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  1. I'm 100% sure my sister is a sociopath. Not a psychopath but she definitely lacks empathy. She hates me because she's been jealous of our childhood and how much I was loved even though we grew up together and were loved the same amount.

  2. Aussagen wie "in 10 Jahren…" lassen sich nicht einordnen, wenn man das Produktionsjahr nicht kennt. Die Angabe wäre hilfreich.

  3. These people cannot be rehabilitated. The recidivism rate is extremely high. All because we can't understand why some people are born with this lack of empathy and lack of a moral compass. I s'pose studying them more would help? But haven't we learned what we need to know already? Pointless in my opinion and waste of taxpayers dollars. Edit: Although, lets not forget the psychos on wall street, bankers, politicians that have done modern day war crimes, like siege warfare and genocide. Those too.

  4. Wait minute — a therapy program for psychopaths? How on earth could any doctor believe these people? They are masters of manipulation and deceit.

  5. The Bible tells us that our character and nature are passed on at birth up to the 4th Generation

    The Lord is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.

    Numbers 14:18 KJV

  6. The only psychopaths are the police the medical industry and politicians.
    Put them together and there's your great society.

  7. Accepting Jesus into our lives is the only way to change. Even for these individuals. Everyone can change, God tells us that.

  8. What happened to the honor code among inmates? Why are these child molesting freaks still breathing?

  9. My exboyfriend narcissism and psychopath. Believe me there scarry, and manipulate very well. He creates enemies against me have been hit, almost ran over and so much more by all different people who just befriends him. There all drug addicts and criminals except the churches he manipulates. Does not love anyone not even his children. Has people giving to him while he refuses to work. He claims love but hates you and ignores and rejects coming back when he sees you only and you show attention only to him. Claims his good looking and good at everything but really his not. Maybe once when his younger. He says all are at fault but him. All are liars but him. Thats really not true. You cannot love or save them. Run dont walk away. And avoid and hide. Seriously!

  10. Not every psycho falls under the same umbrella that these scientists say, not all psychopaths go from relationship to relationship and have a bunch of kids and kill and etc etc

  11. At 3:54 you can see that he is trying to hold the excitement of people knowing not to mess with him by rubbing his hand on his neck

  12. I think Hare is probably on a better track than Rain in terms of what part of the brain's anatomy would more likely be the trouble-spot responsible for psychopathic behavior. As was stated near the beginning of the video, a psychopath knows not to commit a crime when there's an officer right next to them, which I think implies that they have an "emergency stop" function. The issue they have is not knowing when to employ that "emergency stop" based on emotional input and stimuli.

    Example: A psychopath isn't going to torture animals in front of you because they understand that those actions are frowned upon. However, when they're alone in the woods… let's just say, "It's 10:00 p.m.. Do you know where your pets are?"

  13. I wouldn’t get on a roof if you are not working on one you got to be crazy in the head to get on a roof.

  14. this world is run by psychopaths just look at the way most people bewave only mind no hearth

  15. Do u really need a pyschopath to know what they r thinking? Why cant you use your own brain?

  16. Unfortunately, people who are evil have the advantage over everybody else. Most people are self restrained and so are limited as to what they are capable of. Whereas the truly evil person can do anything. And that's like a weapon. An advantage. Power.

  17. We have no idea how many psychopaths an sociopaths are out there and we can just go ok this is why they do this an that they are very smart on how to calculate their every move to a tea they have ways to tricking people or animals to be a victim an it's no always the peoples parents fault but they have you think it is soooooooo they have a reason to blame someone or something for their actions they just don't care if you or anyone is alive or dead they just don't care period dot end of conversation they know that they are doing wrong but they don't care🧐 if so they would not play find me if you can or haha they didn't catch me and if they did have feelings for what they did they would not have taken time to the detail of their crimes they live for look what I did an no remorse for it!

  18. I respect the biblical faith that you shall no kill but we are soooooo over booked in prison and jails and the so called insanity plea why don't we just eliminate the problem why let them live they didn't care they took a life🤔🧐

  19. they just think they're cool being called psychopaths. and the dumb psychologists are encouraging it

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