Sales Process – Closing the Sale

Hello myntnation this is Chad Mottice
coming to you with a drive to move your number today and today we’re going to
move on to the last step of the sales process we’ve already contacted a
prospective customer we’ve connected with the potential customer and now we
are going to close that sale we’re going to ask for the sale and hopefully obtain
it this is the step that gets missed the most in the sales process then we never
actually ask for the sale we feel because we have contacted and connected
that we can assume that we’ll just meet them at the cash register and they’ll
make the payment and they’ll buy our product we have to ask and close that
sale to ensure both sides know I’m giving you something and you’re paying
for it there’s a lot of ways to close the sale and I want to give you some
unique ideas to help get past some of that seller anxiety of asking for the
sale we can certainly come out with the direct close will you buy today or how
many can I sign you up for today the direct close it’s basic its
straightforward as to the point where there’s a couple other ideas to help
there’s the alternative choice close it’s kind of the example when somebody’s
buying a dress and you ask them do you want white or do you want red either
choice you win and neither choice is know you don’t give them the opportunity
to give you a negative or a non sale they choose one or the other oh they
have to physically tell you I don’t want to buy or I don’t want to
those and that causes more conversation and hopefully more in connection another
opportunity is the stick your neck out close which is the situation where you
look at a customer essentially and say I can’t do this for everybody but for you
I’m going to provide you this discount this two-for-one deal this buy one get
one for half price these scenarios that are hopefully within your guidelines but
ways to give a customer a feeling of exclusivity and I’m here to tell you
that exclusivity sells at any step in this process if you can make somebody
feel unique different getting something that the normal person doesn’t get it’s
a benefit to you and will help close the sale because at the end of the day you
want that customer to either buy from you or tell you why they’re not going to
buy from you and that’s the essence of closing is getting the question out
there will you buy and then determine if they are not why so you can hopefully
either overcome it in this sale or be able to build that into your sales
program so that you make the next one and convert into a sale we certainly
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