Real students review Online Trading Academy

[Online Trading Academy logo] I had a trade where I literally made over
a million dollars, then a month later I lost 95% of that. I had sent out dozens and dozens, way over
one hundred resumes, and it was not fruitful. We’d buy a whole bunch of gold or a whole
bunch of silver, and then right after we’d buy it, the price would tank. In the past I might have lost 25-50% of my
account, just because of the tremendous amount of volatility. I knew I needed more. There’s got to be a smarter way. What are
we doing wrong? I realized that it was time to take matters
into my own hands and find some proper coaching much like I would if I was in my sport. I decided that I needed to do something different
and I met Online Trading Academy. Online Trading Academy is one of the best
investments I’ve ever made. There are different options out there, but
Online Trading Academy struck me as the best. Before coming to Online Trading Academy, I
used to be very inconsistent. I used to have way to many big losing trades. Online Trading Academy actually helped me
to not lose money during 2008. Online Trading Academy definitely helped me
be more consistent, limit those losses, and put me in a position whereas before my accounts
going like this [hand waves up and down] now its going like this [hand waves but slowly
goes up]. They helped us come up with a written trading
plan and now when I trade I know what I’m doing, I’m prepared, I’m not trading on emotion. Without Online Trading Academy, there would
not be me as a trader. From what I’ve learned from the Online Trading
Academy, I can’t really quantify what I would have lost had I not come, but what I can do
is talk about it in terms of the actual returns that I’ve made since then. I consistently can do anywhere between 5%
and 7% on my money a month. And we’ve been able to make about $400 to
$500 a day consistently. I started with an account and $10,000, I’ve
built it up into a $46,000 account, and I did that from November through April, so I
did 350% in 6 months, 5 months. I made over 48% on my money last year [laughs].
A little better than there paying over there on CDs at the local bank. In May we took $6,700 in our equities account
and turned it into $34,000 by month’s end. After taking Online Trading Academy, after
being able to be more consistent in my trading, and having the ability to take some of that
money out. I take out about $10k a month from my account. This wasn’t going to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Obviously Online Trading Academy is in the
business of providing the skill set and they have a fee for that, but thats not what they’re
about. It’s not the money. I did the math, take any of the prices, the
Pro Trader class, the XLT, the Passport… It was more expensive to not take the class. …its the cheapest deal in town The Online Trading Academy has the people,
has the instruction, that can actually help you. And, from my own personal experience,
its definitely made me a better trader and made me more money. Its the best financial decision I ever made.
End of story. [Online Trading Academy logo]

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