SnoreStop® keeping you together™ TV Commercial 2014

Good night
Good night (kiss) Hey babe, how did you sleep ?
Really good Thank you
You’re welcome See you tonight

38 thoughts on “SnoreStop® keeping you together™ TV Commercial 2014

  1. great commercial, shes beautiful..i like the diversity of it, more companies should do

  2. great commercial. shes a beautiful woman. I like the diversity of it, more companies should do it, like the cherrios commercial with the little mixed girl

  3. I know the soldier in the commercial. He's in the National Guard. I went to school with him in Alabama then he moved out west.

  4. First off the commercial is a good one. Second American Servicemen have always married women in countries and areas where we have fought (Germany, Italy, France, Eastern Europe, Japan, Korea and Vietnam)
    As for Peter Puffer who ever, the actress who is a woman your inbred ass couldn't even attempt to talk to would laugh at you and your family Wreath (not a tree)
    I have been in both theaters 18B4V. If you ever served you would know what that was. But odds on you haven't. It was light hearted and yes, a vast majority of Persians Love America. Just like Italian, Japanese, German, Korean and Vietnamese Americans during our Wars with them. Either grab your balls and learn or STFU. Actually dumb ass go see Lone Survivor. You will see a village of great Muslims that helped save a SEAL.

  5. more multi cultural crap from madison avenue… diversity is fine as long as peoples share core values of tolerance, freedom and individual worth – things which islam demonstrably doesn't… more PC brainwashing from idiots who imagine islam to be what they would like it to be, rather than what it is… 

  6. Diversity has killed a lot of people. Personally the commercial is promoting a certain religion. And I think they will sell less product with this ad. I'm not a fan and I'm sure many others aren't either.

  7. This commercial is totally fake, she didn't blow herself up on a bus or anything. You can't snore in a casket #amiright

  8. too controversial for me, not interested in this product at all. it's just a product for decreasing snoring, why make such a controversial commercial? inappropriate and uncalled for and make me question the effectiveness of the product, a big scam, so not even interested in trying it.

  9. While I was deployed to Iraq as a Marine during the invasion phase; I was offered a wife TWICE. The people who are "offended" by this commercial are just looking for a reason to clutch their pearls.

  10. i seriously don't see a problem, and im no fan of Islam. but being upset over this is just stupid grow up people 

  11. radical right wing conservatives, Shut the fuck up, this is why no one will vote republican any more.

  12. I see two happy Americans living in a country with religious freedom. Religion and Race alone does not make you a good or evil person. If you see something else in this commercial you are an ignorant bigot 🙂

  13. SnoreStop, I applaud you for recognizing that we live in a world of tolerance, freedom, and diversity…. unfortunately a lot of people fail to realize that and/or actively fight against tolerance, freedom and diversity.
    Of course, I shouldn't have to applaud this commercial for what it does, but I have to because this kind of approach is criminally rare.

  14. Imagine the horror is this trailer featured a gay couple! You racists and homophobes need to get over yourselves

  15. I'd probably get a death threat from both christians and muslims when I say, I'd tap that.

  16. how does he have that house he is a bloody E-4, Obviously he'd have to have his woman supporting his ass, because that's not possible otherwise

  17. That woman made me so unbelievably mad I can't even find the words.  How could a member of our armed forces choose to marry a woman like that? This ad sends out a horrible message, and depicts just how far our society has sunk.

    At the end of the ad he asks, "How did you sleep?", and she responds, "Really good."


    What did you think I was talking about?

  18. Lol… anything that makes conservative "Christians" angry is awesome. I checked out the website and will probably end up buying your product. Good job. 

  19. "Find each other and Snorestop will help keep you together."
    That's the idea behind the campaign. It's to celebrate couples from all walks of life.

  20. All who are offended by probably never walked into the commissary of most forts in America and seen the hundreds of Muslim families shopping, or Arabs in the armed forces.

  21. I watch the video and I feel uplifted, I look at the comments and I still feel uplifted.

    There is hope for our Republic.

  22. I came here just to thumbs this video up. This is why we fight ISIS, the Taliban, and those who don't want people to have freedom and rights. So people can live how they want to in a peaceful world. And not keep their wife up with snoring. 🙂

  23. NOTE: The actor does NOT identify as a Muslim and no where is there any proof for this. There are NO true Muslim women involved in this campaign.

  24. IMPORTANT: The female actor's name is Lexy and this is not a Muslim name. She does NOT identify as a Muslim. No Muslim female was involved in this campaign.

  25. Great add, just seen the TYT commentary on it, some right wing ignorant groups and the Fox got mad over the fact that a muslim woman is in it. Sad to see racism and bigotry in 2016.

  26. I definitely wouldn't be snoring if I were married to that soldier… 😉

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