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Design Challenge
For Students Hi, I’m Nick DeJulio, and I’m Dajana Da njanavich,
and we would like to welcome you to pottery barn this evening, for a fantastic event that the ASID of Pottery Barn are throwing for student designers to design wonderful tablescapes
that we will be judging later on this evening. Let me just walk you through what the five
themes are for these students. Number one we have “Bring Your Work Home,” secondly we have “Life’s a Picnic,” “Breakfast in Bed,” “A Spa-licious retreat,” and “What’s for Dinner,” so those are
the five themes that these students have to build their ideas around. You have forty-five minutes to gather all your
products and put your table together, you’re table is done as it is,
when the time is called. Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Step away from the table! We have two first place winners, because
they both sort of answered something, and did something a little bit different
that was, uh, creative in a few different ways. So we have a Spa-licious retreat, and,
congratulations! You used the product in an interesting
way and an unusual way, uh, covering the table with the grasses, uh, using the mirror as a plateau, um, creating a different sense of vision because
you look down into the mirror and using it off
the wall and down on the table, and, uh, our other first place winner is
“Bring your work home,” It’s beautifully styled, it really evokes
a lifestyle in an image, um, but that you spread beyond the table,
that you brought in the shez, next to the phone, and you can sort of envision it,
and you sort of grew from the floor up, and just didn’t use just the tabletop. Everybody deserves congratulations tonight! Pottery Barn Please visit for more
ideas and inspiration.

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