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[ROB] Welcome to Yale. This place, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, birthed what’s probably the most famous clip of the campus free speech controversies. [ANNOUNCER] “Early last week, a student confronted a head of one of Yale’s undergraduate residents…” [ANNOUNCER] This insufferable brat… [ANNOUNCER] You can’t wear the Halloween costume you want… [ANNOUNCER] How much speech is too much? [ROB] I had a suspicion that the public backlash missed what that outburst really meant: that the fixation on free speech ignored a deeper, darker scandal afflicting Yale. So I went there, and I found my scandal. What do you really know about the place that produces the people that run our country? Halloween 2015. An administrative committee sends out an email urging students not to wear appropriative Halloween costumes, and outlining some extremely broad rules. Yale lecturer Erika Christakis pushes back. She worries about creeping censorship and notes that, ‘the ability to tolerate offense’ is a central feature of a free and open society. Her email prompts a…disproportionate response. (chanting and yelling) [STUDENT] So important to give students of color a chance to heal from all the pain that we’ve been experiencing this week. [GRACE] People were so caught up in their own political bubbles that th ey were unable to realize, ‘wait, maybe she has a point?’ That we don’t have to rely on higher authorities to tell us how we should be dressing. [ROB] An open letter, signed by more than 700 students and faculty, condemns Erika’s email as ‘racist.’ Curiously, the letter was written by an undergrad who, that very Halloween, violated the committee’s rules with his Aladdin costume. Activists flocked to the courtyard of Silliman, the residential community where Erika’s family lives, to chalk taunting messages. Nicholas, her husband, comes out to meet them. Word gets around, and he’s surrounded. Nicholas is the head of Silliman and a superstar professor at Yale. A bestselling author, Time 100 nominee, and a regular on the TED talk circuit. [DOUGLAS] I had met Nicholas because he was a big recruit. He has a whole half a floor downstairs. And Nicholas is a great scientist who’s probably saving thousands of lives in the developing world. [NICHOLAS] To whom should we give these interventions so that, if they adopt the intervention, the whole village will adopt the intervention? [ROB] These are moves of power. Not moves of reason. [GRACE] One time I had this facebook message and it just started off with, ‘Grace, as a queer woman of color, you should not think this way.’ Who are you to tell me what I should think, just because of who I am? That’s like the very behavior you are trying to fight against when you talk about white heterosexual privileged males oppressing you and telling you what you should think. That’s exactly what you’re doing on to me. [NICHOLAS] I had intended to stay for most of the symposium, but the events that have occurred in the last 72 hours make that impossible. So I’d like to just close by welcoming you to the William F. Buckley program on free speech today, and, alas, I have to go. [GREG] You would think, given the reaction to what she had written, that she had actually wiped out an Indian village. [laughter] [GREG] Okay, so I think that just made my point. [ROB] Yale is supposed to combat, not cultivate, such self-righteous intolerance. This is, after all, the place that produced the Woodward report, the 1974 gold standard defense of academic freedom, that famously called universities places to ‘think the unthinkable,’ and ‘challenge the unchallengeable.’ Yale has manifestly failed to meet that noble goal. Now, why is that? What has this place become? [WILLIAM] My students who are most intellectually engaged, most intellectually thirsty, they would tell me that they feel that there’s no place for them at Yale. Because students, by and large, are not there to learn. [AMY] Yale has become, sort of all-purpose entertainment warehouse. A place to have a good time, rather than receive an education. [WOMAN] He brings in a whole bunch of really cute baby animals, and you can pet them. [MAN] There was a food parade and the egg-nog was amazing! [MAN] Then I get to know my residential college dining hall staff, and they can really accommodate my needs. [MAN] Got my own loom studio. [ROB] There are still pockets of genuine undergraduate intellectualism at Yale, but the predominant campus culture seems to be, uh, well… (singing) We eat there and we study and we joke and relax, (singing) and go to Masters’ Teas and study breaks for nighttime snacks. (singing) Ooohh (sighs) [WOMAN] They need all those offices to keep the fun, you know, going. [ROB] Last decade, while the Yale professor pool shrunk by 4%, the administrative squid monster grew by 25%, sinking it’s tentacles into virtually every facet of undergraduate life. [AMY] Administrators aren’t that committed to the search for truth, and they have a lot of power. [ROB] The squid monster is hungry. And it started chowing down on the very heart of the university. To see exactly how, we go back to the start. [DOUGLAS] I have been told that there were four Dean-level people, who were actually in the courtyard, and you would have expected one of those people to intervene, to defend the core values of respect. That didn’t happen. [ROB] Not just any administrators. That’s Burgwell Howard. That’s the dude that wrote the original email warning against wearing offensive Halloween costumes. What you’re witnessing is a head-on collision between what Yale was, and what it is becoming. Between the champions of the Woodward report, who properly see the freedom to provoke as an essential ingredient of learning, and the champions of the Gilded Camp, who want to beat back any challenge to students’ egos with bureaucratic controls. And the customer service mentality dictates that the most powerful person at Yale capitulate to this cannibalism. [DOUGLAS] Obviously our administration has been afraid to say that the incident that happened in the Silliman courtyard is not representative of Yale’s values. [PETER] In a kind of fundamental way, we’re all on the same page. We have to be. To create a environment that is most conducive to education and learning. [PETER] We want to be able to listen to each other. Hear each other. Respect each other. [PETER] It’s a very constructive conversation. (loud unintelligible conversation) [ROB] Most Yale students were disgusted by what happened in that courtyard. But, with the brave exception of Grace, none of them would come on camera. They don’t want to jeopardize their ascendance into America’s ruling class. As one anonymous undergrad explained to me, ‘the reason no one will talk to you is that there is no professional benefit to saying controversial or interesting things.’ Such cynical careerist calculations leave the squid monster free to feast. The administration launches a 50 Million dollar inclusivity initiative that includes, of course, the creation of a new Deanship. Nicholas leaves Silliman. Erika resigns from the university entirely. [DOUGLAS] These people were thrown under the bus. Nobody in power really defended then. [ROB] And they’re replaced by a leadership that sticks to peddling cookies and puppies. The scandal isn’t the outburst. [ROB] The scandal is that she’s absolutely right. [JONATHAN] (singing) There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game. It’s easy. (speaking) All you need is love. Welcome to Yale. Welcome home.

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  1. These people's inferiority sensitivity complex is so fucked up 🧐

  2. A stupid child telling an adult that shewants his job taken. SAD ,THIS LITTLE ARROGANT CHILD IS MOST LIKELY GETTING A FREE EDUCATION AND THIS IS THE WAY SHE REACTS

  3. The next generation is going to feel the effects of this generations childish ,selfish behavior. The inadequacies that this generation are developing will surface greatly in a weak and useless workforce. This generation will soon learn there is no such thing as an entitled person or group when it comes to the working world.

  4. Wait…is this where emma Watson went to school? It all makes sense now

  5. A bunch of people of color surround one old white guy and yell at him and try to intimidate him and they are the victims? Good God almighty.

  6. Just let the free market do its job and everybody vote with their wallet. This generation is lost.

  7. Such weak people, brought to tears by words as if being afflicted by a cruciatus curse.

  8. I know a home that would make them all warm and fuzzy feeling. The U.S.Army. They feed you and tell you how to think . And these poor dumb young people surely need some one to do that for them. I wonder how big of bribes their parents had to pay to get them in yale.

  9. The Woodward Report's goal was important when those who wanted it felt they were on the bottom. Now that they are atop, they use their power to oppress, under the guise of safety and justice.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  10. It wouldn't hurt to execute about ten percent of students and teachers.

    Edit: On second thought, we should just shoot them all and dump them into landfills.

  11. Honestly if I were a university administrator at Yale I would just start expelling kids for acting like that. It’s not like they couldn’t find others to take their place. Nobody DESERVES to go to an elite college like Yale. They are lucky enough to have the privilege. It’s shameful that some teenager has the nerve to disrespect a preeminent professor like that.

  12. If everone says it hurts me if you wear a halloween costume, does it make it right? Hurt is not the right term. 'Offends me' is usually a better term. Not always though. Yale is a unique college that people go for the name and party atmosphere.
    You can get as good an education (or better) in mosf State Colleges, but not the name recognition. This is how we ended up with a pathetic beer guzzling Supreme Court molester named "Bart".

  13. “You can learn how to play the game…”. Precisely. I went to a rural university in Australia from ‘92 to ‘97 and was fed a miserable diet of postmodernism, post-colonialism, rabid feminism, gender studies, and a culture of ‘anything goes’. If you dared to defy the left, you were shouted down. We all learned to play the game. When I read some my essays from back then, I’m kind of glad that I was able to argue points that I certainly didn’t believe, but a little sad that I was forced into that corner.

  14. The guy going "look at me look at me".. he thinks he is a hero in a film. The main problem with those students is that they think they are ABOVE the professor …. but they are so far beneath him in intelligence that you wonder what got them into the YALE course in the first place.

  15. It’s honestly astonishes me that such a selective college even has a large enough capacity to host students of such low intellectual caliber.

  16. This is a prime example of raising toddlers without a whooping here and there. This is sad as hell

  17. His makes me sad to be a millennial. I have purposefully removed myself from mainstream society because I hate my peers.

  18. song at the end there's nothing you can do that can't be done, coz you don't have to think anymore, speak anything out side the orthodoxy, all you need is love, hate hate is all you need. God the whole thing is Satanic, don't send your kids to Yale

  19. Boy am I glad my college isn't entirely idiots like that. I had a teacher that was pretty heavy-left but she didn't talk about it a whole lot. Didn't get in her teaching too much.

  20. I think the reason they don’t think the unthinkable or challenge the unchallengeable is because they believe they have complete knowledge.

  21. Because of this crap my children will be absolutely forbidden from attending any university that allows students to act like this whole the staff capitulates to their childish tantrums. I will make it my life’s effort not to give these idiots one cent of my money and I suggest anyone that is as equally outraged as I am does the same. Protest all these things with your wallet.

  22. You go to college to learn and make a career. Not to play a victim role.

  23. I am pretty sure that what he just uncovered is typical of over 90% of college campuses.
    These colleges are churning out the morons that I debate with on FB.
    They believe that because some liberal professor typed an A for their grade that they are smart.
    They definitely are not.
    These people can not think for themselves. They certainly aren't capable of having a rational or logical debate. It is sad and pathetic.
    This starts in public schools all accross the country.
    The public school system is little more than a liberal indoctrination entity. "Higher education" is almost completely a liberal indoctrination entity.
    The people that graduate these colleges often have a geeat deal of information on various subjects. Unfortunately much of that information is wrong!
    They have not been trained in the art of using logic amd reason to defend a position. Of course they can not…most of what liberals believe is both illogical and irrational!

  24. Trying to talk to these over privileged hyper sensitive people who weaponizes PC culture is a fools errand

  25. They ARE customers. They seem to feel entitled to OWN the campus.

  26. Holy shit, that's not a university. That's an overpriced daycare/ resort.

  27. Well that was depressing. Those young people forcing that professor to shut up as they attack him was disgusting. Those entitled brats are in for a rude awakening. The real world will chew them up and spit them out

  28. Isn't it funny that just like with racism only white people are capable of cultural appropriation ? B every culture in the world lives their life or tries to live their life by the standards and the means that white Western culture has created.

  29. I would have blacked that black soy boy out if he got all up in my face like that. I would have used my “physically able to knock his teeth out “ privilege.

  30. There is a persistent undercurrent of rage, hate, intolerance and outright stupidity in the mental set of many at Yale. Add that to New Haven being one of the most dangerous and inhospitable cities in the US and the closed cloistered life of the residences (colleges) and you have it. Yale has become a meaningless pretty postcard idea of what a college and university should be.

  31. Saying you went to Harvard ,Yale, or anyother uni or college just tell the world your a brainwashed protestor. There are probably small pockets of intellectuals. But it's not what it was. Affirmative Action look it up ,And see what races and the grades and scores they need to get into said uni. That's privilege if you ask me.

  32. Still, I think we can all agree that the failure of Yale to provide attendants to their undergrads to tuck them in at night is surely an indictment of oppressive nature of society.

  33. 3:52 I would have snatched his throat up like an eagle if he walked up on me like that number 1 Second 4:10 I'd have slapped the taste out of the racist ass maggot shouting about fake made up white male privilege! What is wrong with these college students today! Just a bunch of snowflake b***** maggots!

  34. I have several pairs of boxing gloves and MMA gloves, plus several pairs of hand wraps and extend an open offer to any POS MAGGOT who feels the same as these rich maggot students to give me a location! I'll certainly meet you face to face and then proceed to dismantle your image!

  35. What they need to do is find the very people or professors or campus social sites in real life and on campus computers who put this b***** in their minds and fire them!

  36. Well constructed video very informative. I've watched the entire series at least 4 times now. It always brings me back because the message just rings so true. I hope you continue these sort of productions.

  37. Part of the issue here that isn't being addressed is the emotional state of these black kids. If you watch closely, they're borderline frantic during this exchange, with some crossing over into full hysteria. The question that naturally follows is why. Why did they become so frantic over a seemingly pedestrian exchange?

    Imagine what happens to a person who is told every day of her life that she is a victim uniquely oppressed in all of human history, as academia constantly tells black people they are. That sort of endless mantra creates both an overwhelming sense of self-pity in the recipient and a need for consistent validation of the recipient's victimhood. That victimhood eventually becomes an eternal salve that can be invoked in times of trouble to sooth the pain of experience. Have a bad episode? Simply demand that everyone pay homage to the oppression, and the emotional pain of it is soothed.

    But when that validation is not forthcoming, what happens is what we see in this case. The victim, deprived of the narcissistic supply required to feed her sense of self-pity, spirals into a state of panic, almost like a diver trapped underwater without oxygen. She cannot breath until her victimhood is properly honored and restored to its rightful state of importance in the interaction.

    Thus we see these black girls demanding–almost frantically begging–for Christakis to pay proper tribute to the victimhood they see as their birthright. When he stops short of doing so, outbursts of horror follow, the horror of a diver deprived of oxygen without chance of resupply.

    This is an object lesson in the wages of cultivating victimhood myths among groups of people who are actually among the most privileged in the history of the human race. Christakis was part of the apparatus that created this system, and he was a victim of it in his turn.

  38. These babies need to try living in a third world country and then realize how privileged they are

  39. What a bunch of entitled babies. They're crying, literally f***ing CRYING over an opposing viewpoint! And incapable of seeing how backwards that is.

  40. "Because we're dying." Who's dying exactly? White people and black people die everyday. Stop making it about race.

  41. Little snowflakes getting triggered at jokes. What's new? You can't expect people to have a sense of humor anymore

  42. Ugh why they be sullying my Beatles like 11:42 😩 the guy can't even sing

  43. @6:50 This correct. But it’s easily fits into a leftist critique of the modern (neo)liberal university as it exists within capitalism today. But it’s presented by some people like it’s all down to some postmodernist neo-Marxist SJWism.

  44. So when anyone talks about Yale, ask what year they’re talking about. Before 2010 take that person seriously. Anything after just laugh at them and don’t take them seriously.

  45. Make sure you are mindful of the YouTube community guidelines. We don't want you challenging the unchallengeable here either

  46. Yale is giving degrees in witch hunting. That is what all these "woke" degrees are about.

  47. 6:27 Lew Howard & The All-Stars – Hula Rock… or Madlib or I guess it could be MF DOOM, Meat Grinder. Cool tune either way.

  48. The students and those who indoctrinate them all need some good old sense smacked into their heads.

  49. "It not about creating an intellectual space, it's about creating a home.""its not up to debate"
    These universities are creating little needy entitled tyrants and nothing more. Shameful and disgusting

  50. Liberals need to get thier shit normal people are being pushed right just by believing in normal things, being anti war, pro laws, and baffled by gender crazyness and especially being white..loving your country is not racist, every country in the world even villages in Africa fought over and invaded others people's land, these where less enlightened times..half the worlds women do live in a rape culture, little girls are denied a education routinely all around the world, its still illegal and punnishable by inprisonment and death in many countries around the world for being gay, we could all join in fighting that, Im a white guy who never had the opportunity to go to university, every single one of these entitled brats had more privilege than most people i know, and whats happening is everybody I know can stand these people, its why the right is winning everywhere..

  51. So I'm going to break down and cry and become distraught because someone said I should be able to wear whatever Halloween costume I want? Has an elite college education come to that?

  52. These “students” make me sick. There is no hope for humanity as long as these disgusting people are around. Walking contradictions with no reason. Too bad the only reasonable persons quit as a result of this injustice.

  53. There are 12 residential colleges within Yale, the university ensures that there is broad and uniform diversity in the population of the colleges. Students of color and also students belonging to the LGBTQ community, are needed to satisfy the diversity element, regardless of their ability to pay, Yale subsidizes heavily to gain that diversity. Their gratitude is to attack their benefactors.

  54. If they want censorship do it on all levels left and right, blue and red , conservative and liberals. CENSOR EVERY ONE on all platforms including music.

  55. Irony….
    .. The people that think they are the smartest. . .
    Are actually the idiots.

  56. Sane, respected professors shouldn't have to put up with this common denominator degeneracy.
    There should be a barrier of entry: only those not studying for lesbian dance theory, etc. can pose unsolicited points to professors.

  57. All I see and hear is a load of over privaledged, jumped up dumb asses, educated beyond their abilities of inteligence

  58. This is sickening. I loving Africa more now. What's all these emotional blackmail nonsense. God have mercy. The University is to be a place to understand the truth about the Universe through discourse and must stand for that. Unfortunately it seems some students are more subjective in their reasoning, listening to reply and not to understand.

    Thank you WTI for this vid.

  59. The primates always will put hands in your face ; I wonder why they are not throwing turds at him .

  60. People see this video and say, "these people are going to be our future leaders!?". That IS a terrifying concept. They have no moral toughness. NONE. But I put it that a great majority of these children will not be future leaders because when they get into the real world and see how things work in the real world, they're going to want to run for the hills. They are destined to fail (maybe the Yale administrators know this and don't care). But because Yale (and many other tertiary institutions) are becoming more like businesses, they have to focus on things like, "how do we get more students here"; "how do we make their temporary stay here more attractive?". I.e., "how do we make the most money out of them?" It's a "come in here, give us all your money, We'll hold your hand and buy you ice-cream and take you to the circus"; "now fuck off! And don't forget to keep paying us $$$ in the future with student loans, taxes etc".

  61. How dare that white man with his incredible privilege culturally appropriate the traditions of people of colour by mopping that pathway!

    Manual labour is SUCH a hallmark of privilege!

  62. My kids are gonna tear these idiots a new arsehole in just a few short years. It's gonna be glorious! I can't wait to see them out compete these spoiled brats.

  63. Public funds need to be removed completely until such a time as a cleaning happens. Obviously those fields perpetuating activism have the right to exist but not with one dollar of working class taxes going to fund it. Privileved people who didn't get the chance to go to college should not be forced to fund this freak circus. If the market has a demand for majoring in narcisstic self righteous temper tantrems, by all means let them continue. Leave the funds for scientific research, the bs will go away really quickly once only the 1/10 of 1% have the funds to send their kids to a 4 year fundamentalist woke cult camp

  64. Why does YouTube keep up the like button on videos and comments when they are simply altering them, how much longer before someone creates old YouTube with a free speech/ honesty commitment

  65. I don’t know where to start! These children have no idea what they’re talking about. They’re convinced that they are changing the world and dismantling an unjust system but really they are simply spitting in the faces of the very people who have their best interests at heart. I would love to slap the stupid out of them, but the only thing that will help them is the real world. Once there, they’ll have a chance to listen and see outside of the echo chamber they’re living in. But who knows? Maybe I’m all wrong, maybe the “real world” will change to pander to their stunted emotions so that they never grow up and never realize that THEY are the privileged ones. And our society will slowly collapse while they sit in a safe room stroking a puppy and eating cookies free from any notion of the responsibility they have for their lives.

  66. "Because we're dying." Oh boy, look out for those deadly Halloween costumes. Their offensiveness might kill you.

  67. All respect I had for Yale, Harvard, many of these Ivy League colleges and the students that attend them, is gone. Eradicated into nothing.

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