“Spaceships. For Earth.” Tesla Commercial 2017 #projectloveday

Ignition sequence start 3, 2, 1 Liftoff! We have a liftoff! Vehicle has reached maximum aerodynamic pressure.

100 thoughts on ““Spaceships. For Earth.” Tesla Commercial 2017 #projectloveday

  1. Isn't this an obvious conflict of interests. Someone with tons of followers that pays attention to space news is in a competition to get stuff or recognition from the CEO of one of the companies he covers?

  2. This one is the true winner for me. It's inspiring and original. Loved it.

  3. I really loved the alarm clock in the beginning scene. Any leads where I can get them online?

  4. on a day going to airport to travel half the Earth circumference… our family try for our first time a Tesla (model X) by calling an electric-only taxi company… after we sit on the second row seat… the driver closed the doors and oh yeah… we are in a spaceship… now, if only the car could have made it's way into our final destination within less than a hour, then we will have truly believe that Elon is not from this planet Earth.

  5. Very beautiful images, amazing video! The reason why it's only second in the contest is imho because the "story" is too weak and it lacks of a special moment (MKBHD did this by switching on the ludicrous mode without actually showing the race, leaving this to the imagination of the viewers).

  6. I would like to see Tesla make a trailer which is pulled by a
    differential takeoff on the automobile with a drive shaft and is
    connected to a small turbine engine/torque converter to increase range
    (and charging. Or a charging turbine engine/torque converter run on
    propane for apartment dwellers).

  7. For any other car, this would just be another commercial, but Teslas are also cousins of SpaceX Rockets, so they actually have claim to that statement.

  8. That suit must reek by now!
    Always interesting, your videos.
    (I just hate the model X's ostentatiousness and useless doors—but that's just me.)

  9. Mind if I ask where you got the Space Shuttle model from? I've been looking for one for a while now

  10. Wow I love this, just watched is like 5 times 🙂 Great job, you should have won

  11. Dude, off subject and probably asked a million times before, Why no Podcast?
    Much of my working day is spent in my van, I’d listen to you all day!
    YouTube while driving is not an option!

  12. I love your video, maybe because I got a Model X a year ago. I now follow your YT channel. Great Job!

  13. Just review this add after having seen "how a space suite almost kill me". Very nice to find a lot of little details.
    Just Awsom

  14. You forgot "Professional driver on a closed course"

  15. Hi everyone!! My team and I designed a plane for a contest and if we win we could go present our design in Germany! We are from Montreal, Canada so our presentation is in french!! Please take 5sec to vote there: http://casestudy.aeroportail.ca/en/projet/fiche/6

  16. @everydayastronaut Maybe you can make a video wich shows some main physical and technical facts about the Dragon Capsules?

  17. Man, I dunno why, but that little "bong bong" at the end satisfies me for some reason. Is it because it just screams "TESLA!!!"? Or is it because it reminds me of Bjørn Nyland? Either way, the bong at the end is pretty satisfying.

  18. Holy crap how fast were you going at the end there?! I mean I approve but I've never seen a car company endorse doing 100+ mph with their car on public roads. That's like if Grey Goose commercials featured white girls getting totally annihilated.

  19. Someone should redo this commercial with a performance model 3. Tim, do you happen to know anyone with a performance model 3? 😀

  20. First Norwegian Rocket to reach the border of space 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNigku8jz48 . with hydrogen hybrid engine

  21. That feeling when you hear, "Ignition sequence starts. 3. 2. 1. Lift off! We have a life off!" ❤️

  22. You know what would’ve been cool if you lifted up the back Doors so it’ll resemble a space shuttle

  23. man…you should have won. I've watched your commercial a thousand times. I love every single detail,

    its…." out of this world".

    Couldn't resist…!

  24. This is amazing. Everyone can understand but the enthusiasts can appreciate the deeper messages. This should have won the contest.

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