Spider-man Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

100 thoughts on “Spider-man Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. actouly when you trhough some one off the building spiderman automaticly shoots aweb that conects them to the side of the building

  2. Minor detail but thanks for blurring the suits! I’m about half way through but definitely want to see them as I unlock them. Thanks for that!

  3. I finally got the game after all the hype, and its dissapointing. I've played 3 hours but set it down and don't think i'm going to pick it back up again.


    The movement while interesting hasn't got me excited, I still feel like i'm just going A to B still.

    The Combat, doesnt feel responsive, i'm pressing dodge yet spiderman isnt dodging. This i've overcome by slowing down how I play so instead of playing proactive I am now playing reactive. (Really don't like the arkham style of combat, I liked it in sleeping dogs, but thats about it)

    MIssions, meh just standard open world stuff so far.

    Voice Acting, I'm sick of Yuri Lowenthal, Been watching a bit of anime lately and hes been one of the main characters in them almost constantly so to be honest I am really sick of his voice though. He's a good Voice Actor, i'm just burnt out of hearing it.

    I feel like for me, the game comes down to been there done that, and as much as I like spiderman I cannot over come this feeling of mediocrity.

    note: I really really really wanted to like this game, I love insomniac so much that I want to work for them and still do.
    I just think i'm absolutely sick of open world games at this point because whenever I hear the term I just sigh and go welp, not playing that game.

  4. I’m gonna wait for the sale after Christmas when the stores have a bunch of extra stock.

    Edit: f*ck it I bought it

  5. I wish I rented the game before considering to buy it. The difficulty is terribly unbalanced. Even on the lowest setting it feels more like Spider Souls than Spider-Man. When I play a superhero game I want to feel like a superhero and not like a dork in tights.

  6. Insomiac Games makes such great open world titles (along side Rockstar, Avalanche, and Sucker Punch, of course). They sold me on the xbox one with Sunset Overdrive, which eventually became one of my all time favorite games. Between them, Sucker Punch, and Naughty Dog, Sony has a killer dev roster.

  7. Great game that only improves on the genre, solid review ACG. Not perfect, but Insomniac is getting there in their unique way!

  8. You sir, are the only reviewer with any credibility left. I used to think the same of 'worth a buy', but he has just degenerated in to, "I bad at playing game, game made me mad!"

  9. Thanks for your evenhanded review of this title. I already bought and platinum’d it, but I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  10. A great example of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And I love this game for it. All this game does is polish what worked before while also doing some(mostly minor) things differently, and taking risks that I think pay off extremely well.

  11. Everyone BUY this game. It is fantastic and incredibly fun. Insomniac Games does it again.

  12. One thing to note about Spiderman killing tho, he actually doesn't. Whenever I threw someone off a building they would just get stuck to a nearby wall or vehicle before they land. So yea insomniac does pay attention to that.

  13. 11:14 you do realize that the enemies stick to the side of the building right?

  14. Grind type missions are good for those of us who don’t have hours on top of hours to complete a game. Reviewers should start mentioning that when mentioning repetitive tasks. Those back pack missions were pretty cool over a week or two of gameplay. Same with all the other activities. It’s nice saying “it’s been a long day, I’m just going to complete two to three tasks in Spider-Man before going to bed!”

  15. It be cool if they have some into the Spider Verse dlc incorporating a Miles Moralis suit and world

  16. I wanna know the reviews from Xbox console owners 😂😂
    On a serious note, I don’t know if this game is losing precious revenue by not releasing on PC (same goes for all PS exclusives)

  17. I just grabbed the game yesterday and so far I'm enjoying it, I'm glad they added the Scarlet Spider outfit cus IMO for different styles that's an awesome one and I like the red suit with blue cutoff hoodie look….
    anyways, game looks great, good action, fun webslinging and the fights are better than Arkham…sorry but punching a guy into the air never gets old lolz

  18. Had an audio bug that nearly blew out my surround speakers and sounded as if the gates of hell were opening in my room at 3 in the morning, 10/10 would summon satan again.

  19. I'm having more fun with this game than I've probably ever had with any other game. It makes me want to keep playing unlike any other game I've played and the story is awesome

  20. The web slinging is so well done. So much so that I'm nearly 20 hours in and haven't used the fast travel system once.

  21. This game is "heavily influenced" by Batman Arkham series if you know what i mean, still pretty fun to play though,….

  22. 11:15 that is not true
    Most enemies get attached to the side of buildings when thrown off. MOST ENEMIES. sometimes they don't, but a majority of enemies end up webbed to a building. They don't just fall off. Insomniac did think about what happens after.

  23. When an enemy is kicked/thrown of a roof, A safety web will automatically activate, and pin to the nearest surface, usually to the side of said building.

  24. No matter what game I play I always turn the music off. It makes the game more realistic for me

  25. The game is great and love the swinging mechanics. But espectacular difficulty it’s really a nightmare.

  26. I just realized all enemies kicked off buildings end up webbed to the side of the building spidey doesn’t kill anyone (at least that way lol) love the channel!!

  27. I absolutely love this review. And im really happy he was thoughtful enough to completely blur any spoilers

  28. Everyone thinks the one finisher is a neck snap but he’s just making bad guys punch themself.

  29. One of my favorite things of this game are gathering the backpacks and the landmarks photos. It feels like such a Spider-Man thing and his comments are awesome

  30. You wouldn't want to hear the word "repetitive" in an only 30-hr long game. Guess I'll just wait till it goes on sale.

  31. Really enjoy hearing your opinions. I wish I could buy this games lol but there so expensive right know.

  32. The combat is the best spiderman has ever seen. Theres no combo list, at least from what I've seen or I havent looked for it. Meaning every new effective combo I found I crafted with my own intuition. Like my favorite 3 punch, uppercut 2 punches midair web him up and slam him down combo that almost instantly fills my focus. The web slinging is fantastic. The city looks fantastic. Really fun game to play while I glance at my two terrariums containing my Pink Toe and Bird Eater tarantulas. I love spiders and I love Spiderman

  33. Hands down the best gameplay ever!!!
    But this stupid stupid main 'story'… O my really a load of crap. Especially the ones where they have to show how politically correct they are. So bloody pathetic. They even force you to play retarded missions because of, well, 'political correctness'. And not just one, but untill the point you have to vomit. You americans and this pc bullshit……
    Glad my friend lend it to me because now i won't buy this frustrating shit for sure.
    O but the biggest shit is where spidy can stop cars, trains and getting kicked in the head by super villans, but he receives two punches from thugs in the street… He dies. O yeah, the consistency is heart breaking…

  34. After playing RDR2 before this
    sadly none of the npc looks and moves the same, even the basic movement looks like floating not moving at all.

  35. As an xbox fan who owns a one x and a ps4 slim buy this shit now its like crack everything about it is like a wet dream to spiderman fans

  36. @11:10 I had the same concern about Spidey tossing people off buildings until I actually stopped to watch one fall. They don't get very far at all before they're somehow webbed to the side of the building in question. I can't say how he manages to make it happen, but it definitely does happen.

  37. When you throw an enemy from a building, there’s an animation of a trip mine sticking them to a nearby wall, it’s not ignored.

  38. I really don't like the combat. It takes way too much blows to knock an enemy out. After 15 min in the game I was already looking for 1 hit kill cheats on the internet.

  39. Actually nobody dies, even if they fall off the building. If you look at the right time. The enemy is pulled towards the wall of the building and webbed up. Some kind of gadget i think. Noticed it in the first 15 minutes.

  40. Don't know if you noticed but enemies knocked off high places get webbed to buildings, just saying. Great review by the way.

  41. Every body plz give me final opinion.. to buy or not to buy.. knowing that im 35 years old!

  42. I don't usually get into superhero games, but this one seems like a good time. It's also on sale right now, so based on your good review, I think I'll pick it up. Thanks as always for a good honest review too. 👍

  43. Lovee this game I've been a gamer for a long time and this the first time I've felt like a real superhero. The learning curve is just Right and you really feel your power getting higher throughout the game. Love it

  44. Also, for most of those "kills" where you chuck a guy off a building, if you look closely you actually stick a web charge to em and they get stuck. Doesn't mean much but it does a bit for my suspension of disbelief

  45. Will the game blow me away even if I find Spider-Man one of the most difficult superheroes to sympathize with, that was probably completely wrong term but still. I mean, the character is pretty much a blank slate for me as I've seen maybe one Spider-Man movie ever and probably only scenes of it, not the whole movie. I've never read any superhero comics so everything I know about the heroes and Spider-Man is from Marvel's movies of this generation (Avengers etc.). It's on sale for PS4 right now and that €49.99 for Digital Deluxe Edition is tempting.

  46. The best superhero copy game ever to Batman Arkham series the closest yet thanks to rocksteady their work in batman games has been amazing I’ve played both games I loved spider man game its super fun but in everything you do in the game you see batman game they have done a very good job to get close to Arkham Knight but its amazing how a 2018 game compared to 2015 game guys spider man is an excellent game but batman games still better…there are some leaks that WB Studios have teased the new Batman game and its coming this year so lets wait and see

  47. My 4 year old daughter accidentally bought this game on my PS4. I haven't even downloaded it yet. Looks like a real dumb game. This superhero crap is getting so old.

  48. This is a wait for sale. 7/10. Another obnoxious open world game with an overdone superhero. I can’t stand peter bullshit parker

  49. I did some research and found that if you throw an enemy off a building, they actually stick to the building using some sort of web sensor thingy. Nice detail by insomniacs

  50. I hope in the near future that open world games like this, that all buildings can be entered. For example if spidy was swinging to fast and misjudged a jump and hits a window, that window breaks allowing the player to enter the office/apartment. Just a gameplay dream I have. Cant wait to play spiderman.

  51. Finally a Spiderman game on the same level if not better than Spiderman 2. It only took 14 DAMN YEARS.

  52. great review this game is fantasic i just got it and i love it specialy with the Rami Suit

  53. Definitely wait for the game for it to lower the price as it is only 16 hours worth of gameplay overall 8/10 for the campaign, game was great but a lot of the story was the boring Mary Jane.

  54. This game is fuckin crap. “Absolutely a buy” my ass. The city is stale as fuck. There is literally nothing to do once you finish the story.

  55. guys would u say this game is on par with batman Arkham asylum and Arkham city

  56. Wait wtf? He killed somebody😂 he kicked a guy off the roof

  57. The game was fun but the side activities are repetitive. And this coming from a guy who got the platinum trophy. It starts getting boring once your done with the story but I did 100% in every district it was a nightmare but worth the trophy.

  58. Got this game from a family member WOW I put the game in at 1 today and came off at 9 this was a quick look understand, I lov it for the many spidy updates suits and power ups, it kept me off Division 2 for hours and I live that game, I will load it again tomorrow as it interests me greatly, Fantastic Review as always Thanks! Can he swing? Can he heck, Watch him fall break his neck!!! Look out here comes The Spiderman!!!

  59. You the best. If you say buy it assures me that my money will be well spent

  60. Honestly I played like 3 hours of this game and I already like the story more than god of war. To me this game beats God of war already because God of war I am finding to be boring.

  61. Next gen consoles I’m switching to PS.. fuck these greedy scumfucks at MS who push out the most trash, rushes out games and slap exclusive on it and let their player base be the beta testers, giving us months worth of irritating bugs and glitches. I don’t even buy games anymore when they come out. I’d rather spend that money on new Drones and stuff that’s actually worth the money.

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