Sales Tips: Sandler Training Rule #15: Sell By Asking Questions

Hi. I’m Randy Gangloo with Sandler Training.
Today I’d like to talk to you about Sandler rule #15, the best sales presentation you
will ever give, the prospect will never see. What does this rule mean? Does this rule mean
your presentation should only be verbal and no written material or visuals? No, definitely
not. What the rule is getting at is you should be helping the prospective client discover
for herself or himself the best reasons to buy from you, not by telling and explaining
but by you asking great questions that educate the prospect and lead to that discovery. Some
people think the job of a presentation is to convince someone to buy. Is it? Here’s
a question to consider. Shouldn’t the prospect’s discovery of the best reasons to buy from
you happen long before you present? Here are two problems with presenting to convince the
prospect to buy. One, it’s too early to make a presentation because the salesperson’s
not knowledgeable about the particular situa-situation the prospect-prospective client is having.
Two, it comes off like a sales pitch and if there is one thing the prospect hates, it’s
a sales pitch trying to convince them to buy something. Is there a better way? Consider
this. A better way to show your knowledge, expertise and build credibility: learn to
ask great questions or more insightful questions. Learn to tell meaningful stories that the
prospective client can relate to. For example, I say, “John, typically when I discuss production
deficiencies with owners of manufacturing facilities like yours, the conversations usually
revolves around one of two areas; increasing production throughout without increasing reject
rates or decreasing production cost without sacrificing quality. Which, if either of those,
matters most to you?” Now, simply by telling a story and asking a simple question, I was
able to demonstrate my credibility, show my knowledge and my understanding of their business
and help them discover reasons to buy, hence the unseen presentation. Remember when you
get really good at asking questions that educate and telling stories, the best presentation
you will ever give, the prospect will never see.

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