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[JENNY] So China just approved for Xi to be president for life, and Trump says “maybe we have to give that a shot someday.” [BILL] Like, enough is enough.
How do people ignore that? [GARY] I’m pretty sure he was joking. [BILL] Joking about being president for life? [GARY] Yeah. If you listen to the audio, everybody’s laughing. They’re clearly in on the joke. [JENNY] Okay, I’m sorry. Do you like Donald Trump? [GARY] No, I actually think there’s a lot wrong with the guy, it’s just that this happens not to be one of those things. [JENNY] I cannot believe I work with a Trump supporter. [GARY] What? [BILL] Let’s get out of here, Jenny. [GARY] I voted for Hillary! (music) [LANA] Did you hear about this? [GARY] What did he do? [LANA] Donald Trump banned an entire religion. [GARY] What?!
[LANA] Yeah. [STEVE] Yeah, it’s the Muslim ban, so I guess Trump is banning all Muslims from coming here. [LANA] He’s probably gonna kick out the ones that are already here [GARY] Actually, it’s not a ban against all Muslims. The travel ban is against seven Muslim majority countries [GARY] Yeah, but unemployment’s at 4.1%. Trump isn’t shutting down Meals on Wheels. Only 3% of their budget comes from the federal program. No Mom, I agree with what he said about Donald Trump, I just don’t think it’s appropriate to say that at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. [LANA] Are you serious, Gary? [GARY] Oh, I don’t agree with it. It’s like, if you’re so concerned about terrorism, then why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the list too, right? [STEVE] Why the f**k are you defending Trump? [GARY] I’m not defending him, you guys are just misrepresenting him. [GARY] Trump is not as bad as Hitler. [DOCTOR] Okay. [GARY] Who put this here? And who took my lunch? [GARY] Actually, LGBT categories have never been on the census, so no, Trump isn’t removing them. [DAVE] How much are the Russians paying you comrade? [LANA] Wait until he comes to our place of business and starts collecting our Muslims and getting rid of them too. [GARY] Hatem and Ali are American citizens. [LANA] And that makes it okay? [GARY] What? No! [STEVE] Holy s**t.
[LANA] Oh my god. [STEVE] I didn’t know you were a white supremacist, Gary. You know, this isn’t even our floor, let’s just get the f**k off. [GARY] Look, he didn’t fire Tillerson on Twitter. Tillerson already knew, Trump just leaked the information onto Twitter. Please stop making me defend Donald Trump! [ROBBER] Where’s your tiki torch, Pepe? [GARY] God dammit. (gunshot) [TRUMP] On the campaign I called it: “The forgotten man and the forgotten woman.” Well, you’re not forgotten anymore. Thank you Gary, my biggest defender. [LOU] Hey, I’m Lou Perez with We The Internet TV. We’re the channel that makes fun of everyone, including you. Yeah, you! I see you, you’re next! And you’ll never see it coming. Unless you subscribe to our channel, in which case, you’ll totally see it coming… Paul… Melissa… Dad…

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