Sales Training: “Controlling the Agenda in a Sales Call”

Okay, I want to say
something about this. If you give total
control or freedom as Francisco’s talks about, to a
client on an initial call. Good luck. This is going to go in
eight different direction that you’re not going
to be ready for. And you may leave
with nothing and they leave with less. I would say less than
nothing, but less. Gain control because it’s better
for you end for them. And by the way, we’re
just talking about this. If a customer or
a future customer starts to go off a
beaten path that you don’t want to go down, say to
them, I look forward to talking about that. I just need to bring it back
right here for a minute. Do that. That’s not aggressive at all. It’s also very professional. Let them know that you
heard them that you’re going to talk about that. You look forward to it. In the spirit of our 30 minutes. I need to bring this back.

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