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Email templates
are one of the easiest ways to save time while
increasing productivity as a salesperson in Pipedrive. Once you have your
email sync set up, you can add and
customize templates whenever you’re
composing an email. If you wish to set up a
new one, just type an email into the composer,
click Templates, and save draft as template. Clicking on the Manage
Templates button will allow you to edit
any existing templates or adjust the order
or control whether you want this template to be shared
with other users in your team. Merge fields is pretty
important and pretty powerful. It allows you to use specific
information associated with your deals, contacts,
and organizations to automatically fill
in specific fields in the body of your message
when sending templated emails. When you couple this with
our group emailing feature, you have the power to send
personalized correspondences to up to 100 contacts at a
time with just a few clicks. To begin inserting these merge
fields into your templates, click on the Fields button. Then just select
the field you wish to insert, like the full
name of your contact or the value of the
deal, for instance. Any custom fields you create
in your Pipedrive account will also be available here. Now the email must be sent
to an existing contact person in your
Pipedrive account, which is linked to an organization
to make sure these fields are automatically filled. And similarly, if you’re using
merge fields for your deals, the contact person you’re
sending the email to you must have an open
deal in your pipeline before the email is sent. Here’s how a
template might look, and here’s what it looks
like after it’s been sent. So how about you save
yourself the trouble of having to type the same email
over and over again and create your own templates,
personalize them, and start sending your emails, so you
can get back to selling?

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