SOP: Basic Sales Script

hi this is Karl Palachuk with another
sop video for managed service providers today we’re talking about the basic
sales script so what do we mean by a basic sales a basic sales script is
something that really is just intended to get you an appointment our goal here is not to close the deal
by calling somebody on the phone and suddenly making money or getting a
$5,000 a month contract our goal here is simply to get our foot
in the door a basic sales script is part of your
sales funnel which means you start with a lot of people and you get down to just
a handful the goal of the basic sales script is to get people from the top of
the funnel into the next step so think about this remember there’s what we call
but 99% rule which is that 99% of the time 99% of the people don’t want what you’re
selling so don’t waste your time on the 99% very quickly get to the point of are
you interested or not all if you are good approach in the funnel if you’re not
we won’t bother you again sales people love to talk about numbers
let’s say you make a hundred phone calls and you get five appointments and then
you get up five appointments and you get with your luck five proposals of those
five proposals one will get approved and now that’s how it works so whatever your
numbers are whatever your stages are in the process gotta start with a lot of numbers and
work your way down the most important thing to remember is that any sales
script is better than none and any sales call is better than none if you google
Palachuk worst sales call ever I tell the story about somebody that called me one
day and said hi can I talk to whoever makes decisions about technology and I
said well I guess that’s me and then he proceeded to ask me we sell voip and
managed services and security and digital blah blah blah and
throughout all this jargon and then he said are you interested in any that and
I said well no not really and he said ok bye he was gone and as
bad is that sales call was it was better than any sales call I made that day
right because that one percent that’s actually interested might say I don’t
know what all those things are but you do computers right and then he’s got
himself a sale i have often told the story about one of the larger clients we
ever got and they were gotten by somebody who came to us and said I sold
a client much bigger than I can handle the seventy two desktops and i cant
handle these guys and I said well how did you cell phone and this friend of
mine said well he literally took a bunch of business cards and he went door to
door to door knockin on all the doors in a in a business development and he
simply asked a question does anybody here wanna talk about technology and
somebody said yes and he SAT him down he told them what they should do with their
network and they said ok and they signed a deal with him so now we had a much
bigger than he could handle and he got it because he asked a very simple
question does anybody want to talk about technology so here’s a graph of a very
basic sales script and you see the way it works is you start by asking yourself
who do you want your client to be are you going after dentist are you going
after lawyers are you going after a small businesses that have eight
desktops or fewer who is your target market so start with who and go to what
what are you selling today is this call so that you can get them to have a
network analysis ok great than you’re selling a network analysis again you’re
not trying to sign a huge huge deal today you’re trying to get your foot in
the door why buy why should they buy this from you
so why should they give you the opportunity to come in with all their
equipment and give them a network analysis you gotta be able to answer
that basic question when well what’s the timeline for this is
this always available or you can always say quite honestly you know we only do a
few of these every quarter so I’ve got one more seat left with your name on it
if you add a little bit of scarcity and then people say okay so I’ll do it now
because otherwise I have to wait till next quarter finally you need to consider
where will you use this script is this phone script is a script for knocking
on doors this is a script you’re gonna do at a presentation at the Chamber of
Commerce where will you use this script and then you put together the graph of
ok here’s what I’m gonna do what you don’t want to do is to pick up the phone
and mumble and stumble and not know what you’re gonna say so layout just a few paragraphs of what
you’re actually gonna say hi this is Karl I’m with small biz thoughts we’re
talking to people about network security and seeing whether or not
they’re interested in an analysis to determine whether or not their network
is secure is that something that would be
interesting again 99% are gonna say no that’s totally cool thank him be on your way and hope that you get
that one percent as quickly as possible for small businesses Karl Palachuk
wishing you all the best in your managed services business

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