Save Vertical Merchandising Shelf Space

Most retailer and category managers will agree
that a major challenge in expanding their product assortment is finding enough room
for it in their planogram. There’s only so much real estate to work with on a gondola
fixture, so maximizing space is critical. That’s why FFR merchandising has developed
the power zone low-profile shelf. This unique shelving unit can add an entire shelf to your
section. There are two features that allow the low-profile shelf to add valuable merchandising
space, its integrated [seam 00:00:36] channel, and its optional offset bracket. Most shelving
units on the market today feature seam channels for pricing and promotional messages, but
they extend below the shelf using up to an inch of vertical space. The low-profile shelves
seam channel extends above the shelf, not only saving that vertical space, but also
offering an integrated front products stop. Additionally, the optional offset bracket
allows for adjustments and half-inch increments rather than traditional shelving that work
with only one inch slots on the gondola upright. When using an entire gondola section, those
half-inch vertical savings really add up to a significant merchandising space. In total,
the low profile shelf adds three-fourth’s of an inch of merchandising space on each
shelf compared to conventional shelving. To make a shelf an even more complete merchandising
system just add any of our power zone self facing systems, such as our show set, and
pre-set styles. You will have an easy-to-maintain sales driving category that is out-of-box
and onto shelf in no time. Plus you enjoy more room to display brand new, and best selling
[SK news 00:01:48]. To learn more about the power zone low profile shelf, give us a call
at 800-422-2547, and our award-winning customer service staff will be happy to assist you.

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