Sales And Marketing – What’s The Difference?

100 thoughts on “Sales And Marketing – What’s The Difference?

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  2. It takes money to make money, must include this in your budget and pricing model

  3. Quick question, we have a 2 million dollar annual accounting firm, we have acquired all our customers through word of mouth, no marketing whatsoever

    Is this still considered a hobby ?

  4. Hello Dan, any hints for someone who will soon start a telemarketing job? I'd appreciate it!

  5. Gonna hire more people to help me working, i remeber your quote* i rather have 100 people doing 1% of my work * . Thanks for the knowledge you completely change my mind !!

  6. I like how you tie in your previous lesson on a business being a reflection of that person into this lesson.

  7. Dan, I may never get the honor of meeting you, but you are mentoring me anyways.  Thank you.

  8. hello Mr Dan, i hope you see my comment.
    I'm new in this channel and i really appreciate your sharing ideas for me that i can't pay or even meet you at the moment. so i'm from Algeria north Africa, i hold a master degree in business, i tried to do business in my country but it when down so fast. i understand two things first is that i need to learn the real business life degree doesn't mean nothing if there is no experience and second that my country is not really the best for an entrepreneur.
    Now i'm in turkey working export sales, i love really it suits me well plus i speak three languages so i'm prooving my self realy well and learning.
    my question is how or what should i learn and do to go further as an import-export agent and i really apreciate your work. thank you so much.

  9. This is the most important thing I ever heard u say out all the videos that I watch

  10. Want to start game development company.. being programmer I evened have prototype game and not having marketing skills.. how to proceed?

  11. you are awesome. I have been failing since 23 years old. and im turning 26 in 2 weeks. Thru you, i know what mistakes i have made which i did not realize. I definitely wish i could retire at 27 like you. I'm glad i found you, i feel saved. Thank you, God bless you

  12. So I need to focus to attract the client not the product or coach lesson just what brings people like a web site or YouTube channel tv add or Facebook page I am right

  13. I'm not sure about anyone else here but my mind just completely shifted! Thank you Dan Lok for the golden nuggets!

  14. Business is all about connecting people. Marketing plays an important role.

  15. Yeah this hit me deep. Cant have a buisness without customers, and marketing is the only way to get them in your shop.

  16. Yes that was a mental breakthrough i was waiting this answer for the entrepenours , Thank you Dan

  17. You're the best Sir Dan… I need advise from you Sir… I'm a Portrait Artist from the Philippines seems like my FB friends and Groups I joined are ignoring my post as Drawing Services for them… Can you please help me? Thanks!

  18. 🤯 Major eye opener, I've been too focused on closing the existing traffic instead of directing more traffic our way. Thanks!

  19. Thanks Mentor Dan. I really love your videos. You are changing my life. Big respect for you. Much love.

  20. I just started watching your videos. I’m loving them, thanks for all the insight.

  21. Mind Officially blown! I hear that referral speech all the time from a friend of mine…she's a 1 woman show, who offers personalized spa treatments and seems to be doing ok. It's her preference though. I do see the difference with marketing vs. referrals though.

  22. Hi Dan, great wisdom. Yes it is a complete different mindset for me. I allways have thinked that the sale, gives to a business the real dimension of it. Without the sale you have nothing but air. In prespective, if you are a real champ in sales with a high close rate, if you don´t have customers to close, then you hability to close it comes to zero value. Interesting. Thank you!!

  23. Wow! This is an "ah ha" moment for me. You're correct. I've been treating my Real Estate business as a hobby and not a business. I don't have a marketing budget. Thank you for your knowledge.

  24. This is fabulous info. Got a question: Dan you said some people only have a marketing budget of 10%, so should it be 90 to 95%? Look forward to you reply.

  25. As Arabic man I tell you that you are too good on what you do 😋 I'm from Morocco

  26. More like you're a marketer first, then a doer because you still have to do the work.

  27. thank you for explaining the difference between the two that most people like to put it into the same box. of course it makes a lot of sense. 2 different skill sets. the value that i gain is the part where you explain on mindset shift. it triggered me. valuable content!

  28. Dan, contact me [email protected] I have launched need your input into this industry that I have been deeply into for about 1 year now. In Cambodia, FUCK money contact me man.

  29. Quite nice, i think you would like my music for your videos as well, perhaps you would be intersted to use my music for your next video? Good work!

  30. Marketers do the magic but get paid less than sales people, weird. Any thoughts on that?

  31. marketing and innovation are your whole business, the rest are expenses. Just shared that into the team. I'm going to get the 4 leaders in my shop to watch these 5 min, just to get that point driven home. Thank you Dan, that was eye opening.

  32. I have been saying the same thing for years, glad to hear this coming from you Dan !

  33. Wooow I have never seen it that way! Elon Musk says that his companies don't do marketing, he only focus on the value that the product can give. How true is that?

  34. Predictable and persistent way of growing your business..,SO CORRECT!!!
    Hobby not business..
    Referral- clueless.
    Thank you Sir!

  35. thanks dan great video that's right marketing is everything i like the way you put it gave me new prospective

  36. by that definition, does that mean that customer service is marketing? because it's keeping a customer with good customer service?

  37. This is an awesome mind bender… as I’m listening, all of a sudden my mind is making connections: this is why the business I’m working for is having such ups and downs—because me and other leadership are good doers but we don’t yet see ourselves as being in the business of MARKETING our fitness/body transformation service. And it ties into why I’ve not yet been creating consistent success in my own life: I haven’t internalized that I’m in the BUSINESS of marketing myself.

    Thanks for the insight as always Sifu! Happy Wednesday 💪

  38. The thing you really need to understand is this: know how much it costs you to turn a lead into a buying customer. If you know how much that is, then you understand your marketing costs. A business that knows how much it has to pay for acquiring a paying customer, knows which 'controls' they have to manipulate in order to gain more sales. Hopes this makes sense, learned this last year while studying big data marketing.

  39. Excellent, closing the sale is everything and to close more sales you need to constantly market to full up the funnel. Very good video.

  40. whats your ok percentage for marketing investment?
    i know that can be different for different niches but what would you suggest as the lowest percentage ?

  41. Thanks Dan! That really helped me. I am doing marketing for other peoples businesses and always get to hear stuff like
    oh well we don't have much budget for marketing though. And it makes me feel like they want me to build their business but without any investment.. I can't do much marketing without any money to market their product with. They are just to scared to invest money in marketing because they have no clue how proper marketing works.

    Really gave me clarity that I'm not selling either. I'm attracting people to their product or keeping customers and if their sales team sucks then my marketing can be perfect but they still won't sell. So I can charge even more money consulting them on their sales if they're not converting the traffic I'm giving them 😀

    This video was really a game changer and gives me confidence in my decision to invest a good amount of money into the marketing of my wifes business when we launch and do marketing properly from the beginning.

  42. thank you so much for your videos, I was a doer until i watched this mind blowing

  43. Thank You for this information Mr. Lok. I recently started listening to you and your videos make sense. I was presented with a term called "drip marketing", and wanted to know how you would define drip marketing?

  44. Mind blowing.

    If you're not putting any serious work on marketing to have a predictable and consistent way of acquiring customers, you don't have a business.

    Shift from being the doer of the thing, to becoming the marketer of the thing.

    Attention is definitely THE currency

  45. Just like McDonalds. Anyone can make a better hamburger than McDonalds, but they market theirs in a completely different way.

  46. Things gets done by employees. But marketing is and strategy is to be developed by entrepreneurs..

  47. This makes perfect sense. You have to focus on promoting and growing your company instead of working hard on doing what your business is. The emphasis is on marketing your business to growth.

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