MAC! konichiwa! Was that racist? Omg no. So, I was just conversating with a friend online, cuz that’s what I do, I conversate with people online because I’m an online person. And I have F R I E N D S! It’s weird, I know, but I promise, I do, I SWEAR! So, a friend told me that Japanese commercials are on an entire new plane of existence. Which then I replied saying that “I’ve never really watched any Japanese commercials before.” And then he told me I need to! In fact need to do it in a video, because I will have a “great” time. So, HERE WE ARE! Ready to get my bussy wet Ready to get my bussy wet in some Japanese goodness! Let’s get started! …that was a very short intro, should I extend that? i don’t give a shit. Here we are Japanese commercials! “Best Japanese commercials 2017” SHALL WE!? SHALL WE DO IT!? *Japanese Screaming* *Something about cup noodles* *Mac is shooketh* I am confused I think they’re just coming for a cup of noodles brand right here Do you see them about to blow up this cup? Eliminate that competition. Somebody be like get that weak shit out of here eat these noodles instead bitch. There it goes Wooow Ummmmm W h A t? Is that? Is that how they market in Japan? Is that what the streets do? Is that what the streets are asking for? Low-key I’m about it. It’s kind of like my videos honestly. Horses yeah, come on little horse What? Does she buy a new horse off Amazon? What? Wait a minute give me a second to learn What does she buy off Amazon Prime? Why did the horse get better after that purchase? Did she buy some steroids? Did she buy some horse testosterone? Did she buy a new horse? Or is it just the power of capitalist purchases that powered this horse to jump? What happened? Commercial: “I have a fanta” Oh my god it’s you Commercial: “I have a lemon” Oh my god What? Okay. Wow. Wow. Wow. Calm down. Oh my god. Too much. Wow that apple pen guy is making bank honestly Getting that Fanta promo bitch! I wish! This one is titled “Weirdest Japanese Commercials” I think we have to. Let’s do it! “Warning this video contains explicit language” Not in English, right? I’m scared. Oh. This is a YouTuber. I don’t want to react to a YouTuber reacting to other YouTube videos. Bitch! What is this react-seption? Weird, funny and cool Japanese commercials number two, there’s a series bitch this might be a series as well. I’m jus sayin What?! *Mac being shooketh* Okay, pause bitch. Excuse me if I ever saw a human-sized dog walking up towards me I wouldn’t just repeat what it’s doing bitch, I’ll call the cops, I will call the authority. I would beat a bitch up. I don’t- I don’t give a shit What?! WHAT?! (dies) WHAT *Mac is still shook* (Mac extends his soul to a new plane of existence from shock) That was a commercial for some chips bitch. Why was there a dog? Why did he become an alien? Why was he abducted by aliens just to give her some chips? Are the chips out of this world? OMG I think I just got it. Oh my gosh. I hate it Here we go There’s another dog I’m guessing Japanese people just love dogs in commercial or the dog is a dog The more the item will sell that racist that was racist I take it back Wait a minute. Was that motherfucka just speaking Japanese? They got a Black man speaking Japanese in a Japanese commercial. We everywhere Ya’ll thought you could get rid of us sUprIse bitch we in Japan too Honestly me too, re-tweet *A Japanese sound* Oh my god What even was that commercial. What were they selling? What was happening? Were they selling the dog? Were they selling the black man? *Japanese song as Mac dances along* Bitch! *more Mac dancing* Eyy! Eyy! *Mac bustin’ a move* *Mac stops dancing* *Japanese intermission of sick beats* *crUncH *more beats and Mac dances again* Eyy! *dAnce huniE* Bitch! What? BITCH?! Why that go H A R D *confused mac* How Was that a bop? *Mac still confused* I’m just tryna find the answer I feel like im in a Janet Jackson music video. *Mac being Mac™ and dancing* *Mac dies in the hallway* *A Japanese fight with.. soda? oh and Mac is shook af* *Mac is becoming even more shook* *Mac is confusion* WHAT?! What are these COMMERCIALS? * The mating call of the Japanese Mac* Was that racist? Im sorry. Strong Zero– OHHHH The DRINK Is strong, and so whenever they sipped it they had a stroong *Japanese noise* Was that racist? (Not nearly as racist as some of these captions were getting. My god) im– i cant. I don’t wanna offend anybody in this video *Japanese discussion meeting* Isn’t that The Man? Isn’t that Man? That’s Man! I dunno his name he just Man I just know he’s been in a couple of films here and there that I’ve seen in my past time Die Hard is it Die Hard? I think it’s Die Hard. I’ve never seen Die Hard guys. Don’t tag me on this AKA Bruce Willis. That’s Bruce Willis? *confusion* That’s what he looks like. Well damn. I’ve heard his name so many times in my life. *Weird ass commercial* *Mac is so shook rn* I Was going to say something about Bruce Willis, but then this banana man came up.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *more of this mess* Okay. Whaaaaat. *dies* hE just snorted bananas out of his nose ya’ll Do you understand how weird that is? do you understand how creepy that is? dO yOU Like this aesthetic-nes behind me bitch? I didn’t even plan this I just needed a place to film and girl I found perfection Now he’s– That was a DOLE commercial bitch Honestly re-tweet. I love their pineapple ice-cream So go ahead and live yo banana dream bitch. Fly away with that banana-snorting highschool man person. I don’t know I’m hungry *same* *screaming* Ayy-Ooh? *watches as an old lady struggles to leave the wall* Honestly me on a daily basis *Watches as more people are stuck in walls* *so many gloryholes* I Swear to god. This is for some like cookies or something. I’m gonna cry.*Japanese speaking* *Mac questions life* WHAT WERE THEY ADVERTISING?! We have?… A lion flower? Nevermind. *Mac is shook like* *do i need to type this? its Japanese for crying out loud.* *Oh shit its psyduck and mac is questioning reality* *graphite promo bitches* *Mac questions the gods about his life choices* This is a commercial for Graphite pieces. They sellin’ in graphite pieces. They need a commercial tell people to buy some graphite pieces for some P E N C I L S *Mac dies again* ya’know they don’t use mechanical pencils that much in Japan. I never thought about that Wow. Wow the world doesn’t revolve around me Mac Shut the fuck up. Right? *yOU GUESSED IT, Another Japanese promo bitches* *oH SHIT THEY BANANAS NOW* not just any bananas, THEY”RE ANIME BANANAS!!!* *Mac wheezes and dies a lot* I wAsn’T rEeaAdyY Get it. *you know the drill* Ayy. Ayy– *wHat the shIt* Uuh. *WHAAAAAAAAT* Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. *wheezE* They sellin’ noodles bitch. They want you to buy their noodles. Why do I relate so hard to these commercials? *Mac slightly shook as a woman runs with a 1-ton fridge on her back* wHy iS sHe rUnnInG wItH a rEfrIgeRatOr I need to go to Japan. I want to go to Japan I am *Mac is buffering* Exhausted. You know we’re not done here. We can’t stop there. Apperantally as it has been reported. The one and only ex-governer of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a series of Japanese commercials that still play in Japan to this day. As of now I’m going to try to find them and see our ex governor of the state of California do what he does best. Arnold Schwarzenegger complete Japanese commercial filmography. He has a Japanese commercial filmography bitch. He didn’t do one or two commercials bitch, he did enough commercials were to be a 10 minute long video There he goes. *Arnold being the Terminator and carrying a car* *Mac still wonders why he is in California* There he is! Thats him! California’s Ex-Governer. riGHT HERE In the flesh. Eating some cuppa noodles. Wow. This is gonna be D E L I C I O U S *Arnold busts out of the floor* Oh my god. Arnold: bOi bOiii Oh. my god. *Mac is about to go off.* wHoO bItChH tHis man was the governer of my state. Here he is again. *commercial* Just rowin’ a boat. Eatin’ some cuppa noodles! *Mac breaks down* *Somthing about cuppa noodles* Get that Money. Okay? Here he is again. Just doin’– ohp, nope. *Mac dies yet again* hE IS EATIN A CUPPA NOODLES *Mac wheezes like a horse* *Mac cannot believe the noodles anymore* *I can’t believe the last person who wrote these captions was so bad at uSING PROPER CAPITLIZATION AND PUNCTUATION!!!* wHy iS thIsS so fUnny tO mE Arnold: DYE CHO bOII *mac is shook like* sOmeone please save meeeE . I swear to god if he is about to eat some cuppa noodles. Bitch I can’t. Bitch, bitch please don’t. Bitch i can’t do it one more time. *Mac dies on the inside* Ohh my god. *Arnold says boi a lot* *Mac is shookETH* tHis mAn waS mY govErnEr THIS MAN Controlled my STATE! *Mac cries* *Mac quits* *Mac quitting noises* *BITCH HOW* *Mac wheezes* What is happenin?! What are they doin *unintelligible* OH MY GOODD *IM FUCKIN DONE* ITSACUPPANOODLECOMMERCIAL *frustrated Mac* I swear to god, this is another cuppa noodles commercial, I’m gonna cry. *PLOT TWIST BITCHES* Its tHe OthEr thIngG *Mac trails off into dying eternally* i swear to god this better not be another cuppa noodles commerical I swear to God What, is happenin. *I DUNNO* *Mac breakdown 2.0* *Mac has ascended… Or decended. I’m not sure yet* wHy wAs hE tHe fAcE of a cUppA nOodLes wHy tHeY dO thIs to uS hE got all thAt cUppA nOodLes monEy thEn deCidEd to rUn fOr govErner iS thAt what hAppened? *Mac can’t anymore guys* Can’t. I can’t finish this I am exhausted. I’m going to die if i see one more shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger eating some cup of noodles, and he’s holding cuppa noodles in the next one Iiiiiii QUIT I Q U I T Thank you guys for watching this. Shall I do more of these? Are there any more Japanese commercials you want me to see? Tweet them at me at @Machalzelli. I can’t get Macdoesit someone else took it *rip* They don’t even use that account. Follow me on Twitter too – you know what I’m trying to get verified bitch. Buy the merch. Do everything. Support me. I need support This was our governor. Support me. Anyways I’m gonna go probably eat some cup of noodles now because of other reasons. Comment down below What was Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking of when he was making these commercials? I think he was thinking of all that money? My name is Mac and don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribay BWAH!! *Outro where you are gently reminded to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your everyday life* *Do it* *OR NO ONE WILL FIND YOU* *this has been a PSA*


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    This shit is relatively normal to me.

    I moved to America.

    7 y/o me: why are American commercials boring?

    Now, me watching compilations of Japanese commercials: oH I remember that!! (Like my reaction isn’t even- “hey that’s weird”) 😂

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    ALSO…sooooo many other movies. He was like MR FREEZE in an Early BATMAN movie…he was in THE EXPENDABLES…HE was in ALLOT of movies and I could list more…but I'm tired! 😴

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