SJW Laci Green Goes After Small Youtuber Over Copyright! Want to pick on someone your own size?

‘Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday, Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing I want to talk about today one of the most requested stories, Laci Green, social justice warrior, activist here on YouTube, was in the news Laci has recently come under fire for reporting another fellow YouTuber. And this story is another prime example of why the idea of YouTube Heroes freaks me out! So the way this story goes Laci Green receives these tweets: To which she responds: And I looked at the video in question, its about cultural appropriation. In the video, Laci Green is even shown as an example of someone who has talked about it, so she was used in the thumbnail. Then, when a bunch of people found out about this on twitter they started complaining to her, saying that it was horrible to see such a big YouTuber abusing copyright, to which she defended her self saying: and saying: That’ll help the conversation be healthy… So one, I would say I don’t agree with Laci Green as far as her understanding of fair use. We’re talking about news and commentary. But even if we push that argument to the side, we let the lawyers debate it, I would ask: Well, what about you? If you think that’s how the law actually works, what about all of your videos? Did you get express written consent from Bieber? THAT’S AWESOME! You know Beiber? Is he cool in person? To me, and this is just my opinion, it seems a bit hypocritical. And it’s also my belief that maybe you did this because it was a smaller channel, someone you think that you could push down. Which is why Ms. Laci Green, in today’s thumbnail, I will be using you. You are the subject of news, we are talking about news, and there is commentary. If you’d like to go after someone that isn’t much, much, much smaller than you, let me know. Let’s see. But question to the nation: What’s your opinion on this? And from there I want to share some stuff I love today in Today in Awesome And the first bit of awesome is self-promo awesome. The first being, if you didn’t see the Sunday video, which has the best thumbnail of all time ever! We won a Streamy for Best News and Culture Show! Oh it felt good, but do not get confused! We are up for 2 awards, the first being that one, which was voted by their voting body, and the second one, which is solely on your shoulders. That one is for “Best Show of the Year,” and that’s why you guys have been going to every single day You’re allowed to vote for The Philip DeFranco Show one hundred times a day. We’re going up against some large-ass channels, channels that are doing giveaways for people that vote. I’m just asking you to do it so we can have a winner of this award that talks about real shit, and stupid shit, and crazy shit, and just- it’s just that we have something here that’s real. And thank you to everyone who has been voting one hundred times a day, please keep it up until tomorrow after midnight, I think we got a real shot at this. Then another self-promo awesome, today we posted a brand new cine-vlog over at Also congratulations to the winner of that vlog, Felix! Enjoy your brand new $100 Amazon gift card. I gotta pimp out the brand new docu-vlog, it is fun … I’m glad you guys are liking them so much. Although it is slowly turning into the “Joe Harasses Phil with a camera” channel, but I think that you’re liking that too. Joe: How was it? Phil: [cuts in] So good. It was so good Joe: Did it come out straight?A little bit to the left? Then we got awesome thank to the high-quality GIF subreddit. All of these beautiful bastards spent 17 hours meme-ifying the hell out of “Shake it Off” I’m gonna provide several links in the description since many of them are most likely gonna get pulled for copyright reasons, which is also the reason why I haven’t been showing the video right now. But I had to share it because it’s a fantastic community project. Then Saturday Night Live is back, there’s a bunch of clips, I’m gonna share specifically “The Librarian.” You got Margot Robbie as a sexy librarian. I’m just gonna leave it at that! Let you experience it. Then you come back, you say “Oh Phil, thank you. That was exactly what I expected and more.” And remember if you wanna see the full versions of everything I’ve shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below. And then let’s talk about the crazy Kim Kardashian – Kanye West story that came out in the past day. Even if you don’t go out of your way to follow celeb stuff, you’ve most likely seen at least a snippet of this. Last night, Kanye West abruptly ended his live performance. Kanye West: I’m sorry there’s a family emergency, I have to stop the show [people reacting in background] Man recording: Oh shit. Oh fuck.
Nearby person: What happened to Kim?! He said he had to go because of a family emergency, obviously people go, “oh did something happen to his wife, his kids?” Well, then reports came out that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint by 5 men. She was in Paris for fashion week, she was reportedly at a hotel she constantly uses to the point that they even refer to it as a home. Local authorities said the robbery did take place with 5 men who were in police jackets and ski masks As far as how they got to her room, the French Interior Ministry said: They then put her in the tub and robbed her of her 4.5 million dollar ring, As well as another box of jewelry that reportedly had 5.6 million dollars of jewelry in it. I don’t know if this has been confirmed though, people said that two cell phones were also stolen, so we’ll most likely find out soon if those were wiped in time, And as of right now the men are still believed to be at large. And after talking to police, Kim Kardashian left Paris, flying back to New York, arriving this morning in New York with immense security. Reportedly, their security included 10 vehicles, 20 bodyguards, and NYPD (New York Police Dept) As far as where her main bodyguard was when she was robbed, he was reportedly with the other two sisters, keeping them safe. So all of that happened, and the main interesting thing to me were the number of people then making fun of Kim Kardashian, or blaming Kim Kardashian, for this happening. Now I’m not a Kim Kardashian fan, although I do respect taking what should have been 15 minutes of fame and turning it into a huge empire, the number of people making fun of a woman who was just robbed at gunpoint, who thought she was going to die, it doesn’t shock me, but it does disappoint me. We’re talking about a mom, a sister, a daughter, a person, a human being. And what’s interesting is, I saw a good number of people making fun of Kim Kardashian or blaming Kim Kardashian were the same people who get up in arms when someone says, “Well that woman was attacked because look how she was dressed.” Just straight up victim blaming. They’re fighting against victim blaming here but then actually blaming the victim here. Now, not everyone who had that opinion before ended up being a hypocrite, but those are the ones that stood out to me. And I understand and get why people feel like it’s okay to do this but I also do think that it’s ridiculous. People saying, “Who has 10 million dollars of jewelry in their hotel room?!” Well, someone who’s worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars going to Fashion Week. Some of it was hers, some of it was show jewelry, Does it surprise me that having that much jewelry made her a target? No. Does it make it okay that it happened? No. That’s very much the short skirt argument: “She was raped or harassed because loo-look at how she was dressed!” “She was inviting the attention of bad people!” No, that doesn’t make it okay! I mean I do understand, on a certain level, it’s gonna be almost impossible for many people to sympathize with someone losing 10 million dollars of jewerly and that being a lot, but not a devastating loss to their income. I mean it’s hard, how can you relate to that? I understand that when you look at celebrities, a lot of the time people don’t see real people. And I don’t even think that it’s the jokes that really bother me, I mean, I think I have a dark sense of humor, so I think that a lot of stuff should be open to be made fun of But that’s also a way that we deal with stuff. But the victim blaming thing and the hypocrisy of some of the people that are victim blaming her, that’s what really bothers me. I always try to put myself, or the people I love in other people’s positions when I’m trying to think how I would react to it. What if this happened to your daughter, your son, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, someone you loved and cared about? Would you blame them? But that’s also my opinion. This is the Philip DeFranco Show, I’d love to know your opinion on this. Let me know what you’re thinking and why around this story. Then, one of the weirdest stories I’ve seen as of late is that there is a clown epidemic. And like, even CNN is talking about this. For the past few months, it seems like there have been clown sightings- [laughing] I can’t NOT laugh at this. There have been creepy clown sightings in at least 10 different states, also overseas, especially in France, there’s been… [Phil buzzing lips, looking confused] How is this a thing? Reports show that some of these clowns have tried to lure women and children into the woods. And just yelled at people, at cars. Also, chasing people with machetes?? And when you see some of the reports, you see some of the video: Obviously, some of these are hoaxes. Some just mess with the public, it’s a prank, but also there are some creepy bastards. Now, because clown sightings seem to be on the rise, I want to introduce the Philip DeFranco method to dealing with a rogue clown. One: Be alert at all times. Clowns have no natural home because they are hated almost universally, so they are always on the move. Two: If thanks to Rule 1, you see a clown, just NOPE. Whatever your preferred method of NOPE is. This works, this works Just NOPE the hell out of there! There is no reason that clown should be there! If for even a second, anyone in your friend group goes, “Oh! A clown! Let’s see what that’s about!” Don’t even fight ’em on it, they’re gonna buy you time to get away from that creepy ass clown. Best case scenario: the guy lost a bet, had to dress up stupid. Worst case scenario: that is a clown in a place that a clown shouldn’t be in! You’re gonna get straight up murdered and honestly, if you walked up to a random clown, it was gonna happen at some point. And finally, three: if you are unable to NOPE out of that situation and you end up in close proximity to a clown: Well, it’s over and you’re pretty much dead, Unless it’s a sexy clown, which I found out was a thing while I was researching this story. A whole subreddit dedicated to sexy clowns. And then we had Donald Trump and his camp in the news today for two different reasons, the first thing being people angry at Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani, who is a former New York City mayor, current Trump campaign adviser, he was talking to George Stephanopoulos because the New York Times got part of Donald Trump’s tax returns. The documents seemed to show that Donald Trump has not paid federal taxes for around 18 years, and Rudy Giuliani was making the case that this doesn’t mean that Donald Trump is a shady guy but it makes him a very smart business man, saying that he would have been a bad and stupid business man if he didn’t use the tax code in a completely legal way saying that the investors in that company would have sued him. So there was an argument there, but then Giuliani said this- Giuliani: Don’t you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the United States than a woman? And the only thing she’s ever produced is a lot of work for the FBI. Phil: So that was said, and then the next thing you saw, the headline, BOOM: So some people said, “This is a huge sexist statement,” “Giuliani should be disgusted with himself,” other people saying that he just minced his words. Now for me, I don’t know if Giuliani meant it that way, if it was just a slip-up of language. I mean, when I looked at the footage, I was like: [disappointed voice] Ohhh, why did he say “and” and not “who”?! “Who” completely changes the sentence! Giuliani: Don’t you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the United States than a woman? [Phil shouts “who” over the word “and”] the only thing she’s ever produced is a lot of work for the FBI, checking out her email. Phil: So that was Giuliani, but this morning, a lot of people were jumping on Trump for what he said here: So when people come back from war and combat and they see things that uh… maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over, and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it. Phil: And from that clip, where he’s talking to a crowd of veterans, we got the headlines: And once again, people jumped up from both sides, many people saying this is another example of Donald Trump not actually respecting veterans. For many, this comment bringing back memories of when he slammed John McCain for being captured in Vietnam. Donald Trump: He’s not a war hero Person off-camera: He’s a war hero! Trump: He’s a war hero- Person off camera: Five and a half years-! Trump: He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay? I hate to tell you- [audience gasps] [person off camera trying to argue] Trump: he’s a war hero, because he was captured! Phil: and others saying this is just another example of mainstream media taking a snippet of what he said and making him to be the villain, pointing out that the rest of that sentence from the aired clip was him saying that he wanted to help fund the VA. And personally, when I look at this: I mean, yeah the McCain stuff still bothers me. But to me, when I look at the way Trump worded it, it looked like a marketing move gone wrong. [Phil talking as Trump] It may not be affecting you ’cause you’re so strong and you’re amazing and you’re great- but let’s help out those who aren’t as amazing as you. Phil: And in my opinion, the problem with that move is he’s talking to veterans there’s no need for the bolster and pity angle If you’re a veteran who’s served in Iraq or Afghanistan, you either suffer from PTSD or you know someone who suffers. The VA estimates that between 11 and 20 veterans out of 100 suffer from PTSD. A new VA study in July said that 20 veterans kill themselves a day. It’s a huge fucking issue and so whether Donald Trump insinuated it or that there is a headline talking about people being weak, suffering from PTSD, it needs to be noted: Mental health issues, including PTSD, we need to try and take away the stigma here. If you or someone you know is dealing with something like this, it is not a personal or a character weakness. Getting help is how you solve a problem. It is not a sign of weakness. A lot of people are gonna have it locked in whether he really meant that or he didn’t mean that, I wanna just take this moment to raise awareness to a real fucking issue. And that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show. And remember, if you like this video, you like what I do on this channel: Hit that like button! If you’re new here, hit that subscribe button! But that said of course as always: My name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phil-d in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. The first two are ok, the last one is not. The soldier he was talking to was not offended in clip one


  3. Laci Green ain't shit. Hate to tell you "YouTube SJWs" but nobody actually knows who you are and so your "fame" is easy to to obtain. All this adds up to Roaming Millennial will easily surpass you soon enough if she hasn't already.

  4. wow, how could I forget about those clown sightings 2 years ago. I was so frightened

  5. Trump is right though. If you suffer from ptsd your mind is weak. Its not really something to be ashamed of because war is brutal and nasty. Doesn't take away from the fact that the soldier couldnt handle it. The other thing he said was right aswell, why was someone who was captured a hero? A hero is someone you look up to, aspire to be. So kids should aspire to be captured and probably tortured in war? Fuck no. I dont think there should be any such thing as a war hero. You can have good and bad soldiers but i dont think they should be branded heros.

  6. A friend of mine thought it would be funny to scare me and dressed up as a clown. He walked up behind me in costume and grabbed me I screamed and stepped on his foot threw him over my shoulder and punched him in the nose when he was on the ground. We spent the rest of the night in the ER getting his nose set bec I broke it.

  7. Laci may not be playing fair, but she is probably tired of people using her channel and name to get views.

  8. You don't agree that people are entitled to moderate the use of their likeness according to the law and the guidelines of the medium they're using? Tell me more.

  9. watching in 2018 and remembering how hateable lacy green was. thank god she's going thru red-pilling now

  10. Western women have been utterly ruined by feminism.

    With thier feminist indoctrinated narcissistic minds Western women who can hardly cook a healthy meal from scratch or clean a house sit complaining in a comfortable chair in an airconditioned or heated environment made by men, in factories, designed, built and run by men. They use a computer invented and programmed by men, built in a factory by men, using electricity discovered by men, transported on a national grid of power lines that were planned and engineered, maintained and made by men, using electricity generated using methods invented by men, in power stations built by and run by men.

    They use the Internet, which uses protocols invented by men, transmitted over cables laid by men, in an international network invented, planned, and made by men. They are fuelled by food that was the result of farms and agriculture planned and created by men, delivered to them by global food networks and transport systems invented and built by men. They are diagnosed and healed from sickness by scientific methods and medicines in hospitals invented and built by men, They live in houses that were invented, planned and built by men, They are entertained by programmes transmitted globally by signal technologies that are beamed directly onto large large and small viewing screens invented and built by men, They are kept warm or cool by technologies invented and built by men, in cities with roads, bridges, shopping malls, hospitals and other infrastructure planned and built by men.

    They drink clean water piped into their houses by a national network planned and built by men, from reservoirs and treatment plants that were planned, built and run by men. They are protected by laws invented by men, and enforced by men who risk their lives every day to protect citizens, their property and protect their country.

    Women enjoy the benefits of everything men discovered, invented, created, built and maintain and are treated equally (by law) and allowed to do anything they wish in the society men created, even if lives are put at risk by allowing women to join by lowering mens higher standards for entry into the military/police and fire services.

    And yet there are so many western women who are so privileged and devoid of hardship that they spend their time constantly complaining that all of this is not enough for them, that men should be ashamed, that men have too much in this society that they made, and that men need to give even more to women because they are entitled to it just because they were born a women…and emaculated men agree to it.

    Take away everything that men have done, and western feminist indoctrinated women would be sitting in the cold rain outside without anything to eat until a man comes along and offers them shelter, food, warmth and security.

    Western women are self-entitled fat ass deluded state weaponised thots who routinely steal hard working, faithful honest mens children, wealth and livelyhoods and plunge men into abject poverty or even worse suicide by divorce raping them at a whim with no fault divorce. Western women also wrongly think they are equal to or are superior to men.

    What sane man would go anywhere near poisonous parasites like that just for access to poon. its bizarre behaviour for any right thinking man yet these deluded women who bring absolutely nothing to a relationship still complain…

    "where have all the good men gone"

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