Sales Contact Sync – Pipedrive

You may or may not know
that you can import contacts from spreadsheets or
other CRMs to Pipedrive. But you may be even more jazzed
to know that you can also sync your contacts to Pipedrive
from any major providers, such as Google or Outlook
or iCloud, the whole deal. Just head over to Settings
and under personnel over here, select contacts sync. Now just add the account
where your contacts are. Then we’ll select which
contact group we want to sync and select if it’s
a one way sync. Which, by the way, means
that contacts are only synced from your
provider to Pipedrive. Or we can set up a
two way sync, which means that changes to
our contacts in Pipedrive will also be reflected
in our provider. Lastly, you can set the
visibility for contacts to be syncs to
Pipedrive, so you can control who can see the newly
added contacts in your account. And let’s finish the job
by clicking Start syncing. And there you have
it, all your contacts are synced with Pipedrive. No one can stop you.

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