Street Trials WITH FRIENDS | Spain Trip 2

It’s a good moment to leave right! Film that please! Hy guys, I’ve came to Palencia I’m here with Javi that is filming and we are going to make a small vlog as the one I made witn Joaquin last summer I really hope you like it and let’s see what happens! Let’s go! I’m going to go up with the back wheel and then go back same way and a 360 here come with me It’s full of bird shit jajja The this is that they sleep up there uhhh that’s nasty! Anyway, I’m gonna try to fakie dow the stairs Let’s go over here that there’s less shit on the ground they’re bigg The shit or the stairs jajja or the nearly fail? jajja I’ve hit my ankle with the disc It’s been close! You can buy this at the link below the video guys! I have stepped on shit! Film your shoe pease ahhh that’s gross!! Luckily I haven’t stepped on anything Guys I prefer to continue alive so i’ll let this for the next time Right, I’m going to up to back this thing so up to back, then to the net and then back wheel down good one! welllll! good! What are you gonna do Mr Mikel? I really have no idea Okay I know what to do! I’m going up here and then over here here i turn and then down Fail possibilities? 60-40% Well You can do it the problem is that you don’t pull hard Good one! Up there, then here back wheel Up to front here And then I turn and 360 nose drop It has slipped You wouldn’t believe how much does the tyre grip You wouldn’t believe how much does the tyre grip It bents to get all the grip! Look the frame!! What was that? Idk I don’t like those sounds that was close 360 there! the duck hahha! there’s no grip there try it to the right and he’s up! What u gonna do mikel? the last try and i’ll get it! smash it hard! good one! it was because of the floor technical withdrawal I believe film that! the sewer slips we can try it over there okay! let’s do it there how was it? i have to do the fakie well to get it and that’s how i died yesterday guys hahha my weight is too far forwards i have the glove broken how was it?? i tried to fix it but it didn’t work that’s it! and to finish the video… fuck u mate! and that’s first try guys! go down now That was all for today guys I really hope you’ve liked it you can subscribe and comment your thoughts and if you wanna see me here again smash that like button and that’s all, bye!

11 thoughts on “Street Trials WITH FRIENDS | Spain Trip 2

  1. Nice video man ! 😉 However, sometimes the sound intensity is VERY low and sometymes VERY high

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