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I’m Denise Shull, a performance coach for
hedge fund managers, traders, professional athletes, and now some corporate warriors. I founded the Rethink Group. We think of it as a decision consultancy,
although I think we’re probably known for peak performance using neuroscience and modern
psychoanalysis to help people really deliver their best performances in any realm, actually. It’s really important that people, whether
you’re investing or trading, really do know what your strategy is– why it’s your strategy. It’s like knowing what position you’re playing
on a football team, or what position you’re playing on a basketball team. You can’t– well, even amateur sports you
can’t just go changing positions. You know. Your friends are going to get mad at you. But obviously professional sports, you’ve
got your tasks. It’s so easy in the crazy uncertainty of the
market, where you don’t really know, to kind of get swayed to change positions, meaning
start using another strategy than is the one that you believe in and you’re committed to. Even if it’s a brilliant idea, you can’t execute
it, because you don’t have the belief in it, you don’t have the confidence in it. So, like, I have a hedge fund manager who’s
got a terrible tendency to take ideas from his friends. They may be good ideas, but it’s not going
to work because when the price action is not doing quite what you think it’s going to do,
it’s not the position you’re used to playing and you don’t really know what to do. Because in the market environment, you just
don’t have the conviction. So there are a gazillion ways to make money
in the market, an unlimited number of time-frames, an unlimited number of lenses to see, which
I’m likening to positions on a football team. Figure out what yours is. Like, what resonates with you? What makes the market makes some sense and
stick with it. Resist the temptation to do the thing the
person next to you is doing or the people at the conference you talked to are doing. Because you don’t know how to execute in their
position. How you stick with it, by the way, is– admit
to yourself that you want to play their position. Admit to yourself that you want to do it the
other way as a way of like, externalizing that and then your intelligence kicking in
and saying, OK, I would really like to take that trade or, you know, I’d really like to
get long gold when I’ve never had a gold position in my life. Like, once you externalize it you can look
at it a little bit more and see that the risk is probably not worth the reward.

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  2. Position in a football team analogy is a very good one imo

  3. Why don't these people who make comparisons to sport go advise & lecture on a sport ?

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  5. Is she like real life Wendy Rhoades? Football analogy is great but most of people outside the US don’t get the complexity of football and like much easier soccer.

  6. denise! feelings. scared, happy, sad, mad, disappointed. Name them and destroy them.

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