Rosalia Says Flamenco Connects Her to Latin Culture | Growing Up Latino

– Hi, it’s Rosalia. I’m from Barcelona. And this is growing up
Latino on Billboard. As you see, I speak English. (laughter) I also speak Catalan, in
Barcelona we speak Catalan, and I speak Spanish. I’m from Spain. And my culture is Spanish. But I’ve been studying
flamenco and I saw that flamenco has Colombiana style, Guajira style, Rumba style, and this is so
connected to Latin America. You know, then that’s crazy
and that blow my mind. And when I went to Panama,
or I went to Mexico, I feel like I’m at home. So yeah, I feel Latina. – [Interviewer] Which song
best describes your city or your country? (upbeat music) – I think this is a big
responsibility to say that first glance at this. But for me, as a personal opinion, I love Camaron de la Isla. I love Volando Voy. Maybe I will take Volando Voy. My favorite dance move, I think it is flamenco hands, which are very like this, you know. Very slowly move, in flamenco it’s very
typical and I love it. I think it’s so inspiring. I think we have a music
that nobody else has. I think have amazing rhythms
and amazing melodies, amazing lyrics. And that, we have to
be very proud of that. My dad, he used to play this record, with the best songs. Frank Sinatra’s best songs. And I remember this one, when
I was a kid I used to hear it, they lyrics were like amazing. And it’s, “My Way”. – [Interviewer] What is your
favorite Spanish street food? – Tortilla de patatas. Tortilla patatas, like, this
type of omelet we do that nobody else has. And it’s so good. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] How do
you say hi to someone? Do you do a handshake,
or you kiss, or you hug? – Yes I usually, I like hugs. But I know that in Spain
it’s more typical to kiss, and something like that. So, back home, two kisses. But for me, hug. Here I admire so much the
entertainment culture. I love coming here and
seeing other artists perform, American artist performance. It is amazing how they do it, how you guys do it. I love it, and I admire it so much. So this is an amazing plan, every time I come I try
to see all the shows and I learn always and I enjoy it. (upbeat music)

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