHALL SOON SEE MAJOR QUAKES.. VOLCANIC GASES & ERUPTING VOLCANOES .. TORNADOES AND UPSET HURRICANES..ECT ect ..I'm sorry..Trump knows they all know in high up politics EARTH IS ALIVE .. BREATHING WATCH..WE are ELECTRO MAGNETIC BEINGS.if your heart stop .. they'll need electricity..to get you back going ..the brain functions off of brain WAVES of electrical circuits..& Currents same as why money is called . currencies .. Currency..our blood an DNA is moving so fast transmitting..& receiving information..all the names inside of The computer..are the same names in the brain ..RA,M…lol Sad..that don't wanna teach this stuff..unless your from a Upity..college ..where your frats ..nic name is SKULL & bones ..or sumn..jus Sad this system..but I'm THANKFUL ..we come into the earth from the MATTER..the soil.. of the Earth .eyes represent CAMERAS..not jus for you Sorry THEYLL never tell you the Truth ..a nose to smell & examine..think it's jus for you to bad ..we don't think that way ..if the house catches on fire& we smell it and have a baby to protect..we usethe Gift..who ..what created the sun ..moon stars…planets…OXYGEN…everything we need to be happy & survive..did he ..or them sell US all those gifts for $$$$..you know ..TO be able HEAR Would you sell your hearing..but we turn our back on fellow human beings…cause they don't have the paper…sad ..then we admire..& idolize those with financial wealth…lol Guess what that SYSTEM IS IN overload…& About to collapse..I'm sorry..use all your Natural gifts now …TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF YOUR ABILITY..walk the WALK..feel the positive SPIRIT realm ENTER YOU..& ALLOW it TO GROW..with EARS.to hear..taste buds..millions provided..THATS A GIFT..we realize this immediately if we starving or hungry o tastes we know this from Starbucks…touch..to experience..all this Good life for us our gift of intuitions..you can STRENGTHEN ALL Your gifts thru POSITIVE THOUGHTS & ENERGY & WE CANT EVEN SEE …IT WAS ALL CREATED FROM LOVE …not even a tiny lil bit about no garbage …money ..but TRUE LOVE FOR US ALL.for us…wow & we all connected to the earth..WE ARE THE SENSORS BEING TRANSMITTED ..to have are get to experience constant telepathic and telepathy Gifts one will awaken…plz get yourself right..one life ..here in the NOW..use your free..WILL …power to do right..LIVE RIGHT ..BE BETTER..do better..become better..with this TIME we have left on Earth ..GoodDay to you All 🤗 have a peaceful Day

  11. I know I am not an American citizen but I don't understand how anyone can believe that someone who has been declared BANKRUPT 7 times at least, can understand the economic facts that ToxicTrumpf ignores. You were a great compassionate country, one of the richest in the World, how can you let your Country get in the state it is. Whenever there was a disaster your Country was the first to show compassion and offer help. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU.!!!

  12. Mass shootings and no action by Moscow Mitch to do anything will bring down the Republican Senators! When you don't feel safe to step out your door you vote this people out! Economy is second to the safety of yourself and your family! We have become a Third World country with all this targeted shootings happening on a monthly basis! Why have money if you are afraid to go out and spend it?

  13. When DOES it end? How much more has to transpire and be revealed before this person is ousted?

  14. This is very sad.
    Illness means jobs for people to do. That’s an economy for you.
    But in a sustainable system (with no monetary decision) we would not need to see people suffering from such illness just for paper power for ourselves.

    We would design structures that would withstand such destructive forces of nature. Preventing the destruction and suffering of others.

    Who would patten such an idea which needs no maintenance in a monetary system where maintenance is a requirement for money type of monotonous work?

    No one. That’s why it’s a bad system which also leads to war, poverty, crime, sabotage, illness, disease, litter and pollution. Politics keeps money relevant.

    Ideas should lead us, never a person.

    The Venus Project

  15. Oh, wow, ha, I took you seriously until you mentioned Al Sharpton. Biggest liar in the political system.

  16. This president doesn’t even realize that Puerto Rico is part of the United States but he’s made it very obvious that he hates any other color than white and he will hurt anybody that gets in his way we must remove this president the vice president McConnell and Lindsey Graham along with the barr.

  17. Trump isn't smart enough to start a war to retain his presidency… it's his egotistic narcissism and just down right stupidity that will start the next world war

  18. Donald Trump is through as president of United States he will go down as the worst.

  19. This clown is the worst president ever.
    He proves to know nothing about business as well as economics.
    He made himself and alot of criminals wealthy from his tax reform.
    They won't feel the recession.
    And you know he won't take the blame.
    Who then?

  20. I'm lovin' Rev. Al's hand-tailored suit . . . be jes like when he done be in the ghetto, huh?

  21. Do they still teach Americans that war stimulates the economy? I learned this was a common belief a while ago. Its amazing how silly American media based beliefs can be. Draft half the population and get them killed, spin it as a drop in unemployment… Lol

  22. WTF does Sharpee know about any of this…? When he's the biggest Tax evading, Racial, hypocrite…?

  23. What the heck… I'm watching a normal news show in the economy and suddenly Al sharpton is on??? What exactly are his credentials?

  24. Trump and his band of bandits need to disappear and give their space to real human beings

  25. America "takes over" sovereign territories, like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Diego Garcia..(the list is endless). But when these territories need America's full support Trump dismisses them as of no importance. Only a person without moral standing will redirect money for a superficial inanimate thing( his wall), instead of saving lives or alleviate suffering

  26. MSNBC has reached a new low by putting leftocrats on the air to attack President Trump and put on more negative propaganda !

  27. the only way to fix the economy is doing what Obama did,, Obama deported more people than any other president, if you Deport somebody that has been here for 30 years for whatever reason take their papers you're keeping about $120,000 in Social Security money,, that they have been accumulating .. somebody please find out how many people they deported since Obama became president and do the math how much the government keeps by taking papers away and keeping Social Security money they're not deporting gang members gang members can't keep a job they keep them in prison that's more money

  28. See? these are the faults of President Trump haters! They are trying hard to put down Trump but these issues are wrong. They are attacking him on economy and immigration. On economy: No need to explain further, even the haters themselves are raking millions from their investments and 401-K. On immigration: Even Latino whom these haters says are the victims of Trump's policies are supporting it, contrary to what these haters seemed to convey to the people.

  29. Republicans anxious? They ought to be anxious about all of the detritus spewing from trump.

  30. FEMA is Still trying to help Puerto Rico two years later.
    China ripping us off? Trump your ripping off the military and their children to pay for your wall, Trump your profiting from the military to support your hotel's etc.

  31. dude what does Al Sharpton have to do with anything? its like getting Joel Osteen on a politcal panel

  32. So, the comment section of MSNBC is where all the delusional people congregate! Good to know!

  33. if I got selected for a job I am not competent in I would have severe anxiety issues about my performance and in this case when the whole world is watching…it should translate into severe anxiety for someone there..

  34. RevRend get your teeth cleaned. Why do you look like you are pouting all the time? Don't get me wrong, I like what you are saying.

  35. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have seen this coming.

    Remember, give a fool enough rope and he or she will hang themselves.

  36. 2020 will see Democrats controlling the White house, Senate and Congress. MARK MY WORDS!

  37. Truck drivers are feeling it , less freight low freight rates , prices goin up on everything no perdiem for truck drivers anymore trump did away w it.Well see what happens once the truck industry starts feelin its cause its here (recession) been thru 4 of them i prepared for the last two n im ready for this one thank god.

  38. Truth is the obscenely rich use the Republicans to write the laws that make the whole world sing their tune,if we vote for change they will sit it out and stall the economy and wait it out until the American workers capitulate and give in to their extortion

  39. 45 going send us back into a recession because he wants to undo everything 44 did and he's working at it very fast

  40. tump is doing all he can to bring the us economy down by telling his cronies to take their money out of the market to make it look like the economy is going into recession, but beware after a while when the economy looks really bad trump will say he knows how to cure it he will tell his cronies to start investing in the market again . the markets will start to rise again and people will start to say look the money is flowing again his cronies will make tump look like a man of power to change the economy . the economy may start to falter again but this will be a farce and trumps cronies will start to throw more money into the market. the market will stay inflated for as long as it takes for the people to start praising tump as the savior of the economy the rest will fall into place, then:

  41. America, let us reason for a moment.
    Would you trust a person who lost one billion, three hundred million dollars over a ten year period, fixing your economy and your future?
    America, would you trust someone who is a manipulative, habitual, pathological liar as your President?
    America, this final question is a doozy! Would you trust a President who thinks white Supremacists, and white racism is an integral part of Making America Great again?
    One must ask yourself is 2020 quickly approaching? Thank God! Trump Satan's days are coming to an inglorious end!

  42. That stripper for a first lady in the white house still needs to show the country her green card😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. So I came to the conclusion that trump wants the steel industry and iPhones to be made in America so bad that he is willing to take over Greenland lol

  44. A person who’s been working two jobs for almost 14yrs, the economy means nothing. The economy seems to only benefit rich folk, bankers and Wall Street folks. The American tax payers, the average working taxpayers, the ones with two or three jobs, the economy has no meaning

  45. I'm over 70..way over.. I can't believe Americans are turning a blind eye to a Dictator named Trump. He is stealing from every area to build a worthless wall. He lies about everything the count is over 2000.  I really believe Satan has taken over the Republican party. Republicans were once a leading party and I voted for over 40 years. I voted for Obama and will not vote for a Republican because I'm close to the stepping off place and don't want the pearly gates closed because I supported a purely evil president. Vote out Republicans and maybe years down the road morals may return.


  47. This guy nonsense.waste.all resources on immigrants.destroy economic.His good on corrupt.money hunger

  48. demacrats are republicans in sheeps clothing!we need a few more new partys,that represent all the people,not just Nazi America people 🙁

  49. Trump is a malignant Narcissist who suffers from dementia, hallucinations, delusions, and stupidity. He's also a crook who inflates his assets to get bank loans, & then, deflates them at tax time. I'm not sure if Trump should be in a straight jacket or an orange jump suit, but I am sure that he should be out of our White House.

  50. Since when has the current Republican party ever had a thought for anything or anyone but themselves.
    How much you wanna bet Trump's solution to the economy will be the defunding of every social program.


  52. Even with minimum wage jobs they will not hire you full time. They decide to hire part time to avoid having to offer benefits, but they want to make the part time people work full time hours to keep the businesses running. The corruption and lack of concern for human beings is out of control in this country. Profit and power over people. Corporate greed and criminal behavior is the entire foundation of America, and they are mad because we are aware and fighting against it. Time to burn down the corrupt establishment and do away with the gerrymandering and electoral college that illegitimately keeps these criminals in power against the will of the people.

  53. A thicko in a bad wig is the most talked-about person on the planet. It must be that Earth has had enough of humans. I don't blame her.

  54. When Trump takes His Illegal Immigrant @ss back to Germany then He can open his big fat lying mouth. Until then He needs to shut up !

  55. The Emoluments Clause says : The President, any President must not give or receive items of value, for as long as he or she is in office

  56. Just borrow another trillion dollars and blow it on lavish spending to artificially boost the economy, and put it on the federal credit card to enslave common Americans to astronomical debt and the outrageous compounded interest. Yeah these Trump people seem to love the deception that a great economy is created by giving windfall tax breaks to the greedy so the common man pays taxes to get absolutely nothing for those taxes except the ability for fiscally irresponsible turds like Trump to borrow more and put them further into debt servitude to corrupt government and to benefit the corrupt politicians and businesses who take the spoils.

  57. When the crash comes Trump will not be able to blame Obama because Obama will have been gone for 3 yrs.

  58. With The Donald personally (AND his family!) gains, blatantly steals money from The American People…Well, even with a Chinese laundry list of criminal offences, this issue of government officials and military staying at his properties is enough to put him in jail. What does it take to actually convict this moron and thief?

  59. Trump stop taking credit for what Obama did. He was a way better president. Stop being jealous. I remember how the GOP treated people after hurricane Katrina. It stupid and it needs to stop.

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