Slinging Merch with The Revivalists

( music playing )Hey, this is Zack, I’m Ed.
We’re from The Revivalists. We’re about to sling some merch.
Let’s go. This camera crew over here
thinks we’re gonna get
recognized. We’re trying to explain to them
that we’re not a big deal. Nothing’s gonna happen.
We’re just gonna sell merch,
but let’s see what happens.( music playing )Why do we only have
two items? Everyone’s got, like,
ten different things. No, we got the hat. We gotta step this up, man.
We gotta step this up. The thing about being
a musician, when you first
get started, you think it’s you’re just
gonna be playing music. And that– that’s, like,
maybe five percent of the job. The other 95% is driving,
getting set up, pushing carts,
and selling merch. – I’ll sell an Arianna shirt.
– Who is this? All right. – I’ll sell that shit.
– ( overlapping chatter ) Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait. That’s def–
that’s a sweatshirt, right? – This is nice.
– All right, here we go. Hit that up.
There. All right. This is like
the three wolves barking
at the moon. Yeah. This is coming with me.
This is coming with me. – All right.
– Arianna Grande? – Oh, yeah. It’s all good.
– I thought so. All right, what do you want?
The wolves sweatshirt
or what’s up? “God Is a Woman” me–
extra medium, “God Is a Woman.” Staying hydrated,
that’s important. – Yeah, keep it up, man.
– Yeah. Jack Daniels. Cool, man.
I used to drink that in college. She needs the female thing
real quick. Nobody’s listening to me. “God Is a Woman,” medium. Oh. Whoever’s register this is,
I’m sorry. ‘Cause you’re not gonna be
even here. We’re good, we’re good,
we’re good. Revivalists shit for sale.
Who wants it? man: Revivalists suck! Nobody. All right, here we go.
Extra medium. Oh, you know what? No, that–
that’s what I need. I need the “God Is a Woman.”
Got it. Here we go. Oh, I’m gonna be swimming in it.
I love it. This has been
the Revivalists selling merch. – You can’t get it–
– Mostly all Arianna Grande
merch. Wait. Ha!

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