Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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  1. You definitely have the best game reviews on YouTube. They aren't too long and you do a great job of giving your opinion on the games while also doing a pretty non bias review, keep up the great work.

  2. this game is boooooring its been 3 and a half hours since the first shoot out in the game and havent shot anyone since, except for two jaguars, a monkey and a beetle, if you wanna try it, please buy a physical copy so you can atleast return it.

  3. I like your reviews but often you talk way to quickly to make the assessment useful. I realize YouTube loves quick jumpy dialogue but when you’re throwing out number across multiple platforms, which is part of reason people are watching this, it fails.

  4. What would you recommend for someone, like me, who LOVED TR:DE but couldn’t get into Rise? I would play on PC (RTX 2080ti) so maybe wait for ray tracing patch and reviews? Like I said, I LOVED TR:DE and still play to this day but honestly just never really liked/played much of Rise.

  5. My review 🙂 ifya interested….This game is utterly gorgeous I can't gush enough, the textures, the lighting, the shadows, the particulates in the air, the rain that splatters the screen, the detail is insane, (were in the jungles of South America this time around as opposed to the frozen tundra of rise, but if you compare the greenery of say the geothermal valley to this game it blows the socks off of it hands down, beautiful improvements) it's all lush and utterly immersive, it's captivating and scintillating eye candy galore, some points I'll stop playing and just stare at the scenary like it's a painting, I zoomed in on the ground I was standing on with the bow or the photographer mode in menu examining the bizarre amount of detail in every rock and leaf expecting it to blur at that zoom but no, I was totally hooked in the first 15 minutes, and by that time I already gave this game a 10, I mean it's a 10 on visuals alone, but same great mechanics with a couple clever additions on top of it, it starts with a great Terrantino style entrance, with blazing action on the brink of disaster, cut away and a callback to two days earlier, and the rust of the time between games immediately dissolved and I was back on the bike again, the water in game is absorbing, you almost feel wet when your in it, clever use of controller vibration with her faster strokes to add to the immersion, a lot of the game has full 360 underwater sequences, and they look and feel great, searching for air pockets avoiding piranhas, collecting resources, it's all a really well fleshed out callback to the original, stellar sound effects to boot is the icing for the visual treat this is, the guns and bow have a real punch to them and alongside everything is a subtle haunting and immersive soundtrack, all this with tremendously deep and nuanced voice work too, the relationship between Lara and Jona feels really organic and genuine this time around, and it was smart to focus in on these 2, it feels believable, and the game play of Lara's childhood was utterly engrossing, really takes you back to suddenly become a kid again on your childhood swingset, head full of imagination and unburdened possibilities with the horizon always on the brink, very clever show of Lara's childhood background inclinations, very reminiscent of her manor you can play through in the original, speaking of which you can play as the original polygon model of her, I mean it looks ridiculous, but a nice wink from the developers paying homage to the source material, but they gave Lara a blue top this time around more reminiscent of her in the origin days, a clever callback of days past nostalgia, really reminded me of the old games, especially with the jungle environment and jaguars, the jaguar scenes were utterly jaw dropping, totally flustered by those sequences, great throwback and wink to the fans and the new features were super cool too, including repelling and swinging, where you have to gauge the distance to jump and appropriate amount of slack on the rope, and the mountain climbing looks and feels naturally great, also you got mud mechanics, where Lara slathers herself in realistic looking mud, predator style, and when you hear her unsheathe her blade when an enemy is in kill distance, covered in mud eyes popping out behind the vines…. dude, so bad ass, and hence the greater focus on stealth, and the mud in game looks freakin amazing trudging through deep patches of it, seriously it's all these little details that make this enthralling and dare I say a masterpiece, and there is an upgrade in laras skill sets where you can for a sizable window of time warp to bullet time while aiming!!!! very helpful and slick in those super hairy situations, to aquire this there are focus plants in the wild or at merchants to purchase (*helpful sidenote – it has a bullet time meter which length can be upgraded in skill sets and once initiated the meter runs down on the use of the focus in general and a separate meter while aiming, once the general plant wears off there's a visual on screen cue, or in menu a color like clock meter that runs down if you want to check before, and wherever you left off with it while aiming and release you have to wait for it to refill full to use again or once it runs out or you get hit it also stops it and you can either let refill before you use it again,*** or (and here's the trick) immediately use another focus plant to refill the meter, keeping it slomo without skipping a beat, you'll thank me later… maybe, I had to figure that out on my own, you gotta be quick on your feet for the slomo, and usage is a little tricky, but no problem once you understand it, and my god blowing back those clamoring cave creatures slomo in those eye catching caverns with a shotgun,….just a blast,(pun not intended, but I'll go with it) Get your Max Payne on!!, Awesome, also to boot the cover mechanics along with the combat look and feel fluidly intuitive…I mean and there's so much to do on top of all this, and I know this is long winded but I have to refute the unconscionably negative reviewers out there, so I'll just run through and elaborate on some of the core gameplay elements and content on top of it for those perhaps unfamiliar, a lot of things have been carried over from the last installments, but it feels more fluid and enhanced, it's all very well done, and it really encourages free exploration, it's as close to open world as you can get, I mean you got the story campaign, which is well executed for the source material and region, but more subtle and in the background where the game play and environments are the real stars here, I've never been a fan of the stories of tomb raider but having it more subtle I preferred as its more about the journey of unfolding clues and archeological riddles rather than the destination, but between the main story and it's adrenaline inducing sequences, (those cave creatures and there echoing wails in the caves are spine tingling), to just exploring the jaw droppingly beautiful landscapes, to collecting resources or hunting wild animals, which you can use at the scattered base camps to upgrade weaponry and outfits (which are really great looking for the south American region and have their own benifits like allowing access to certain restricted temples or ability to carry more resources or prolong bullet time or move quieter, whatever your playing preference or visual style… .all well done, relevant and engrossing), or collecting hidden treasues, arifacts, architecture (which your still able to view and analyze 360 and by doing so uncover deeper secrets or realities behind them occsssionally which reveal the history and culture of the regions bringing a feeling of discovery and appreciation more to life), believable journals, fallen travelers backpacks which reveal map secrets and hidden treasures, analyzing religious structures, which sharpen your deciphering of monoliths which reveal secrets within a specific radius on the map with an associated environmental riddle that you have to seek out, or completing challege tasks like seeking out hidden treasure chests in piranha infested underwater area etc. etc. both of which garner more xp points that contribute to expanding Lara's skill sets at the base camps which are all helpful and gameplay enhancing thus even more incentivising, i mean all these great collaborating gameplay elements along with discovering and raiding tombs and crypts, filled with ancient puzzles of physics and death and wits which are gorgeous and practically on there own worth the buy, to perusing the vast and alive villages, specifically Paititi, it all feels credible and well fleshed out with tons of characters to talk to which look and sound great as well, and from some of them you can venture out on engrossing and fun sidemissions that they inquire of you that offer their own rewards in the the form of information or access to other merchants in town where you can buy items and trade resources, that upgrade equipment that give access to previously inaccessible tombs or areas, which absolutely encourages great replayability and exploration….. ugh, let me take a breath, it's just soo rich and we'll done, the best visuals in a game to date I'd say along with all these tremendously well fleshed out characters and intertwining gameplay elements….. this is the truest yet to the originals and this game is a must have, and I'm really baffled by the negative reviews that almost made me question my purchase, and that was being a fan of the series,…. hands down glorious game and just a well crafted blast, Peace out, and happy hunting ; )

  6. it's boring, stupid and has no soul. Doesn't feel anything like the previous two.

  7. It's a very good game. If you think about buying it – just do it, you won't regret it!

  8. How's Jonah still raiding three games in. You know his big ass ain't got stamina

  9. Like if I should buy tomb raider and comment if I should buy assasins creed odyssey.

  10. Almost every comment section, on every video relating to tomb raider, made me loose my mind. The amount of annoying "hardcore TR fans" bitching about how boring the game is, and how Lara has no personality is ridiculous beyond believe, and their reasoning behind it is even more ridiculous.

  11. Love your reviews. I think I'll wait for sale, the last 2 games were fun and had great actual tomb raiding but I've always found the story and characters to be boring and generic as hell. Who are the people that even like Jonah? He didn't do much in the first game and he was barely in Rise, he's just that average good guy and I don't see why I should care. And Lara had literally no defining character development in the last 2 games, and it definitely doesn't help that she has little to no personality. Nothing like the Uncharted characters.

  12. Just beat the game and tbh I liked Rise better, don't get me wrong it's good but I would wait for a little bit of a sale on it. I felt it was shorter compared to the other 2 games in the series. The tombs were a much better improvement this time around though. The outfits were interesting but just didn't care about them tbh, but it was interesting if not a little annoying that in the hub city you have to be wearing a certain outfit to talk to certain people. Decent weapon variety to try out but it's generally pretty clear by the stats which are the best to go with. There weren't alot of high action parts, I hardly ever used my guns until the last part of the game.

  13. What do you of Jonahs evil twin dlc? Lets just say laura discovers an anaconda in the jungle

  14. I am trying to decide i mostly want to see the end of the story. I like the uncharted games and liked the first 2 tomb raider games.

  15. I think this game fails to fill my expectations. First off, Lara is up against "the world's most dangerous" organization, yet why the enemies are so ez to take down. Second, I love Lara with the bow and arrow, but I thought this will bring back the dual pistol old style tomb raider. And third, I kinda wanna see Lara other friends. Clearly other than Jonah. I mean dude, Lara doesn't live under a rock right? Surprise us with more twisting plot, give us something we don't expect. Like how uncharted did

  16. This game needs a third reboot of the series. The series has gone stale, it became very blend compared to the clashing conclusion of Uncharted series and that last game already came out two years ago. Plus, SotTR sold even less compared to RotTR. I have a feeling that Square Enix will shelf this series until they find out what to do with it.

  17. Haven't touched a Tomb Raider games since maybe the second one (if I'm not mistaken), so my only question is this: with so many games franchises going pseudo-RPG these days, are there branching narratives and dialogue choices in this one, or is the main story on rails?

  18. Great review..still have to finish the first one before I think about playing this one lol

  19. After playing the game I feel one of the problems is that they force you to play stealth indirectly, unless it’s related to the story you can’t use your guns (btw I played it on the deadly obsession “very hard ” difficulty so idk if the others are permissible)

  20. Great review. I know it's all about gameplay, but when you compare this to games like death standing, ghost of tsuhima, or the last of us 2 coming down the road… the textures and graphics look very ps3ish sometimes😒.

  21. Combat was very underwhelming, no shooting from the hip ruins the game because when you press to aim often the 'zoom in' is off where you think you're aiming. I think even the developers realised they got this wrong, hence there is less combat and they added a 'slow time' mechanic to try and negate this.

  22. Yup…looks like this will be my first xbox one x game instead of red dead 2. This looks like way more fun.

  23. Lara Croft is an excellently voice acted character but her character is so washed out. Everything she says is so fucking stupid. Nobody would say it in real life. I shouldn’t feel like the character is holding my hand. It’s like when ezio used to say stuff like “now I have a way to get back up there if I fall”. Bitch, we know. Great game though.

  24. Rise was just amazing with the variation in enviroment, shadow looks like it's just a lot of the same surroundings. I really wanted this game to be amazing but I don't even want buy this one.

  25. Made the mistake of playing this after RDR2, it feels like going from a Ferrari to a VW beetle.

  26. Its more like a buy … at 50% off. I really cant recommend it at full price. Very let down in how this game wrapped up the trilogy

  27. Does anyone know if tombs are included without the seasonpass or do you need to buy the seasonpass to get the tombs?

  28. I hope my laptop can run this at 1080p 60. I have the 2017 Acer Predator Helios 300. Intel 7700HQ w/GTX 1060 6GB

  29. way too similar like the previous TR which i just finished. this looks more like an expansion than a completely new game. i'll skip

  30. Lara's face melts more and more every game.
    The first game had easily the most beautiful character model I have seen in a long time.
    Her face looks super stiff here, like it's plastic.

  31. this game is fucking horible, totally unlike other tomb raiders, half the time you spend collect feather n boxes for stupid fucking bird costumes you wear, you never really have modern day gear, reduced to a fucking bow n arrow. horriblew all the way thru. dont buy!!!

  32. TR2013 is still my favourite, i loved how you slowly progress there, making better weapons and opening more of the map. I didn't really liked Rise, so far i've played Shadow for about 10 hours and it's better then Rise to me, though much less combat is VERY noticeable

  33. I'm in the minority who prefers combat over puzzles, so I will probably pass on this one.

  34. I enjoyed (but not loved) uncharted 4, and I've never played any tomb raider. Should I buy this one?

  35. Of all reviewers on you tube i think your no 1 ACG always honest and funny!

  36. The one thing that sets shadow different from rise is that in shadow it seems more like nostalgic to underworld. There is definatly more tomb raiding in shadow and the environment is breathtaking…there is less combat with trinity and more exploring. Rise had a better storyline though and it was more cinematic than shadow.

  37. I played Rise and hated it.QT sequences so artificial, something about the gameplay that never felt right. Weak narrative. If The Last of Us is a 10 then Tomb Raider is a 6, max.

  38. I’ve been a long time TR fan, been playing since the first game. I wish they would have continued the Silent Hill games. I want this game but strapped 4 cash so will have to wait. I hate swimming always have had a hard time with stupid swimming. Ty for a REAL Honest review

  39. Yeah, so I downloaded the free demo, first thing is they force you to read a message about how the game was created by a diverse cultural team with multiple genders. Does anyone really care what the sexual or gender identification of the team is?

  40. I am impressed with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's consuming me in very similar ways that God of War did. The world exploration, design, story, combat, traversal etc all ties together flawlessly and feels very engaging. I will actually be going back to try the other Tomb Raider games because of Shadow.

  41. In Short…its 7/10. Do Not Buy at 60.
    if you really enjoyed Rise…get it…Buy know Its Not better game at all.
    i have played the 3 games. this 1…is good but not great

  42. It's a shame that many video games have characters with the same facial features; is it just laziness on part of the program makers? Another thing is when a video character is taking or handing over some item, but we don't get to see the item, we just see the gesture being made. "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" is no exception to poor, sloppy program making, it is also guilty of making many of the characters look the same and pretending to take an item out of an empty box and then also seeing that there is no item in their hands. I would have expected better with today’s computer technology, even the graphics in “Rise of the Tomb Raider” were much better than “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” which was made 3 years earlier!

  43. The only place I go for my reviews you really hit all the important marks a lot of people just disregard

  44. I like this game, looks absolutely gorgeous too with max settings.

    For those who don't like Lara's character personality this series.. While I can understand why it's fun to play an over the top badass, I find it refreshing to play a character that actually has confliction and emotional depth sometimes. It feels more relatable.

  45. I've been conflicted, as I've been going through and just beat Rise about an hour ago. I enjoyed the game, it's got an interesting story, but the sameness has got me on the fence. Shadow does look beautiful, I will say that. I'll be honest, I do prefer exploring vs combat, mostly due to the fact that I am not good at it. It's less technical dodging and arrowing, more swinging at the enemy and then running away so I can shotgun them.

  46. Dude 60fps is the king if you are playing this game in 30 it's going to run slower I don't know why you pointed that out how it runs better in 60 than 30 it's pretty much a common sense thing I know there are people who don't know this but you make it sound like it was running better at 60 don't bother at 30 unless 30s as good as 60 that's the attitude you're coming off with but 30 is never going to be better than 60 I don't care how good of a game it is when games are running in 68 process is at a faster rate so you react faster consoles will never be able to keep up with PCS as long as there's using inferior CPUs

  47. I've been playing the third installment for 3 hours does that action get better ???

  48. i bought it for 60 bucks but it isnt as good as rise of the tomb raider in my opinion, i would wait until its cheaper, its still a fun tomb raider game.

  49. simply just love this game and it looks stunning on One X in 4k HDR. The atmosphere is so cool, and sometimes really scary. With monthly new stuff, NG+ this game is a must buy if you liked the others. For me, the best one so far…by far 🙂

  50. i do not understand the hate on this game. The exploration in this game is totally better than the previous installments. I do not know about how other people play it. I played on Deadly Obsession difficulty on my first playthrough and challenged myself to not use survival instinct. For me, that is how you should experience the game. The experience is better.

  51. they need mutiple places around the world she needs to travel in the game like in legends.

  52. About the PC version, it has incredibly good DX12 optimization by the Nixxxes team who has optimized many of these PC titles. But this time they really outdid themselves, the game runs great, never hitches and you can max out almost every setting (except MSAA) on a PC which is almost as ancient as the relics Lara discovers in the game. (Tested on Core i7-2600 8Gb GTX970 @ 1080p60, I simply can't max everything in Rise, for example)

  53. Was I the only one that thought Rise was way better than this one? I found myself really disappointed with this one.

  54. This series died after the first installment because they used the same mechanism for the second and third game which is Lara going somewhere, means of transport collapsing, Lara getting weapons and skills again, fighting an ancient civilization and an artifact that can give immense power.

    Another thing that lead to the downfall of this series is the face of Lara and Jonah changing in each sequel, which removed any chemistry or bond you had made with the 2013 Lara where the fans all got familiar with this new Lara.

    Another thing they could have done is to making Lara have connections and feelings and some depth is to have someone she might think of as a potential love interest, such as Sam or even Jonah, maybe both in a love triangle, where Jonah loves Lara, Lara loves Sam. They could have made Lara have a bond.

    Another thing that lead to the downfall is the lack of character development, we never get to see the things that actually haunt Lara, we never get to see her become strong and change, it's always Lara being strong and then completely weak another time.

    The villains' motivation id always childish in the sequels, the lines and voice acting, even the facial animation seems too campy and childish.

    Another thing this series downgraded in was in survival mechanics, instead of going to realism and giving her a super expensive bullet proof and knife proof, force resistant clothing and a during combat aesthetic helmet where her hair comes out in a ponytail. They could have worked on improving realism and survival mechanics similar to the Last of Us.

    The puzzles and side missions should always be a part of the main game, any DLC should be a sequel and canon. Also the puzzles and traps are too childish and obvious, it should have natural elements in it, not super high-tech mechanics such as opening doors with blood.

    The survival instincts should never be there, this is a human, not the Batman.

    The animals should respawn out of nowhere and there shouldn't be any indication that Lara has seen her threat and is crouching all of a sudden, it kills any suspense and thrill of surviving.

  55. Very very disappointed with this game because it doesn't portray the sexy laracroft that we have always known at all and they continue to perpetuate the ridicule and the bizarre,lara looks clumsy and an handicapped face child , has no assurance in herself,looks always like the victim in the story maybe to get people sympathy, look you cant put a child on with all these guns, at this point lara would surely be at school and studying like a good girl , i think square enix surely has a problem with designing women with revealing round shapes , big tits and nice indian hair, what the fuck is this patch of hair stuck on lara head for a decade, looks like a bad wig, please kindly respect eidos original work, there is so many sexy model on this planet out there who would have accepted to portray a hot laracroft, even with the mud in the jungle she would still look sexy, remember lara is a woman who is not afraid of anything, she is not that weak ..please dont destroy this beautiful character to turn her into a clumsy zombie fighter in shadow of the tomb raider or shades of the tomb raider we should call it?

  56. 30 bucks on the PS store. My question does she have a personality in this one? I did not like Rise a whole lot and certainly not like a jovial character like Nate Drake but give me something.

  57. I actually love the graphics on this one. I might not be a good judge because I haven't played the recent titles and only saw them on Youtube, but this is one of the best jungles graphics I've ever seen! I just stop sometimes to look at the trees!
    I'm playing on PC and maxing out everything I can ( except resolution, my monitor is 1080p) so it might be because of that.

  58. This game is awesome.It's darker more violent and Laura Croft is a bad ass killer now.This is my favorite tomb raider game

  59. My favorite parts were the running from destruction parts. I discovered they had multiple paths.

  60. Kill Jonah off now!
    This worthless fat fuck is my only complaint with he new series.

  61. I don’t care how people think for this game. This game is amazing for me that what is important not how people think for this game i going to buy this game

  62. Wait a sec, you say the graphics in this game gets a bit samie and didnt excel Rise using example of the geothermal valley? Rise was literally nothing but Ice and snow and the geothermal valley was a gray and brown slum/ruin. What?

    Agree with you with everything else though!

  63. Did I somehow miss it or was no graphics options screen showed?
    'cause I have one question: does it still support 3dVision? Because the first two games were truly AMAZING with this feature! The depth really stood out opposed to most other games (Crysis had really good 3d too)

  64. This is easily the worst of the 3 new games. Bad story, awful pace, player agency is constantly taken away with unstkippable cutscenes and on the rails sections, and on top of it, Lara's character is obnoxious AF. Hated my first and only play-trough. Deleted instantly after.

  65. Playing it and I find it better than Rise. The story for me it’s more interesting, as well as Lara as a character. Combat stills pretty much the same, but stealth options are vastly improved. Exploration and puzzles us where the game really shines. I think people expected a more action-focused game, like the two previous games were.

  66. Is it just the video quality on YouTube, or did they drastically change Lara's character model since the first game? She looks pretty terrible here and like a completely different person. And the model is all "glassy" on the surface, almost like there's no texture to her skin.

  67. I loved Rise, this one underwhelmed me a lot the lack of action really bored me

  68. Jees all underwater scenes are like this from the early days of Tomb Raider just better graphics.

  69. The under water levels seem more interesting but a big nope for me is how clear the water is. its like there is no water and you are just floating in zero gravity.

  70. 1st one was a 8/10 for me, 2nd one was a 7/10… im skeptical on this one 😬

  71. Tomb Raider games feel like comfort food to me. Quality time spent but nothing groundbreaking. You're not going to be surprised by it.

  72. This game opened so strong and then gets pretty boring pretty quick. I’m roughing it out at this point but I’m enjoying it much less the rise or the 2013 game. I’m not sure if I will finish this one

  73. I beat the 2013 TR game. I skipped right to Shadow of The Tomb Raider. I couldn't finish it. It was so….. boring.

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