Stupid Questions Cost You Sales!

100 thoughts on “Stupid Questions Cost You Sales!

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  2. This videos just keep putting actual facts, Dan thanks for this short info that is short info but extremely valuable tnks onrs again

  3. Dan, let me sale the money machine for you. See, I am a good student.

  4. So good!!! You are amazing, I need that raining bill gun, lol. More seriously, it is sooo informative. Thank you so much!!!

  5. I seriously love your style. You are literally making it rain with a money gun. When I almost shit myself when you first used it.

  6. Dont think mayweather kno of this gun cz i kno he wud build an armoury to shoot dem hoes instead of throwing money old skl.

  7. Sir, your AMAZING! In my new career as a Real Estate Agent. I got CONFIDENCE and IDEAS in all your advices and ideas in your videos. Your my IDOL now. I want to be like you in this career. God Bless Us!💕 I will watch your more videos from now on🙂. Thank you so much this is a Big Help to me and to all people in Real Estate World. 👍👏

  8. How do you close a customer that is the account holder or the spouse of the account holder but they tell you they don't want to give you any Information.

  9. I was saying question 7 every time I knew I would have the product delayed and they said yes send me an email so I can reed more about it.

  10. mister, give me some money if you can. i want to continue my school. don't make me think something. but give me a way get it

  11. This guy is right, delay kills sales on so many levels, I'm speaking from experience.

  12. lol at 6:53 Dan dose the American voice and accent, "do you want to buy today" "NO"

  13. You are my hero! I enjoy videos … very effective, very sharp! Thanks for sharing all that knowledge.

  14. One common mistake I make is I always tell them I will send them more information. Would you want more info on that?

    I always say, "Pls leave down your contact number so I can send you more info."

    Otherwise, how can I get their contact number?

  15. I wish I came across this a week ago. Thank you for these tips!

  16. Dan you are my type of person. We would get along so well mentally I promise you that.

  17. Well i just like so much the way you can think as if you were the custommer and i would like to say that sometimes it is good to reach a "No" rather than a "Yes". When custommer says "no" he feels he got the control on the situation; Excuse me, do i bother you? Most of the time you'll get to this a "no" + feel the control of the situation (what i call a "good" no) and you can say what you want to say… For example "Welcome in our shop , if you need some informations, i'm just right there". You'll look less agressive and the customers feel they got the control, they will not act against your attitude.

  18. We are in the beginning stages of starting a business. Your videos are very valuable to us. Once we get 10 grand we will be signing up to your more in depth techniques. Im not going to say i don't have the money. Im going to say how can i get it. No more excuses for us!

  19. I just wondered why someone so wealthy needs to bother using not one but two commercials in a video. How about no videos at all

  20. where can i buy this money gun? 🤣🤣 i become happy when you shoot

  21. Hi Dan..I do door to door and your energy and advise helps me immensely

  22. "Closing is asking the right person the right questions at the right time."

  23. I love the video about people who feel anyone can beat the price not the value.

  24. Closing = Right Prospect + Right Question + Right Time…
    Guess What…
    Success Is Yours!!

  25. I'm a common man who afraid to do sales but why the hell I am hooked up with your teachings?

  26. Dan. am in day 2 of high tickets closing, I have learn a lot this pass two days and still hope to be one of your best student👣

  27. Too funny Dan, I had just used that line with a client prior to watching this video! Do you have a minute to talk? Gave a like and already subscribed! TY

  28. Dan; where can i get that money gun? Does it only come in gold; or can i get it in platinum?

  29. I don't like Dan Lok, just a so cunning guy, and I don't trust such personality either, he thinks he is smart, no I just see him so devious!

  30. Dank you have so much valuable information, I just love that it's in English, I'm still learning and I do not understand everything! Knowing this and had to learn English to be able to understand you even though that little Dank King, that money gun when you want to shoot here I am! From Panama

  31. Thank you for teaching sales staff to not lie, "do you have a minute" and then they take 25 minutes of one's time

  32. Yes Dan you are the only onein the the world
    You are the only one

  33. Businesses now have greeters that say things like "welcome to Walmart" instead of "how can I help you?" To avoid putting sales pressure on the shopper.

  34. He did not just shoot hundreds out if a gold bar gun. That is fantastic!!!

  35. these things are simple basic laws of closing but noone shares them expect you thats great work i will try them in the evening i am going to a sales of property

  36. Your humor helps make the ideas you're presenting stick. This is great…thanks!

  37. Because of first question I was going to shops in Dubai Mall always in a glasses and headphones , so I don’t see and not hear anything , their approach , why , to shop what I want not that they wants me to sale

  38. when the salesperson walks up and I just barely walked in the store not giving me time to look at what I want… lol…

  39. He has a fucking money gun…

    I need to get myself a motherfucking money gun!

  40. I don't know how many times I've been told to ask to send a proposal or quote in some of my past places I've worked with. Definitely won't do that anymore. Some great advice.

  41. Sir
    I would like to hear from you that how could a Marketing person can enter into a retail counter to Market his product with a new product ,,What are the things he want to consider before introducing the products and how he want to introduce the products

  42. So what alternative would you use to replace the question ,” How can I help you ?”

  43. Dan you teach and train process is too good. i m in sales for 6 years but I learnt alot of new things and words from your presentations. you are the best trainer in the world. thanks

  44. Great video. Any questions that people can answer yes or no won’t help you (majority of the time, they do have their place)
    Open ended questions…
    When, what, where, why, who, how…all killer questions 👍🏻
    These give you an answer which will help pave your path to closing the deal

  45. Omg after the proposal, while I’m thinking of my emails to clients no! Ughhh is this finally a break through I’m having!!! Dan Lok!!!! Killing it

  46. Thanks for this video.. I have killed many sales by not closing on the phone / meeting..i used to send my prospects emails and whatsapps including the project details and the "prices" 😅

  47. I have a very important question:
    Where do I get one of those golden money guns?

  48. I think “How can I help you today?” Is totally fine and friendly. Don’t think it’ll trigger the prospect. Matter of opinion imo lol

  49. Omg!! I've been using these words. Lost many sales😪😪Thank you. Carol, S.A. Durban. Am Sales Manager, Fit 4 All Health & Fitness Club

  50. Oh Dan,… Yesterday, I was so attentively listening to your videos, as I have to close a deal with a Client. The Client wanted to delay closing our contract imposing to sign only after completion of some documents to be completed.. Cant believe it, i changed my style of negotiation thru your videos, I close the deal with commitment today…. I was so ecstatic today as I was able to close with a commitment and the Client promised to sign our contract with in 2 days. It's just awesome,… you are an angel. What I learned is that,… Client deviate some lies because of price, but when I explained to Client the value of service & time, & its benefit, and same on the effect of delay, and the consequence of things that will happen, and finally without being pushy but instead being cordial and flexible for saying … "That will be the result if you delay the contract, and if you are okay with that, pls let us know within a day so we can act accordingly", showing not to be needy . Immediately, he commit to sign our contract. Fantastic!!!!

  51. Ok I got to convince my daughter to do your webinar she needs listening to you. She usually tired and overworked between job and working on bussiness
    So somehow she signing up ,

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