Street Trials Session | 🔥WE ARE 2K!🤘

oh my god that was so gross what’s up
everybody my name is Mikkel and welcome to our new streets Asia last video I made what I called after
mutation a long ago and it’s just fucking crazy how this channel is going
like in a week we have grown from 1000 subscribers to nearly 1,900 so was the V
fallacy and I used to say less talking and more writing
let’s go I haven’t said it but I have brand-new country tires so I’m gonna
test them I’m going to try a little sidewalk –
money my god it’s taking so long for making
that small line but anyway let’s do some more stuff
okay so head cam footage on and let’s do some up defense by having them one of
these in a long time let’s do it again
I want to try not to front to back and then I go down with my backward I drank a little bit I loved from this
one and then tire job 360 there up – back to this small thing back back
I turn a bit inside hope inside for done I know what’s gonna happen take one of the day let’s go it’s hard
to control the speed when I I think the goal is to make hopes on the
second one and like that is low down my snake okay that was close but then I
have to turn is oh man this thing is taking all my energy you know what I need some water okay Daquan I’m good
Oh you know what I’d take that one
oh my god dad was so gross yes I’ll take that one
okay guys the camera is running out of battery so I want to try 180 hope to
different hallways okay that was pretty much it but I have
to do the 180 my godmothers are dead I’ll take that let’s go home okay guys
so I’m at home now and I really want to do again all the
support I’m getting from you and it will be really awesome if you subscribe and
insert these videos with your friends and if you command your opinion below
the video it will be really sick too so tell me if you like the video and
yeah see you in the next one good bye you

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