Sales Tax Web File Demonstration for Filers with No Tax Due

Welcome to the Online Services Sales Tax
Web File demonstration for filers with no tax due. Begin by logging in to your
New York State Online Services business account with your username and password.
If you haven’t created an Online Services business account, visit the
Online Services section of our website to learn how. From your Account Summary
page, open the Services menu, located in the upper left. From the drop-down menu,
select Sales Tax – file and pay. Then select Sales tax web file. This will
bring you to the Filing Information page. In the section headed Business
information, let us know if your information has changed by selecting
your answers from the drop-down. If you answered No to the income reporting
question, you will be asked to provide the taxpayer identification number under
which the income is being reported. If you’re filing an amended return select
Yes in the Amended Returns section. Choose the tax year for the filing
period you wish to amend from the drop- down menu. When finished, select Continue.
The Form Selection page will display the available forms that you are required
to file. If you have any past due returns, they’ll be displayed in a section headed
Late filing. If you have no late filings due, only current filings will be
displayed. To begin, select the form you wish to file by clicking its
corresponding Select button. Next, you’ll be presented with a short questionnaire
asking for basic information about the selected filing period. You may choose to
stop and save your work at any time by selecting Save and Exit, located in the
upper right of every page. All data entered to that point will then be retained,
allowing you to continue your filing later. To learn more about specific
fields or questions, select the green question mark icon beside it. Complete
the section headed For this filing period. Be sure to enter your total gross
sales, even if the total is zero. Be sure to answer No to the question regarding
taxable sales, purchases, or credits. If you are closing or selling your business and
this will be your last tax return, tell us in the section headed Final return
and enter your last day of business. When you’ve answered all questions, select
Continue. The Tax Due Details page will list your advance payments, overpayments, or credits from prior periods, if applicable. If you made payments not listed in the
Tax Department reported advance payments section, enter the total amount of these
payments in the field labeled Additional payments made to the department not
shown above. If you need to make changes, select Back. To calculate your total
amount due, select Calculate. The total tax due should be zero. Select Continue. A
warning message will ask you to review your tax due details and verify that the
information is correct. If no changes are needed, select Continue. This will bring
you to the Review and Verify page. To review your return, select View. To make
changes, select Edit. If no changes are needed, review the e-signature section
and select Submit. On the Transaction Confirmation page, you’ll receive a
confirmation number to show that your return has been received. You should
print this confirmation page for your records by selecting Print. To print or
save a copy of your full return, select View/Print Forms. To file another return,
select Return to Form Selection. If you’re finished filing, select Close to
return to your Account Summary. This completes our demonstration of Sales Tax
Web File for filers with no tax due. If you have questions, please visit our
website for more information. Thank you for your interest in New York State
Online Services.

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