58 thoughts on “Reliance Intraday Trading Strategy | Daily Earn Rs. 3,000/- | Monthly Earn 30K | No Indicators

  1. Sir thank you so much for the wonderful video
    Today is 27th December. I back tested this from 1st December. Successful 85%. I could not understand the 19th December chart. Could you check and say if it was a loss or no loss and no gain

  2. What will b the money management? As 11 rs stoploss is huge, in future trading

  3. Both sl also can b hit sometimes in range bound market, risk riwards ratio is too poor In this strategy

  4. Sir jab ham high pr order place krte hai to or market Abhi down ho to order mrket price pr le leta hai ..

  5. sir as you said we have toplace 2 order for buy and sell if it goes sell side and doesnt achieve target and took sl buy order then position is square off but if goes buy side do we have to place second order for buy or not to trade after SL

  6. Very good explained sir. You also explain how to take trade… Useful for beginners….

  7. Risk to reward ratio favorable nahi hai. Even if mai probability lu 50 percent winner ka still strategy loss me hogi. Profit fix hai but sl variable hai.

  8. Stoploss jyada point ka hai.eska matlb. 2 trade profit me aye aur 1 sl hit hua to Gaya Pura money

  9. Sir, aapane BO lagane ke wakt quantity 1 dali, par lot size 500 ka hai. Ye samazme nahi aaya. Please explain.

  10. bhai, khud ka invent kiya hua strategy bata do. ye bahot purana aur bahot sare alag alag channels pe already dikhaya hua hai. copy kyu karte ho bhai?

  11. sir now rel price is above 1300 then pl tell sl & target & if first candle is above 1 % up an we trade?

  12. Good strategy!!..Very simple and neat explanation , nice presentation..too good!!

  13. If buy ordered completed, aur Jab Tak Target achieve nahi hota tab Tak sell order cancelled nahi karna Kya ? Pls explain

  14. Sir ji aapne kaha jab ek ka target AA jaye to dusra order cancel do, thik h, lekin jab 2 Nov ko pehle order ka SL hit ho gya h to dusra kyu carry Kara, use cancel kyu nhi kra. Luckily 2nd goes positive but agar negative ho jata to double loss ho jata.

  15. plz check feb result multiple time double sl some times one side sl most time first candle range 10-11 pts target only 6 pts very good stry for childs play.

  16. In february upto 22/2/19, 32 pts loss 25 pts profit. Total trade 12 in 8 trading days. (not deducting 12 trades brokerage and taxes) only 8 days first candle below 1%. Am I correct or not? plz check and reply

  17. Cash ka behavior Aur futures mein difference hota hai, pta nahi ye futures main applicable hai b ke nahi

  18. What if market doesn’t give 6 points and reverses enough to execute other side order. In other words if it is in very narrow range?

  19. Back tested for 47 trading days from 01.01.2019 through 07.03.2019. 18 trades were winning. 2 trade without target and without SL. Remaining 27 trades were in loss. Please revisit strategy.

  20. Start Ka 6 min of video is of no use sir wat u trying to say please say fast

  21. Bhai tu to barbad kar dega yar kuch bhi video bana dete ho yar target 6 point aur stop loss unlimited kaise

  22. Becareful in Indian bank stock. Range 265/267.. Highly operators based stock.. This is poor bank……

  23. what about risk reward ratio sl me 10 point ja rahe hai bro stop wrong teaching

  24. You said if one order is executed cancel the other. So why are you placing a second order after loss in second day?

  25. Wahhh daily profit wahhhh wahhhhh wahhhhg wahhhhh kulbhusan carwanda….aise toh ambani banoonga

  26. bhai tu zerodha ka aad kar raha hay ya relince ka stategy bata raha hay

  27. Alert: This strategy works only for a day or at most couple of days in a week but not throughout the week/month. If one continues to trade with this strategy everyday for the entire month, all funds will be burnt and will be left with no money for trading at the end of the month.

    So, fellow traders, Price Action is the key, hence use a combination of Price Action patterns and any of the leading indicators to devise a solid strategy or as many strategies as you want to, that works best for you, based on your risk appetite and fund availability. Once the strategy(s) are in place, back test it thoroughly for at least 3 months in the past and do paper trading for 3 months in to the future before you play with real money. This way we can build up our confidence levels and be prepared to face the market.

    Good Luck Traders !!!

  28. E strategy abhibi Kam karrahehe ya Thora kuch change karna parega sir

  29. Sir please make a excel file of this strategy in today's scenario

  30. I too backtested today only confusion is tell target hits where volume is very low, so there our target will hit or the price is only eyewash. plese explain

  31. 30% income tax we have to pay at the end of the year. We have to keep in mind.

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