Risk in Day Trading

hey everybody this is Marina the Trader Chick Villatoro so I had an interesting conversation the other day with one of my girlfriends um we were just talking about work and you know what i was doing and she was you know questioning about the risk management of trading right and oh that it’s so risky and i would say yeah obviously there’s some risk involved because you know you’re putting your own money on the line it’s kind of like investing in your own business and wondering what’s going on but more on a daily basis and she had like a little off the moment for a minute when I was explaining to her that she remember she called one job that she had she said that everyday her and the colleagues and other colleagues would arrive to work and look outside to see if their belongings were not on the street there was absolutely no job security at this place right i don’t remember what it was it was some corporation and every day they would see if somebody someone’s outside because if it was outside that means they were fired without any notice and this is how they worked every single day they would arrive to work and look outside can you imagine living with that kind of fear every day and just going to work is risk in itself right so I was thinking a tree has the same kind of risk involved but your 100% responsible for that risk you wouldn’t go into a trade without knowing what you are doing right i mean when you’re just a gambler and stay traders are not gamblers yes there’s risk involved in day trading but it’s very calculated risk you know exactly what you doing you know exactly how much you’re putting on the table so when people are going to bring up oh it’s a trading risky it’s not any a riskier than just a regular job that could get rid of you without a moment’s notice but this way at least you are in control you know what you’re doing so it’s not that risky so if you have any questions about risks management and learning how to date rate i’d be happy to help you because day trading is not complicated it can be quite simple and it does not have to be risky

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