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hey it’s Brian burns the host of the
brutal truth about sales and selling podcasts on iTunes stitcher radio and
any podcast catcher you have on your smartphone I want to make you aware of
this if you haven’t heard about it been doing it for a while but podcast is just
now becoming popular this year and unlike most podcasts I’m not about the
old-fashioned just work harder I think that’s bullshit
I think we all know that we should work hard I think we all know that we are
working hard what I want to do is bring you something new something that’s
worked for me for twenty some years and sales I’m a career sales guy I’m not an
empty suit I’m not a sales author who hasn’t done anything I’m like you out
there carrying a bag picking up the phone sending emails surfing LinkedIn
and I love sales and I want to share what I’ve seen work with me and my
clients with you this is not about being a motivational speaker and just yelling
in your ear with the old-school empty suit approach this is about what really
works out there what’s really working smarter not harder how sales has changed
and how you can leverage it and guess what now it’s on your iPhone or your
Android and you can listen to it whenever you want and what I do for my
listeners is if your poster review you get my free audible book the Maverick
selling method if you’re in the complex sale if you’re selling to large
companies its own to more than one person selling large dollar items this
is what I’ve figured out the simplest way to sell the complex sale now all you
have to do is post a review on iTunes just come over here and post a little
review just go over reviews and write one up there and you’d be very easy
right here click review and write a review and you get the book free just
email me your picture of the review and I’ll email you the gifted version of the
book from audible I’ve got over 200 episodes here and it’s about every topic
imaginable about sales I interview authors experts in certain areas on
email on the phone on LinkedIn social selling whatever is popular and
interesting and what works I get the people on the phone I interview them and
share it with you once to twice a week so go to iTunes search herb the brutal
truth about sales and selling podcast got over 200 or 300 reviews right now
love to have you as a listener and thanks for listening
iTunes brutal truth about sales and selling

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  1. Check out the PodCast and learn how you can get a FREE copy of the book.

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