RMIT Visual Merchandising + Country Road Project – May 2018

So in the visual merchandising program
here at RMIT we really value the students having real-life experience.
So we’ve organized over the last 12 years, and it’s ongoing,
a window project with one of Australia’s leading lifestyle brands – Country Road. The project started with Country Road
giving us a brief and that had all their latest collections and their latest
colour palettes and the textures and materials that we will be using to
create a window. We all went away and created concepts and then we had the head of VM at Country Road, she came in and picked one concept from there we then took that concept and developed it further then we took it into production
so we had to have contact the suppliers materials budgets all that
sort of thing we’re exposed to lots of different parts of the industry and so
then we moved on to actually having these products made by the suppliers we
took it to a visit to head office so that was really good first-hand
experience meeting people in the industry in head office and being able
to make things for the window ourselves that people on the street are going to
see is really exciting they took us in with a few of their
stylists, the head a VM, a few other people that came in to help us and show us how
the process would be of them installing that creative project into the window
which was really really good it took up a whole day it’s fantastic exposure for
the program and it gives the students a real-life industry experience dealing
with a real-life retailer working with industry was really really valuable
it helped us all to grow you know outside of just being students you know
we’re leaving this course soon and we need that industry experience so it was
really really handy to meet people get contacts as well and it just opened our
eyes I think to see you know what goes on in the real world outside of Uni. you

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