Sales Excellence – How To Become A Great Salesperson

100 thoughts on “Sales Excellence – How To Become A Great Salesperson

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  2. I LOVE this video THE MOST! Thank you, Dan for reminding me how to do this properly!

  3. Salesperson: I think about necesities, information, empathy, techniques, opening and closing, urgency, those are some words that comes to me mind

  4. When I think sales, pushy, all about the money does not have your interest at heart

  5. that is one BIG LIKE for your suggestions! From now on I am doctor

  6. Do your homework. When you sell you close. One shot one target.

  7. Okay Dan so i paused the video and when you said what is the first word that comes to mind when you said "sales", and for me its money.

  8. Its been 24hours that I've been addicted to these vids. This is insanely gold! Thanks SIR!!!

  9. Thanks Dan my mentor 4 this video.๐Ÿ™ I am so happy to be with you ๐Ÿ˜

  10. Pretentious bonding is the worst!! *โ€i donโ€™t like to ask…chase…I like them to ask…to be chasedโ€ wow. So good Sifu!

  11. Salesperson: a nuisance – someone who calls in the evening or at dinner time when I'm trying to spend time with my kids

    At least by traditional standards. This is why I don't persist with potential clients. Once they have the info about my service that they need, If they want my service they'll buy.

  12. Hi Dan i am a Doctor in my country but i like to sell and i think that i have vocation for this. Which course do you recomend?

  13. You putting your picture in the same frame as Elon, Branson and Buffet is either extreme confidence or extreme arrogance.

  14. Deliver needs and goods to who needs these. Give something that you don't have.

  15. I complitelly ax agreed with you
    Financial menagement money divelop elastic person.
    Maths and Account

  16. I'm a doctor since 1998. Here I'm learning to be great salesperson for my other business right now. Totally different with my own background. Until I find this video. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™

  17. In when I think of a sales person I always think of a slick smooth talking used car salesman

  18. Dan. Even if I have to sell my house, I will do so. I want to pay for your services. You are the missing link in my business. .

  19. Its the same with women. Present your value, don't be needy and let them choose.

  20. Salesperson is someone try to take out money from my pocket…so, try to avoid them…,,๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

  21. Salesperson:
    At first glance, that person will try to sell something.

  22. I immediately think of a salesperson as a selfish person who doesnt care about you or the product. They just want to make money.

  23. sales person- someone who comes to bother me in formal clothing to sell his product which I don't need

  24. You are such a great actor, I was laugh out loud when you were acting the doctor who speaking in the salesperson way. Dan

  25. Hey Dan,
    You r a true sales person, the reason behind this is you made people to comment through your speach and the
    Best part is they r commenting without
    Any request. …!!!

  26. It's funny, the other day I told my mom that I was more interested in marketing and sales than in science and man, she lost it…. she was like "What the hell? You wanna be a sales person?" And then I explained it to her the same way Dan did, and guess what, that totally shut her up. Best feeling ever.

  27. Connecting with people and managing people to show that something good is there and you need to check this out and put in to your life

  28. Hi Dan ,can you tell me the strategies on sales in order to have more sales?

  29. Mr. Looking I am a sales agent and I have been utilizing your tips and have been effortlessly increasing my sales. Thank you so much!!

  30. Hi Dan, this is my second video and I just can't stop watching your awesome short videos……….yes I don't like running behing propects and etc……..YES they need to run after me lol……you explained that so nicely……I am now a FAN and I will continue watching your videos plus I have already subscribed!!!!

  31. i am a pharmacist and sound like a pharmacist when selling med…does this count?

  32. Sales for me equals:
    1) Abudance
    2) Freedom
    3) Money
    4) My passion.

    Salesperson for some reason I associate it with something negative.

  33. 5:05 – 5:25 LMAOOOOO Thanks, now my life quest is to find a doctor that sounds like that XDD

  34. It comes in mind that a person have a product to offer, to solve some problems, or a peraon who wander to sell something, accordimg to the status of the salesperson.

  35. In sales one myst first learn to sell himself then sell the product. Once you develop a rapport with your client, selling your product is ni big game.

  36. QUESTION: Hey Dan…What's one of your favorite Sales YT channels? Thanks. Rob

  37. Dan i start sale protein cokoled and naturale energy drink for 2โ‚ฌ-3โ‚ฌ and…
    Over time, I can become a mentor if I bring people into business
    Do you have some tips
    How to convince people in business
    And i know you will say:you convinec people like they convinec you in to business
    But more information is not a bad think

  38. What comes to my mind are huge signboards saying: SALE; and below that a man with suits, approaching me with a big smile on his face and his hands rubbing together.

  39. There's always that profound degree of emotional detachment that comes with getting everything you want, be it sales or everything else in life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. wow, first W. Clement Stone's book autographed from your instagram story and today a hard copy of napoleon hill's "How to sell your way through life"; Im growing more as a Dan Lok Fan/student! that book was Nap Hill's go to book to publish after being denied publishing his Outwitting the Devil book. Just a the message to send to the masses after the great depression in year of 1937. And i just picked up that book and read those lines, you just read in the first few seconds of this video. "A master salesman is a master of HIMSELF FIRST!" read or typed in all caps to prove a point! Im going to make myself, my family, and You proud; just watch! salute friend!

  41. Dan a question comes in my mind..a sales person faces two situation in which he tries to understand the problem and second where he is required to give a product demonstartions or sales presentation…ur video answers the first but what about the second case how shud we behave, what we shud talk about what shud be our conduct…

  42. Person who's able to convince and through eccentric storytelling be able to solve the prospects problem by his product or service.

    This is what salesperson is, as per my accordance

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