Stock Market For Beginners 📈 TRADING AND INVESTING 101

65 thoughts on “Stock Market For Beginners 📈 TRADING AND INVESTING 101

  1. I have been putting a toe into investing within the past couple of months. Most valuable (most relatable) rule said here was the $1000 minimum!!! I started out with penny stocks, only buying $100 every week, 10-25 shares "hoping to get rich", but the offset that my investment broker ("F*d*l*t*) charges per trade ($5.95) lost me money every time, even if the stock did go up from initial purchase. Gonna start saving bigger sums before initiating trades from now on.

  2. thanks lots man! im just about to start exploring "trading" and this are very helpful insights man!

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  4. Anyone knows how can i start buing stocks since i am from Cyprus???

  5. This was a great video. I didn’t understand buy low and sell high until you just broke it down. Thanks !

  6. My main question is why do some look like this
    Instead of 0.34????
    What is the extra digit and what is the cost in USD

  7. So when it went down you should have actually bought more just to profit that much more when it went up

  8. My main personal rule is to NEVER use money you need..
    I look at it like I spent that money and it’s gone ….

  9. Great video, there is one thing I notice. Is that a Nuka Cola Poster.. Fallout =) you got my vote

  10. If the stock falls you said not to sell and to wait. What does it mean to sell different than buying stocks?

  11. I love this guy, he’s unintentionally funny and a great teacher

  12. I think you did a very good job stating these important concepts.

  13. I was looking for technical tips. But after watching this video, I realised I have gotten the most important lessons. The ones with experience in trading but failing should come back to these basic concepts. Brilliant video. Thanks a ton. Will check out your 2019 video too.

  14. Instead of getting a real tutorial about stock market trading all i get is a bunch of faggots who talk about themselves for 20 minutes straight.

    It seems everywhere i look there are conmen an their conning videos about "stock trading".


  16. Very good info I was going to use Robinhood now I will wait try something else new to the game……

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you! I feel like this was the push I needed to begin as a trader 👌

  18. I've wanted to get in for some time. Looking at these cannabis stocks, ACB and HEXO, many analysts say these are at bottom floor levels.
    Money is a concept, it has no more value than a piece of paper in your office copier. It's backed by confidence that you can exchange it for goods and services.
    Only gold is money.

  19. Yack, Yack, Yack, get to the point we don't care about your personal history.. I'm out..

  20. I like the way you explain. Informative & inspiring. Tho, I am not yet confident. I wish I can learn more.

  21. I'm brand new to this entire universe of stuff. Even the basic terminology causes me to stop and Google things. But i would like you to know that seems very helpful and i appreciate you making the video!!!

  22. Thanks for the knowledge your sharing man !!! I need it this !!

  23. Sorry, but money is real. Tell that to people who need money to pay bills, health bills, etc., Also, if money isn't real, why are you trading?…To earn make believe money? Really bad advice dude. Be emotionally attached or invested to a stock? ANOTHER BAD ADVICE, that make you be irrational and hold on to a stock that ends up going bankrupt.

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  25. I am focusing on long term stocks , which is about 75% of my portfolio and short term is about 25 %. I’m only at 6% profit would like to be a little higher.

    Funny that you mentioned amd that was one of my first mistakes when I started I sold when it started to go down so I could re coupe some of my money but guess what 2 weeks later it went back up. Lol

  26. Can I just say , that in any business venture you set out in . Leave your personal life and your emotions at the door. We own a few businesses and one being a restaurant. ESP in a restaurant because you see a lot of people you know and you get to meet a lot of people if you were to give everyone of those people a discount or deal you would be out of business Within 2 years. Unless of course you have a huge bank account and then you will just be losing a lot of money for years to come.

  27. BUT HOW I get it be smart with the money blah blah blah BUT HOW DO I BUY A STOCK (safely)

  28. When I first started I always bought stocks that dropped heavy, thinking they would rebound.

  29. Thank you very much for your time brother. Very grateful you have shared you personal experience. I think what you have shared it is a very useful information. Again thanks allot.

  30. Hey man it’s 2019 and I’m here watching you video, this has been the most transparent 101 to stocks I have ever seen, tip number 4 is what truly made me understand stocks and the algorithm

  31. Wow amazing stuff. I’m only 15 and I’m getting interested in starting and I’d like to thank you so much for giving such amazing tips and info. 🤙

  32. the puporse of the stock market is that companies provide there shares so they can extract value from the retail traders in other words the markets is supposed to b taking money from the retail traders and providing the companies and big traders with money thats how it works

  33. Hey Ryan, this is a great video. I'm beginning to learn about stocks and trading, my only issue is at moments like 9:12, I'm someone that has never seen a chart like this or heard the terminology you're using, for example, I have no idea what it means when you say, "it hit like just under $6 a share within 2 days." I'm lost on why that made you lose money, if you have another video in which you explain the absolute introductory basics to buying stocks I would really appreciate seeing it. Thanks.

  34. "Bulls make money, bears make money. But the sheep… The sheep gets slaughtered" – Gordon Gekko

  35. You have a good story and are full of passion. But if you want some constructive criticism I'd say you need to edit your video down. The fact that you went Into your tips 3 minutes in is just way too long. Keep it concise if you want to build your channel. Good luck

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  37. What about apps that don’t charge broker fee , does that change your concept of having to put such a large amount into the stocks …?

  38. Use robinhood if you dont wanna pay commission. Claim this stock now without investing money first:

  39. Another good tip is if you already bought high and you 1,000 percent know it’s gonna go down take some more money and buy some more stock when it’s low cuz you’ll make ur money back and more here’s a general example…. say I buy stock from a company called STARS and each stock is worth a dollar and I buy 5,000 stocks which cost 5,000… and then it crashed and each stock is now worth 50 cents well if I sell my 5,000 I only get 2.5k meaning I lose 2.5k dollars but if I keep it and buy another 1,000 stocks at the price of 50 cents(equaling $500) I now have 6,000 stocks and I only had to invest $5,500 so now when it goes back up to a dollar I can sell my 6,000 stocks for a dollar each and get $6,000 for stocks I only paid $5,500 for. Now of course no a lot of people have 6,000 just lying around but it u do you could make some good money and potentially make 6-7 figures a year doing this same method… almost all stocks go up eventually no matter what… if apple crashes rn best believe they will find a way to go back up so it’s really no point of selling unless a company is saying thier bout to file bankrupt or something drastic

  40. dude that book is fuckin great its kinda the reason im here watching this. it gave me a different life prospective but a way better ome than i had previously im alot happier now

  41. We get emotionally attatched to our money cause we work our asses off for it. Robert doesn’t work for his money lol

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