Stocks rise on easing trade tensions

56 thoughts on “Stocks rise on easing trade tensions

  1. Platinum took on the chin, I see. Perhaps, comparatively inordinately

  2. مرگ بر روسیه .مرگ بر چین …درود بر ملت آمریکا …down with russia..down with china american people ❤💙❤💙❤💙

  3. Ken Beaulieu

  4. The real reason of this trade war is to take out the Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

  5. Deep state is doing everything they can to undermine the progress Trump & america has achieved over last 2 years. Vote Trump for a better future for everyone.

  6. No olive branch another Chinese spy just uncovered the risk outweighs the greed money to be made elsewhere cut China out of the market

  7. They're working hard to impeach an economy strategist president. But let me tell you the truth, citizen s will pay the price.

  8. if the US not totally KO CHINA this time, US will go down after with no more chance.

  9. I have a feeling everything is gonna be ALL RIGHT! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. America’s democrat government is trying to sabotage the people ! Wow! Dems trying to Take down a sitting president and his success,! Down with democrat the hoax machine !

  11. Well hope China doesn't back down they need to hold there ground they have the advantage of time unlike Americans

  12. These wall st pansies are making me sick! There is no way China is gonna engage in free and fair trade! Keep hammering the chicomms Mr President!!!

  13. I think that the likelihood of impeachment fading as the issues come to light provides some stability as well. Wallstreet needs Trump to remain president. The day the insane Dems get control of this economy, the market will crash and the world markets will follow.

  14. Clinton gets away with dissemination of top secret emails, destroys Libya, sparks the Syrian war, holds back military support in Benghazi, allows uranium sales to Iran, Russia, starts a fake non-profit to receive political donations.

    Yet she accused Trump of being a hurricane of corruption.

    Then here comes qui pro quo creepy Bidden from the corrupt Obama era, corruption has no end for Obama, he has corrupted the Constitution.

  15. Wall Street obviously knows that the Dems and their little impeachment game is garbage also,

  16. Tomorrow the market will be down because of trade tensions. The next day it will be up for no discernable reason. They remind me of weather forecasters. I'll just assign it buying low, and then taking profit when it goes up. Then you start all over again the next day. Easy to manipulate when you can afford to buy huge blocks of stocks at a time. IMHO

  17. Again we get this all the time, no matter how many phones calls they make, no matter how many meetings there are, they always went well. Now that's what they say. Always use this, they went well excuse in order to keep everything stable and steady. They never going say it didn't go well, so the market is going to pick up tis information. Yea, computer algorithm, they know the drill. By sending a message like this push the markets up just a little bit higher.

  18. China and Russia have this anti-American mindset ever since the Wars came and went. Hovering over Us and laughing, thinking they are carving history. We’ll see who’s laughing when the short end of the stick is in your hands CHINA! America will prosper soon enough.

  19. Charles AND Chris preview of upcoming premier China trade talks while the DOW dances at +149.61 on the LAST MONDAY IN September; that is leading to the stock market closing the month of September +positively. Who could ask for more? I could. I could ask for The President to be making money for doing all He does for God and Country.
    Toodles Pip and Cheerio!!!

  20. Charles, your awesome, your shows really make a person feel good on a day like today. Sort of like watching Andy Griffith. Thanks. Trump 2020!

  21. Надо измини ца надо вирну ца нее нужен нам эти обновы надо выбрасывать? книги придуманы? Надо вирнуть старые матиматики физику и другие) 2010 2011 2012 были эти евреи убавили от них но развитии есть (2019)🤔


  23. trump do what you gotta do For the good of America . Last time The Democrat done something good for America And Not themselves Trump 2020

  24. Wall Street has NO ALTERNATIVE. You either stick with Trump or you lose with Warren. So get with the program and defend America against China!

  25. False hope. One thing to keep in mind about China is that the dictatorial regime's long-term goals do not involve sustaining peaceful ties (i.e., commerce and trade) with the United States, nor with any other nation in the region and around the world. China seeks only to acquire new territory, to undermine all Western influences like liberty and freedom, and to use "financial/economic dependency" as a way of exerting absolute control/influence over the internal/external affairs of all sovereign nations. In other words, it wants to replace the United States as the policeman of the world, but the type of "global policeman" China wants to become will arguably be (and already is) far more sinister than that of the United States. We have a history of granting individuals their freedom; we have a history of granting nations their independence (e.g., Philippines). China, on the other hand, has only a history of massacring 500,000 Tibetans, imprisoning citizens of Xinjiang, harvesting the organs of 1.5 million detainees in Chinese prisons, reneging on deals/treaties (especially after obtaining even greater power/influence), threatening economic/military action against countries that try to challenge its myriad territorial claims, and perhaps most notably advertising plans of invading nations like Taiwan by 2020. It would be wise for the U.S. to not only quit subsidizing China but also reduce its dependency on China now instead of later. Of course, we should still trade with China, just exercise prudence and restraint. U.S. businesses were simply too greedy, foolishly putting all their eggs in one basket.

  26. Is this why they arrested the “Chinese Spy” this past Friday that they knew about since 2015? Can’t let Trump win to much

  27. No deal with China keep hitting them with tariffs and buy American made.

  28. Wake up America a stock market,economic crash isn't a result from a trade deal with China or any other country for that matter.. It all is decided by the globalist bankers Thur the federal reserve when they decided to clean the slate and take all the chips. Simple concept the money changers

  29. If Commie China won’t agree to stop abusing our trade relationship then they don’t need America and America Don’t need to Stolen, or lied 🤥 to anymore!!!!

  30. I cannot support a trade deal with China. It is a communist regime that is harvesting organs from political prisoners, among a thousand other atrocities. Not to mention it's belt and road initiative that was designed to overthrow the U.S. But, yeah, let's support that and allow them to grow stronger… Trump is messing this up, like most other campaign "Promises". LUL

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