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Hello, my name is TImo Rein. In this short video I want to help you understand what is a sales Pipeline, and how managing it can help you grow your sales A sales pipeline is probably the most useful concept when it comes to sales it’s not a sales trick and it does not depend on luck So what is a sales pipeline? I’ll show you. I’m not a very good live drawer, so I’ve prepared an illustration on this white
board first you need to define the stages of
your sales pipeline Selling web design services for
example. These may be… “Prospect Chosen” in other words people who you think will have a need for your service and
might be potential buyers but you haven’t talked to them yet Then “Meeting Agreed”; people you’ve contacted and agreed to meet Then “Proposal Sent” People you know, need your service and who’ve asked for a quote which you’ve sent them. and then “Won”. Well obviously people who bought. and these are the people who are why we are in this business in the first place. if you’re selling real estate or cars
these stages may be different but the principle is the same. now the thing is, that not all prospects eventually buy. So the first thing you need to find out is, how many people you should contact to make one sale. Let’s put some customers in this pipeline. So out of 8 people I decide to call… These are the people that I think are my potential customers. After I call them up, let’s assume that out of these, 4 will agree to meet with me. 4 others however have no interest in meeting with me, and are lost. Now out of these 4 people I’ve met, I discovered that only two of them
actually have the need for what I’m offering and they ask for my proposal. So I sent them my proposal, while two others… were lost at this point. Out of these 2 proposals only one was successful, and became my customer. The other one for whatever reason, did not decide to buy. So what happened in this example? Out of 8 people I decided to prospect 4 agreed to meet with me and two of them got my proposals and eventually one decided to buy so in this example 50 percent stage-to-stage conversion. Now in real-life you validate these conversions by going out, doing the sales work, and in a month or two, you’ll see what the real numbers are. So, to make 1 sale I need to approach 8 people. Now if you want to make 2 sales I need to approach 16 people. and if I want to make for example 10 sales, then I need to approach 80 people. So to make a specific number of sales you need to do a specific number of
activities So that’s the trick with a sales pipeline.
This is how you guarantee sales results. of course you can also learn to increase conversions you can go after bigger deals or get people to move to the next stage
faster for example but that’s a topic for another video. Until next time.

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  1. I got to say as soon as he started talking i was thinking that they could have gotten someone who doesn't look like they just got out of bed, came in late because he "had" to stop for his starbucks and then whipped up a mandatory video post for the blog. A little more professionalism might be in order if your trying to get a more professional client. This too laid back attitude and appearance in the workplace is what is contributing to the slowing of the global economy. Yes its a heavy comment but its true. Pull up your pants.

  2. Wow just found out that this guy is the founder of the company. Surprised that your making videos with such a low quality dress code. I dont mean to be rude (I apologize for the previous post) but im looking for great software to run my pipeline and your appearance does not strike me as a company that wants serious business people working with them. Image is everything. Sorry if this sounds harsh, not sure why i felt the need to be so aggressive about this. Feel free to disregard this comment if it offends you.

  3. OK I want everyone to know that I retract my previous comments. I dont care how you dress or shave. Your software is awesome and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is running a business.

  4. The problem with over simplification 🙂 prospect chosen -> Meeting agreed is a complex process of 8 – 10 touch points to just get the person on call. Touch points are across Emails, Phone Calls and social media and its across systems and sales people end up spending 68% time on non sales activities.

  5. What do you do with deal if customer does not answer on phone calls, delay with decision making process or any other reason not ready to make deal at the moment but after ~6month show up and say – OK, I'm ready to start the project and lets close the deal. How to manage better deals like this. Because if we don't do anything with them, then pipeline will be full with old deals without clear answer from customer. Thanks for answer.

  6. I got referred here by the newsletter, never seen a 5 second idea dragged out so long… but the product is good. Gonna ignore the rest of the videos if they're also geared towards kindergartners

  7. good methodology of teaching with white board and poste it pads. thanks.

  8. Nice and clear. Thank you, Cynthia from

  9. My question is I will get distracted by one person getting closer to the "won" column and stop prospecting in the meantime. And then there's the issue of having a client finally but then more want to come on board. How do I juggle keeping the pipeline filled and working on client projects while both moving new 'potential' customers through the pipeline and keeping other clients posted about my next available time to work on a new project?

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  11. this is so stupid, this is just teaching idiots to multiply by a number…..

  12. Why post-it notes? Why not just show YOUR SOFTWARE?! It's pretty awesome, but I don't think this video really does it justice.

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