Shell’s Commercial Graduate Programme – Life in Downstream Commercial

I’m Tobias Chen,
I joined Shell in 2011. The culture is very open,
very friendly. One thing that keeps people here
is the culture. The Shell’s Graduate Programme,
is very different from the typical management trainee
programme and the amount of participation of
senior leaders in this programme is quite surprising
and very encouraging. I have never been declined walking
into a VP’s office or a GM’s office. They’re always very encouraging
and very welcoming towards feedback, enquiries
or even challenges. Each Shell graduate will be assigned,
or through his own means, find a mentor that is a senior leader
in a business, with advice, career guidance and help
to resolve some of the issues that a graduate might be facing. The interactions with people who have
spent 10, 20 years in a business – I think that’s really helpful for someone that’s
fresh out of university, like me. Shell, as we all know,
is a Fortune 100 company, and it has a huge array
of businesses. Aside from Upstream we also have
the very strong Downstream business Through that, you bring out a very
complete perspective. It’s a really a lot of opportunities
that one can enter into. There’s always new businesses
to explore and new dimensions, new markets,
new challenges to face. It never gets boring. There is this immense network
of courses that we can take up in our own time. It’s called Shell Open University. It broadens our horizons beyond
just our job scope, our businesses. I think that’s a very strong benefit
associated with being a graduate. I’ll typically begin my day with
a little bit of planning about what’s going to happen
throughout the day. The mornings are typically time for,
firstly, clearing overnight emails, That would be followed by
teleconferences with our colleagues in
the Philippines, in Thailand and in China. Lunchtime is typically spent
with the team or with friends. After lunch, we can literally
focus on our work. – the project that’s outstanding,
the reports, the analysis that we have to do. My proudest moment in Shell was the winning of
a very important contract. Everybody, upon hearing the news,
jumped up and cheered and it was really a
very exciting moment for us; we celebrated. The first thing that my line manager
said to me, when I first came to Shell, was “You’re all hand-picked to be
the future leaders of Shell… …that you will one day become a
leader of this Fortune 100 company.” This is also something that drew me
to Shell in the first place; the opportunity to make a difference
for the world’s energy future. The world’s constantly growing and with economic growth comes
an ever-increasing need for energy. And so that prospect of being
at the forefront of the most exciting part
of the energy industry, I think that’s something that really
defines a Shell graduate.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    As a Shell graduate myself, I decided to share my journey from the day I applied for the Assessed Internship to receiving an offer and joining the company on the Commercial Graduate Scheme slightly more than 1,5 years ago! I tried to capture every single aspect of the application process, life at shell, insights and tips to succeed, perks and benefits and many more. Hope you find my video educational, helpful and motivational.

    Please access it below:

    Enjoy and let me know if you have any more questions! Happy to assist and ensure your application is successful.


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